Chapter 1:

Sakura Haruno has just become an ANBU. She is the first in her group of friends to take the ANBU exams and she passed. Tsunade wants to keep this a secret because of her special ability to transform. Everyone thinks the Haruno clan doesn't have any special ability, but they do. The males transform into wolves and the females transform into tigers. Sakura is nineteen years old and has two older brothers and a younger sister. Nobody knows this. Everyone thinks that her parents are civilians but they were ANBU in their younger days. Now let's go back to when Sakura first found out about her special ability.


Sakura POV age 9


I woke up a day after my ninth birthday and I didn't feel good. I walked downstairs to see my mom and dad in the kitchen.

"Mom, Dad?" I said.

"Yes Sakura?" My dad answered.

"I don't feel good." I said. Both of my parents came up to me and looked at me. They studied me for a few moments and smiled.

"Sakura, I think it's time for us to explain our clan's ability." My mother said. I nodded. "You see, our clan can transform into an animal. Girls turn into tigers and boys turn into wolves." My mom continued.

"That's so cool!" I said with wide eyes.

"You can't tell anyone though. It's a clan secret. Both your older brothers can transform too! Your little sister should get the ability in a couple of years. You won't go to school today either because you have to learn how to transform today or everyone will look at you funny." My dad said.

"Why will they look at me funny?" I asked.

"Because, you look like a half animal, half human creature." My dad said and brought me up to a mirror. I had big fangs and ears on the top of my head. I had sharp claws and cat like eyes.

"I look cool!" I said excitedly. My parents smiled. They called my brothers, Toshiro and Katsuo, down to teach me how to transform. They told my little sister, Kohana, that I was sick. I was in the backyard with my brothers for a few hours. I didn't take long at all for me to be able to transform. When I got the technique down my parents came to see. They nodded at me and I transformed into my form. My parents gasped and my brothers stood wide eyed. I transformed back to my human form. "Something wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing is wrong; it's just your animal. You're a saber tooth tiger, whose fur is black and gold. You're the one in the generation who is the most powerful." My dad told me. My eyes widened at what he told me.

"What is your ninja element, Sakura?" Katsuo asked.

"Uhhh… I don't know." I shrugged. They handed me a chakra paper. I forced a little bit of my chakra into the paper and it split into four. One burned, another crumbled, the third drenched in water, and the last one sliced up. When it split in half four ways it had a jagged rip to it. I could control all the elements.

"She is definitely the strongest." My mother murmured.


Sakura age 12


I've had my powers for 3 years now. I have just become a genin and put on a team with Sasuke and Naruto. I don't have the normal preteen crush on the Uchiha because I will be put into an arranged marriage with someone my parents and older brothers choose. I shrugged that off. I have to appear weak in the eyes of others. It does not seem fitting for a girl that comes from a family of citizens to be very strong. I hate that lie.

'This little bell test of Kakashi-sensei's is annoying. I wish I could turn into my saber tooth form and sniff him out or scare him half to death.' I thought as I hid in the bushes. I saw a Kakashi standing below me. Then I felt something behind me and spun around. Kakashi was right behind me. He put up a genjustu of my parents dying and I pretended to fall for it. 'I hat lies.' The timer went off and we failed. Kakashi tied Naruto to a post and told us not to feed him lunch. We did anyway and then we passed the test. It was all about teamwork. At home me and my siblings play in our animal forms. (FEW MONTHS LATER AFTER CHUNIN EXAMS)

Sasuke left not too long ago. 'Stupid Orochimaru.' The boys are out trying to get him back. I wanted to go with them. Well anyway I'm training with my family. My mother is teaching me the basics of healing, because that's all she knows. The boys came back heavily injured. Naruto came back the worst and they couldn't get Sasuke back. Then Naruto went out on a search with Jiraiya and to train. I stayed at home and trained with my older brothers and younger sister. I then decided that I was going to ask my parents a question. I walked into the living room to see my dad watching baseball and my mom reading a book.

"Hey, Mom, Dad?" I asked. They turned their heads towards me. "How come I'm the only child that Konoha knows about? Why not Toshiro, Katsuo, or Kohana? Why me?" I asked. They looked at each other.

"You're the only one known because honestly, Sakura, we thought you weren't going to get your powers, but let you become a ninja anyway."

"So…you thought that I wasn't going to get my powers? Why?" I asked calmly.

"When you were all born your brothers and sister had a glow to them when I got them back. It indicated that they would get powers once they are older."

"So I didn't glow?" I asked.

"No, we just felt something different around you." my father explained.

"Did it feel like this?" I asked, as I let a black aura surrounds me.

"Yea! What is that Sakura?"

"The chakra of my saber tooth." I explained as I let the chakra die down.

"You can use it as a human?" my mom asked surprised.

