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They had almost reached the soccer fields when James suddenly stopped walking. Artemis stopped too and looked inquisitively at him.

James looked into space for a second, and then clapped his hands once. He started walking backwards as he said, "You know what the first step to talking to Holly would be? Talking to Juliet. After all she's the one who Holly actually confided in."

Before Artemis could protest that no, he did not want to talk to either Holly or Juliet pretty much ever again, James had turned on his heel and was jogging swiftly away from him. Artemis heaved a high, frustrated sigh and threw his hands up in defeat.

Knowing he couldn't stop James and not really even having the proper energy to do it, Artemis continued on his way to the soccer fields, downtrodden.

When he got there, he walked over to Drake, the only person on the field. Drake was frantically searching for all the kids. Artemis sighed again. Had Drake even thought of searching the rest of the camp for the kids?

Not a chance.

Walking up to Drake, Artemis uttered, "Hello, Drake."

Seeing Artemis, Drake instantly clutched his hair and violently blew air from between his lips. Stepping back and wiping spit from his face in disgust, Artemis shot Drake a look. Drake didn't notice.

"OHMYGOD! Do you know where any of the kids went? I can't find them anywhere!" Drake was screaming, as usual. It seemed that as Doug was out of the picture, Drake had resumed his place as resident crazy person.

In fact, Artemis, peering closer to make sure he wasn't mistaken, Drake had some foam around his mouth and bloodshot, bulging eyes.

"Drake, did Rickey bite you too? Or Doug?" Drake shook his head.

"No, why?"

"You look like you have rabies, like with your eyes and, you know, foaming mouth."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Once again monstrously frustrated, Artemis threw his hands up in the air. "UGH! This camp is so stupid! I can't believe I ever agreed to this thing in the first place. I mean, what was I thinking? It feels like I've been here my entire life! I feel old."

Drake scratched his head thoughtfully. "Actually, you've only been here for a day. Specifically, about 6 or 7 hours."

Artemis nodded pensively. "Hey, you're right. Funny how a day fits into 20 frickin chapters, right?"

Drake nodded in agreement. "I know, right? This author has to have mad skillz, even though we're at sports camp and haven't actually played a sport in about 7 chapters. You modern kids and your drama."

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Artemis was about to respond once more, but was instead mauled by, effectively cutting off his stream of speech considering his face was currently in the process of being shoved painfully into the ground. Details, details.


James, knowing the day was almost over, knew he couldn't leave everyone like this. Artemis just HAD to get with Holly, and he needed to let Juliet know he couldn't be with her, officially apologize to Cat (he had never actually even broken up with her, and had told another person he liked them. He would be upset if he was her too), kill Adam, kill No1, and just be ready when the sh!t goes down.

Running all over the camp, he finally found Juliet, Rickey, and No1 having a tearful conversation. Well, Juliet and Rickey were having a tearful exchange, and No1 was doing something unusual.

James, relieved, walked up to them. He opened his mouth and was about to start speaking when No1 suddenly retched violently.

James, shocked, jumped back to avoid the flow of barf coming his way.

"NO1, WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU DOING!" James shouted, seething.

No1 shrugged. "I was simply seeing how far I could expand my pallet. Clearly, it expands to the point of hitting my rooster gobble punching bag thing located at the back of my throat the wrong way. Hypothesis successful."

James rolled his eyes, too annoyed to be even worried about No1's mental stability.

Shoving No1 roughly out of the way, he stepped in front of Juliet and Rickey. He bent down to Rickey's ear.

Taking in Rickey's more bloodshot eyes than normal and extra foamy mouth, he wrote these things off as just overexcitement and put them out of his mind.

"Rickey, I need to talk to Juliet in private for a little while. Think you can keep an eye on No1 while we talk and make sure he doesn't commit homicide or something else highly expected from someone of the likes of him?"

Rickey nodded slowly. Dislodging himself from Juliet's grip, he walked lethargically over to the conveniently placed ditch that No1 had fallen into. Sitting on the floor, he listened to James and Juliet's conversation.

