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Operation no fear

"Jack, don't touch that!" Fargo ran over and removed the test tube from the sheriff's hands.

"Sorry!" Jack rolled his eyes at the worrisome assistant and continued to fiddle with some of the many bottles and jars on the desk.

"Oh, hey Allison." He grinned as she entered the room "You rang?" he added remembering the hurried message on his answer machine.

"We've got a problem on section four."

"Oh come on! I'm beginning to think without section four, I wouldn't have a job." At the worried look on Allison's face he stopped kidding. "What did Stark do now?"

"Follow me." She gestured down the hall as she started to walk and explain at the same time. "He was working on a new drug. The drug is designed to take away fear, for use on active duty soldiers. It was called 'operation no-fear'..."

"Catchy." Jack grinned, stopping at the murderous look in Allison's eye.

"He decided to test the drug on himself."

"This drug thing, it sounds kind of dangerous." Jack decided he really should keep tabs on all of the experiments that go on down here.

"It is dangerous; the person doesn't fear anything so there is nothing holding them back."

The pair arrived at an observation room with a large glass wall that Jack assumed was a one way mirror. Inside was Stark, shirt untucked and half undone, jacket discarded and tie nowhere to be seen.

"Nathan's been asking for you all day."

"Wait! You want me to go in there? No way! He's going to kill me."

"Oh come on Carter, man up. You've got the gun." Jack opened his mouth but only a sigh emerged, he knew argument was futile.

"Fine but if I come back as a ghost I am so haunting you."

Allison laughed at this, if a little nervously. Jack swallowed thickly and stepped into the chamber. Doors closed behind him and another set opened in front to allow him into the room with Nathan.

"Uh...Hi?" piercing green eyes looked him over.

"I was beginning to think you weren't coming." Nathan's cocky voice was still exactly the same. In fact if it weren't for the clothes or the fact he'd been told, he wouldn't have noticed a difference.

Before he could move Nathan had pinned Jack against the wall and thrown the gun across the room. It would also appear Nathan had over ridden the door codes so they couldn't be opened from outside. How Jack did not know. The taller man smirked and answered as though he could read Jack's mind.

"I'm very clever." The sheriff rolled his eyes at the other man's words.

"What do you want Stark?" Nathan smiled

"For once, Jack, it is simple in a way that even you could understand. I. Want. You."

Jack spluttered slightly managing a small squeak. "Me?"

It was Nathan's turn to roll his eyes "Ok, so maybe you can't understand it. You're really not that smart, are you Carter?" and with that Nathan kissed him, with some ferocity, on the mouth. He grinned broadly when Jack kissed back a little too eagerly. Nathan, remembering something, pulled away. "Do you want to go somewhere we don't have an audience?" he nodded towards the glass mirror.

"You know, I think I would."

On the car journey back to Nathan's the scientist smirked over at Jack.

"You know? I never did try out that drug."

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