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The First Family Chapter 9

I groaned clinching my stomach as the cramps took over it once again. I hated this time of the month.

"Is it usually this bad?" Edward asked softly against my hair as he pulled me closer against his body and gently massaged my stomach.

"No" I moaned willing the pain to go away. "Maybe it's the weather?"

"The weather?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yea you know my body isn't use to the changing of the seasons since it's always hot in Arizona."

"And that would have what to do with your cramps?"

"My body isn't use to this weather so it will act up and change its ways. I mean the people in New York City seem to be a tuned to the frost bit weather in the winter and they only wear a jacket or so. My body is trying to get use to the weather."

"But it's the same temperature here as it is in Arizona right now, sweetie." I rolled my eyes. Stupid Smart Shiny Volvo Owner.

"They aren't usually this bad though. I went to Dr. Kay yesterday to get my prescription filled for the pill again. I can't stand these cramps."

"And you already took Motrin?"

"Yes honey I already took it and believe me it's helped a lot since. It was so bad yesterday that it took me until noon to finally sit up in my bed."

"I wish you would have called me instead of driving to the hospital yourself", he glanced at me frustrated. "Anything could have happened."

"You were at a campaign debate in New Jersey. You wouldn't have been able to get me anyway."

"I would've had someone drive you."

"Edward, I'm not a little girl. I can take care of myself."

"But I like to take care of you." He pouted before leaning down to kiss my forehead. I groaned, not at him, but at the monster trying to rip my stomach open. "What time is you're prescription going to be ready?"

"They said by one." I answered as he glanced at the clock.

"It's twelve thirty now. How about I go see if I can pick it up early."

"Edward I'm not helpless I can pick it up myself." I started to protest before he captured my lips with his. I signed at how perfect our bodies molded into each other as he shifted over top of me, placing all his weight on his hands. Our hips started moving against each other fueled on faster by our moans of pleasure before I groaned pulling away.

"The one time you pick to be sexual and my stomach feels like it's about to burst out of my body." I grimaced breathing hard as he chuckled. "Besides what would the paparazzi and reports say if they saw you, Mr. Oh Perfect First Son, buying birth control and cramps medication?

"They will think that I am the perfect boyfriend to, Miss. Oh So Beautiful Ice Skater." He placed a kiss in the crease where my neck and jaw met. "Besides" he smirked pulling away from me to get off of the bed. "Emmett has done things in the public eyes way worst than buying birth control pills."

"hmm" I squeezed his hand since it was still in mine as the cramps worsen. "I would ask what but my tummy hurts."

"Just hang in there for a little bit longer. I'll be back in fifteen minutes." He leaned down to peck me softly on the lips before winking and leaving my room. I smiled to myself as I heard the door close behind him but it was instantly erased when a white fluff ball jumped onto my stomach.

"Melody" I groaned at the little white puppy standing on me wagging her tail. Reaching out on the bed to grab one of her chew toys, I threw it to the other side of the room for her to chase after. She jumped on my stomach again causing me to hiss before taking off after the toy. I glared at her as she ran back and placed her front paws on the edge of my bed with her chew toy in her mouth wanting up. I leaned over and reached for her chew toy but instead she dropped the toy and started licking my face all over. I laughed lifting her up so she could lay on the bed with me.

You really make it hard to stay angry at you." I smiled patting her on the head which unsurprisingly earned me another lick. I started to laugh but the pain in my stomach turned the laugh into a groan.

"God I hate cramps. Please make them go away." I prayed in my head as I grabbed the remote to turn the TV on. Settling on The Hangover, I quickly realized my mistake when the ache in my stomach made its self known due to my laughing. I tried to hold it in as best as I could but in the end my stomach lucked out and I changed to the news instead. At least there wasn't anything funny on there. I could feel myself dosing off after a few minutes before hearing my bedroom door open slowly.

"That better be Edward." I cracked one eye open to revile my God-sent boyfriend.

"Got everything." He reached into his pocket to pull out PMS medication and a purple packet.

"You have a thing against plastic bags?" I asked as he handed me a pill and a cup of water.

"Saves our environment and ecosystem." He shrugged as I swallowed the pill and handed him the rest of the water. He quickly downed it before putting the cup on my nightstand and climbed back into the bed with me.

"Thank you." I tilted my head up to kiss him once he had settled himself behind me. He smiled, moving his face downward to grant my wishes.

"Anytime" he murmured against my lips before pressing his against them.

"Stick it Bella." I heard Jake call out as I came down from my triple axis, landing it perfectly.

"Yea Bells" he cheered loudly as Zafrina gave him a glare to shut him up. I finished my set to I'll Be There by Tiffany Evans before skating off of the rink.

"That was amazing." Jake hugged me tight.

"A little wobbly on your landings in the beginning but I think you'll do." Zafrina smiled before hugging me. "Clean up those landings by Saturday" she chaisted me before going to observe another skater.

''"Don't listen to her Bells. You landed everything perfectly." I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever you say Jake." I smiled as I threw on my sweatshirt before packing up my skates and putting on my converses.

"Ready to go?" he asked as he slung his bag over his shoulder. I nodded my head as I finished trying my shoes before grabbing my own bag and swinging it over my shoulder.

"You sure you can handle that pretty thing?" he teased me as we walked through the hallways.

"Please I could carry your bag too" I retorted rolling my eyes. Jake held his hands out in surrender.

"Alright little kitty I'll leave you alone." I punched his arm before taking off towards my car. I could hear Jake racing behind me and quickly got in my car and locked the doors. I started the car and rolled down the window to stick my tongue out at him as he approached my car.