"I'm just gonna get right to the point," James said, wringing his hands together. "I'm gay, so we can't ever be together." Juliet visibly crumpled, then straightened back up thirty seconds later.

"Well, that's kind of shocking. But I guess I'll eventually get over it."

James shot a grin at her. "Glad to hear it." Juliet winced.

"Just don't smile at me like that." James nodded nervously and decided to continue his story.

"Uh, okay. Sorry. Anyway, we need to talk Holly and Artemis."

Juliet was confused. "What about them? They together yet?"

James rolled his eyes in disbelief. "Are you serious? They aren't even on speaking terms right now, and you and I are a huge part of the reason why." Juliet gaped at him.

"Wait, what are you talking about? This had nothing to do with us."

Chuckling, James answered. "Oh, yes it does. Artemis thinks that you like me, which you do, er did. And he thought you were blatantly stabbing Holly in the back by outwardly showing that you liked me, so Artemis became angry with you."

"How exactly would that be stabbing Holly in the back? She doesn't even like you like that!"

James shook his head. "I don't know why he thinks that, but he says he overheard you guys talking about how much Holly liked 'James'. We just assumed it was me."

Confusion, then realization then exasperation appeared on Juliet's face in quick succession. She slapped the side of her face in frustration.

"NO! 'James' was Artemis's CODE NAME! We made it up before we even MET you at soccer camp so before she told him she liked him he wouldn't know it was him we were talking about! Damn, this is so messed up."

Comprehension dawned on James face just as fast as he heard Juliet. "Oh my god, that's terrible! Because Artemis is pretty much in love with Holly, but thinks she's in love with me, and when Holly made Adam go tell Artemis about her feelings for him-"

Here an incredulous Juliet interrupted him. "She asked ADAM to be the messenger? Okay, that's gotta be one of her stupider decisions."

"Shut up. Anyway, Artemis then thought she was mocking him because he was under the impression that she was SO in love with me and was just rubbing it in his face that she 'didn't like him' and now he's livid with her and she's probably wallowing in self-despair because she was rejected by the only person she's ever loved like this."

"Okay, I like can't even think right now. This is so complicated and weird and just strange that I can't even try to understand it." James let out a brief, humorless bark of laughter.

"You will try to understand it, because they NEED to get together. I mean, seriously. This is worse than when Draco broke Harry's nose just 'cause he wanted to."

Juliet seemed to remember that these were characters from the Harry Potter series. "Oh, I know Harry! Occulus Repairo, and all that stuff," She remarked, waving a stick she had picked up of the ground. Immediately after she said these words, James had on round wire-rimmed glasses.

He ripped them off. "I don't even wear glasses! How the hell did these even get on my face? And that isn't a magic wand! Oh, whatever. All I know is we need to help them. Now. Let's go."

Turning around to go look for Holly, James started striding away. Juliet went over to go pick up Rickey so they could follow him.

"Let's go, sweetie," she said, lifting up Rickey off the ground. He laid his head on her shoulder tiredly. She bounced him slightly a couple times.

"You okay?" She asked. He nodded.

"Just tired and don't really feel well." Juliet crooned in sympathy.

"Don't worry little man, we'll get you some help in a little while." Rickey nodded once more, beginning to nibble and gnaw on his fingers. Juliet was confused by his odd behavior but decided to leave it until the whole 'Holly and Artemis Affair' was straightened out.

Shooting a last look at No1, Juliet decided to leave him here. No offence to him, but he would probably just mess everything up for absolutely everyone. She strode off after James without a backwards glance.

Juliet and Rickey finally found James and Holly sitting on the bleachers by the multisport fields. Running up to them, Juliet quickly deposited Rickey on the ground who promptly fell over and laid in the grass, not sitting up.

Juliet didn't notice this and just went up and sat on the bleachers with James and Holly.

Holly looked like a mess. There were traces of tear tracks down her face and it was all puffy. She had hiccups.

Juliet put her arm around Holly while James looked on sympathetically.

"I heard about what happened," Juliet said softly, not really knowing how to start now that she was actually with Holly.

Holly, who looked like she had been about to collect herself somewhat, brought her knees up and hugged them, her eyes rolling back into her head as they closed and filled with tears.

Juliet and James both hugged her supportively; not saying anything for a few minutes, just letting her let it all out. They knew it was almost unheard of for Holly to cry like this, even James knew that after only a day of knowing Holly.

When Holly had finished, she picked her head back up off her knees and looked at them slightly apologetically. "Sorry about that. I hate crying in front of people. Actually I hate crying in general. I normally try to avoid it at all costs."

James and Juliet nodded sympathetically. Holly, deciding she couldn't take any more sympathy, quickly changed the subject to a something a little more painful.

"So you heard what happened," she started. They nodded, then James launched into explanation vigorously.

"Yeah, we know what happened but Holly! It was just one big misunderstanding!"

Holly glared at him. "Misunderstanding? He outright rejected me! How much of that could possibly be misunderstood?"

Juliet rolled her eyes. "Apparently a lot. Member when we made up Artemis's code name and it was 'James'?" Holly nodded, wondering where this could possibly be going.

Juliet continued at Holly's nod. "To make a long, painful story short, Artemis overheard our conversation and thought you were in love with a person named James. We had no way of knowing there was a James at camp already, since we hadn't met him yet. When Artemis met James, he automatically assumed that he was the James you were in love with. He thought that when you sent Adam to tell him, that you were mocking him about how you really loved me."

Holly blinked. "That was so not the shortened version, I just know it."

"Oddly enough, it is. I had to shorten it because our audience is probably becoming bored with hearing it explained 5 zillion times. But that's irrelevant! Now let's go find Artemis and straighten all this crapola out!" Juliet leapt off the bleachers with James and they waited for Holly to join them.

Holly hadn't moved from her depressed position. Juliet sighed noisily and hopped back up the bleachers. Grabbing Holly's hand forcefully, she leapt down the bleachers again. Lucky for Holly, Holly's face wasn't slammed on the way down, which had been entirely possible considering she completely left the ground as they jumped down.

Scooping up Rickey once more, Juliet sprinted over to the soccer fields where Artemis probably was.

Seeing him talking to Drake, she lightly dropped Rickey on the ground and ran full force at Artemis.


"ARTEMIS!" Juliet shrieked, jamming his face into the dirt.

"Mmmph!" Came Artemis's indignant non-reply. Juliet laughed as she got off him and stood up, running back over to Holly to lead her to where Artemis was.

Giggling furiously, Juliet shoved Holly towards Artemis, causing her to fall into him. Both Holly and Artemis glared at Juliet for creating an awkward moment in an already horrifically awkward situation.

"You crazy kids have fun! And remember, TALK THINGS OUT." With that, Juliet ran off to where James had knelt down next to Rickey. For the first real time, Juliet noticed that Rickey wasn't looking so good.

Holly looked at Artemis and Artemis looked at Holly. Both blushed scarlet and looked away quickly. All of a sudden, Holly gave a great heaving sigh.

"Look, Artemis. We're going to have to talk about it sometime or another. Let's just get it over with."

"Yeah, just get it over with!" Drake said enthusiastically, who everyone had forgotten was standing right there.

Suddenly infuriated, Artemis lost his temper. "DRAKE, GET THE - AWAY!" Everyone's jaw dropped and their eyes popped as they heard Artemis swear in such a manner. Artemis shrugged sheepishly.

"What, I'm a fifteen year old boy, I can say these things. Probably. Anyway, Drake, please. We are trying to have a serious conversation here, so please, just go away."

Drake sniffed, his nose high in the air. "Well, I know when I'm not wanted. I'll just be going now." He flounced off.

Holly shook her head. "At least he's gone," she said. Artemis chuckled quietly.