"You're lucky that your car was parked close."

"Oh please you know you're slow." I teased him as I started the engine. He opened his mouth to say some smart comment before Leah, who was standing by the entrance to the arena, called his name.

"Better go see what she wants" I threw a kiss to him before pulling out of the parking space.

"The October SAT deadline sign up is this Friday. Don't forget to sign up if you need to. "Mrs. Jones called out to everyone as the bell rung signaling second period.

"You signed up already right?" Alice asked me as we packed up our books.

"Yup. You?" she nodded her head. "Didn't you take them last year?" I asked

"Yeah but Edward wants to beat Emmett's score and I want to get a higher one than 1790."

"What did Emmett get?"

"2000." I raised an eyebrow.

"He sure doesn't seem that smart."

"He's paper smart not brain or street smart."

"What's the difference, a 2000 is a 2000 what did Edward get the first time?"


"You Cullen's sure are smart." I observed.

"Egh, We try." Alice winked at me before we parted ways to go to our second period class.

"So what did you guys do before your dad became president?" I asked as Edward pulled away from the school. I rode with Alice this morning.

"Well we use to live in Seattle by Forks and my dad was the CEO of Cullen Firms and Industries." I nodded my head.

"He was a lawyer right?"

"Yea. The company also owns a couple of hospitals, retail businesses, and commercial buildings."

"So tell me about your life growing up."

"What you didn't read up on it in the local people magazine?"

"Edward" I groaned rolling my eyes as he chuckled.

"If I can sum it up in one word I would say hard. Privileged." He added when he saw the look on my face. "But hard. My dad wants the best for his family. He doesn't like anything done half way. He wants it perfect. No he wouldn't he disown us if we failed at something but at the same time he would push us to keep trying."

"You guys did have fun right?"

"You have met Emmett right?" I laughed.

"Point made. So who is the CEO now?"

"Eliza, my mother's brother."

"He heads it out from D.C?"

"Yea though I'd say he goes up to Seattle at least twice a month or so."

"Don't those plane tickets add up?" I asked

"Private Jet, my father isn't using it right now since he has Air Force One so my uncle has the benefit of it."

"Oh rich family." I mumbled.

"Just a little." He admitted as he kissed my hand sending shivers down my arm.

"Stop doing that. I can't think." I groaned trying to get my hand out of his grasp. He pulled into my drive way and cut the engine while I was still trying to free my hand.

"Bella" he said softly grabbing both of my hands in one of his and tilting my chin in the direction of his face with the other. I refused to meet his eyes, choosing to look over his shoulder instead. "Bella please look at me." he pleaded with me as he rubbed my hands with his. I huffed and met his eyes.

"What's going on in that pretty head of yours?" I shrugged.

"Nothing I'm fine." I tried to smile but I know it turned into a grimace. "I'll just call you later okay?" I didn't give him a chance to respond before I quickly kissed his cheek and got out of the car, running into my house. I slammed the door shut and locked it before tugging my school bag upstairs. Throwing it into my chair, I plumbed myself down on my bed and exhaled loudly. It's not that I didn't mind that Edward, well his parents, but they would never disown him, so basically Edward too was rich. I could hopefully get pass that part. But what really bugged me was the fact that I felt so…small sitting next to him as he talked about his family, private jets, and all that fancy stuff. I could never live up to his parents or even his expectations. I was pale and average. Nothing special about that. I could probably easily pass for one of his maids or someone way below him. I huffed again trying to clear the negative thoughts away and pulled my messenger bag up on my bed so I could start on my homework.

I woke up to a loud smash downstairs. Instantly there was barking heard throughout the house. Melody! I jumped up off the bed and ran downstairs.

"Melody" I called out. "Mel come here girl" I tried again as I entered the living room. Everything was in order in the room so I moved on into the kitchen.

"Melody" I called out and was instantly greeted with a bark coming from the pantry. I walked to the pantry door and opened it reviling an even whiter Melody with flour all around her.

"Mel what happened?" I picked her up and moved towards the sink to rinse her off. Just as I was about to turn the water on there was another smash that came from the living room. "God, what is this?" I groaned leaving Mel in the sink to check the living room again. Turning on the lights, I ventured further into the room to check around.

"What the he…" I started when I saw an overturned couch and the person lying beside it.

"Emmett? How did you get in here?" I asked annoyed and shocked and walked over to him.

"There's a huge rat in your kitchen." He stammered out while trying to get back up onto his feet.

"There is not a rat in my kitchen. I was just in there. Again I ask what are you doing here?" I waited for him to answer but he just grabbed what looked like one of Charlie's baseball bats and motioned for me to follow him back into the kitchen.

"You see" he whispered to me once we had passed the door way and pointed the bat towards Melody.

"That's a dog Emmett," I rolled my eyes taking the bat away from him and leaning it against the wall.

"No Bella that's a rat." He argued. "An Golden Retriever or a Husky is a dog."

"She's a Maltese."

"More like a rat" he tried to mumbled under his breath.

"What are you doing here and how did you get in?" I asked as I picked Melody out of the sink.

"Charlie called Edward actually. Said he's pulling an all night shift and wanted him to come check on you since you didn't answer your phone."

"And you're here again because?"

"Oh right Edward is under the oppression that you're mad at him so he sent me instead. Which reminds me, I need to text him though I'll leave the unlocked front door part out."

"Unlocked? I locked the front door." I looked at him confused. "I thought I did."



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