"Yeah," he said awkwardly, mentally slapping himself with his lack of conversational skills. He rubbed the back of his neck bashfully, looking at the ground. "Sorry for the language there."

Holly laughed. "Don't even worry about it. It was so justified I couldn't have said it better myself."

Artemis gazed at Holly. "Let's sit. We need to talk."

Holly almost said, "No, really?" but decided against it. It wasn't the time for sarcasm.

They walked over to the bleachers and sat on the bench side by side. They turned to each other.

Neither of them seemed keen on starting first. Holly took a deep breath and threw caution to the wind, starting the conversation to the wind.

"Juliet said that you thought I loved James and that I was making fun of you when I told Adam to tell you that I liked you," Holly began tentatively.

Artemis nodded. "I had overheard your conversation with Juliet about liking James, but didn't realize James was a code name."

Holly didn't respond.

Artemis stared at the ground, then raised his gaze to look up at her from underneath his long black eyelashes. "It… it really was a code name for me?" He asked softly, his voice filled with quiet hope.

Holly turned her gaze to him and smiled. "Yes, it was. And about the message from Adam, I really wasn't lying. I really, really like you."

She bit her lip, blood pounding in her ears. Now she was about to hear the real answer from the real actual person sitting across from her.

She felt a finger underneath her chin and looked straight into Artemis's deep blue eyes. "Well then," he began. Holly held her breath. Artemis chuckled.

"Well then," he repeated, his voice now filled with happiness. "That's a good thing. A really good thing, because I like you too. In fact, I think I love you."

Holly was filled to the brim with happiness. She felt as though a bubble filled with bright white light had burst inside her, releasing elation and bliss into her very being.

"I love you too," she whispered, and then felt herself getting closer to Artemis, felt Artemis getting closer to her, and they kissed.

They kissed for a while longer before Artemis abruptly stood up and grabbed Holly's hand. Slightly disoriented, she looked up at him.

"Come on, stand up. You and me are going to dance."

Holly giggled. "Dance? There's no music, not to mention that it would be horribly clichéd."

Artemis shrugged. "Some clichés are too good to pass up, you know," he said hoisting Holly up and reaching his arms down to encircle her waist. Holly's arms barely reached his midsection.

Ignoring the rather glaring height difference, they started turning in slow circles until they heard Juliet shout 'OH MY GOD, RICKEY! WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

Breaking away to smile at each other, they shot annoyed looks in Juliet's general direction, piqued that they had been interrupted. The annoyance disappeared however when they saw Juliet and James frantically crowded around Rickey, who was lying on the ground and choking up tons of saliva, gasping and turning blue in the face.

Rickey's eyes were bulging even more than usual and the whites of his eyes were now completely red and with one of his hands he was rubbing frantically at it. With his other hand, he was switching between beating it furiously on the ground and clutching at his neck in a frenzied manner. He was making all sorts of scary choking noises and strangles groans. He was thrashing around on the ground.

"ARTEMIS! GET OVER HERE!" Juliet shrieked, beside herself in fear. Tears streamed unrestrictedly down her cheeks as she held on tightly to Rickey's arm, which had turned bright red.

Artemis and Holly hurried over and knelt down, taking in the scene. Taking charge, Artemis assessed the situation from a purely professional point of view, cutting off all stream of emotion. He knew that this was some kind of result from Rickey's rabies; he just needed to know how to help him.

"I need to know how long he's had the rabies. If he's had them for over a week, he's going to die today. Of course, he might die anyway as rabies leaves no survivors but we might be able to reboot his system and rewrite the DNA structure to stop the rabies virus from changing the gene codes any more."

Rickey, not comprehending Artemis's speech, suddenly lost control and lunged at James, a crazed look in his eyes. He tried to bite James ferociously, but James managed to throw him off before he could get infected.

"We need to strap him down!" Holly yelled over Rickey's commotion. They hurriedly each grabbed a limb, looking on grimly and fearfully as Rickey snapped his jaws loudly and viciously, and excess saliva flew everywhere. Since the rabies had closed up his throat, Rickey couldn't swallow and could barely breathe. The rabies was also literally changing his genetic code, causing his organs to change form and causing him to become more aggressive and animal-like.

James noticed Adam walking up the fields and sprinted over to him. "How long has Rickey had rabies?" he barked quickly, hopping from one foot to another in agitation.

Adam scratched his head leisurely, trying to remember. James had to refrain from wringing his neck. "I think it was four days ago."

James raced back over to where the others were. Gasping for breath, he wheezed out, "Adam says Rickey became infected about four days ago."

Artemis nodded. "We need to get him to a hospital, now." He stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled a piercing whistle, and at once Butler hurtled out of the bushes and over to them.

"We need to get Rickey to the hospital, now."

Butler nodded, scooped up Rickey and they all sprinted towards the Rolls Royce and drove off to the hospital.

Getting there in record time, Butler used his intimidation methods to get Rickey seen immediately. They all waited in the waiting room, shifting from one foot to the other, too restless to sit down or keep still.

They had only known Rickey for a short time, but they would all be sad if they lost him. Juliet the most. She had been the one who had really bonded with him the most. Silent tears were streaming down her face nonstop as they waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

This waiting reminded Artemis of waiting for the bus.

He didn't like waiting.

After a few hours of excruciating waiting, a doctor in light green scrubs came out to talk to them.

"You guys are the group that brought in the rabid seven year old, right?"

They nodded fervishly, crowding around her. A big smile broke out on her face.

"He's going to live!" They all let out a huge breath of overwhelming relief that no one knew they had been holding.

Juliet started full out crying from happiness now, and Butler patted her back soothingly.

A few minutes later, Rickey walked out into the waiting room, smiling hugely at them. Everyone shouted his name euphorically and rushed to hug him.

They were all so relieved, relieved. Rickey was okay. He was going to be okay.

Butler broke up the group hug after a while and said, "I'm going to have to drop you back off at camp, James."

James nodded reluctantly. "What about Rickey?" Juliet shook her head fiercely and Hugged Rickey even tighter than before.

"No. He's going to live with us now. I'm adopting him."


"Don't have any," Rickey replied. "Juliet can be my mommy." Juliet started crying again.

They all piled in the car, and Artemis sat next to Holly, their fingers intertwined.

When Butler finally pulled up at sports camp, James hopped out of the car and stretched. "Wow. Will I see you guys tomorrow?"

Artemis looked at the others and laughed. "Not a chance, James. One day of sports camp is pretty much more than enough."

James shrugged. "Hey, I know the feeling. It's like this everyday." He revised his statement at everyone's raised eyebrows. "Okay, today was crazier than normal. But still. So, will I ever see any of you again?"

"What school do you go to?" Artemis asked.

"St. Bartleby's," James replied. Artemis grinned.

"Same, see you on September first," he said.

"That's awesome, mate, maybe we can room together!" Artemis nodded.

"Yeah, that'd be fun."

"Anyway, it was awesome knowing you guys! See you later, Holly, Artemis, Juliet, Rickey, Butler!" With that, James tapped the car door twice and turned around, walking back towards the camp fields. He looked back and waved, a smile breaking out on his face.

They all waved back, then drove to Fowl Manor.

When they arrived, Butler, Juliet, and Rickey all went upstairs to find a place for Rickey to sleep, and Holly and Artemis headed for the dining room.

"So, if you had a chance to do today over again, would you?" Holly asked, playing with Artemis's fingers absently.

He laughed and held her hands. "Of course, if it meant I'd get with you." Holly laughed and kissed him.

"What a day," she said.

Artemis thought about the day. The crazy counselors, the campers, the plain insanity.

"Ahhh, what a day," he repeated. And it was true. The day had been horrific at moments, fantastic at others. Exactly how it should be in the life of the infamous Artemis Fowl.

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