"I guess. I can use my normal chakra as a saber tooth too." I said.

"Wow…" my dad said. "That's interesting… don't use it as a human unless absolutely necessary." I nodded at the command.


Sakura age 15


I have come back from killing Sasori and having a run in with Orochimaru at the Heaven and Hell Bridge. 'Stupid Orochimaru.' I'm a Chunin now too. Nothing very interesting happens now. We all just live our lives and do missions. I still live with my parents and siblings. None of my friends ever come over because of the fact I'm not supposed to have siblings. I've been training with Tsunade-sama with medical jutsu. I've surpassed her too.


Sakura age 17


I'm a jonin now. Shikamaru, Neji and I took the test and passed 5 months ago. I don't have much of a social life anymore. Who would when you have to train with your siblings, train with your old team, work at the hospital, take my shift watching the Uchiha that decided to come home last month, and maybe do a mission. I was sitting on my couch enjoying the three minute breather I have, when the phone rang.

"I got it!" I yelled to my parents because my siblings aren't a loud to touch the phone. They don't exist in the eyes of Konoha. I picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Forehead!" was yelled into the phone.

"Hey, Ino-pig." I replied.

"Sakura you want to come to the pub tonight? Everyone's gonna be there!" she said excitedly.

"By everyone, who do you mean?"

"All the Sensei's, everyone from our genin days, Gai's team, and even the sand siblings!" she said.

"Ino, you know I'd love to but I can't. I have training with Kakashi, Naruto, and Sai, a shift at the hospital, a mission from Tsunade, my shift to watch Sasuke, and I have to help my mother around the house. I'll be exhausted and late to the pub." I said.

"Well, Tsunade is giving you the day off from the hospital. Shizune's got you covered. They gave your shift to someone else. A scroll that tells you this will be by in a few minutes. The mission you were gonna do was given to some other jonin, and your old team is cancelling training. You shouldn't be too exhausted." She said.

"I can't. I have family things." I said.

"Please! Just ask if you can skip it for once! We all haven't seen you weeks unless we go to the hospital." She said.

"Fine, give me a second pig. I'll call you back soon." I said.

"If you don't, I'm calling in 20 minutes." She said and we hung up. I walked to the kitchen to see my parents and siblings.

"Who was it honey?" My mom asked.

"Ino-pig." I said.

"Oh? What did she want?" my dad asked.

"She was wondering if I wanted to go to the pub tonight with all my old friends and sensei's." I explained.

"You told her no, you have a busy schedule today right?" Katsuo asked.

"I did." I sighed and then a hawk landed on the window. I grabbed the note and looked at it. It explained that I have today and tomorrow off from all missions and hospital duties.

"What's it say?" Kohana asked nosily.

"Says I'm excused from all missions and hospital duties today and tomorrow." I explained. "Also says my shift to watch Sasuke is being covered."

"Well, you still have training with us." Toshiro said.

"Well, I was wondering if I could skip today…?" I half said and half asked.

"Why?" My father asked.

"I haven't seen my friends in almost 2 months! I don't count the fifteen minutes when I heal them in the hospital."

"…Fine. Go have fun Sakura." Katsuo said. I smiled and hugged him

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You don't know how much this means to me! I'll be at Ino's getting ready!" I said as I rushed out the door to Ino's house. I knocked on her door. She answered with a phone in her hand. "I can go!" I said.

"YES!" she screamed. We were hanging out and talking about boys and other girl things when we decided that it was time to start getting ready. Ino showered as I picked out my outfit. Then I showered while she picked her outfit. Mine was a formfitting black tank top with dark red skinny jeans. I had a chain going from the front belt buckle to my back pocket. I wore black and red converses and put black eyeliner on. I wore clear lip-gloss with a little bit of red eye shadow. Ino straightened my hair and pushed it over my right eye. I then remembered I have my lip pierced in snake bites. My eyes widened and I put them in.

"Ta-Da!" I said walking out of the bathroom to see Ino. Her outfit was a dark purple dress that went 3 ½ inches above her knees. She wore black 2 inch heels and had a small black purse. Her hair wasn't in the pony tail and it wasn't covering her eye. I grabbed my black and dark red leather jacket and snapped on a dark red choker. Ino rolled her eyes at my gothic attitude when I went to clubs. We got to the club at 8:15 and everyone but Kakashi was there. I rolled my eyes at his lateness.

"Who are you rolling your eyes at Sakura-Chan?" Was whispered in my ear. I held in a laugh and turned around.

"I would say you, Kakashi but it looks like I'm as late as you are. Huh?" I asked.

"Seems like it." He said as we made our way towards the table with everyone else. I noticed that Kakashi was wearing a pair of baggy dark blue jeans with a button down dark red shirt with the top 3 buttons undone. He looked pretty good in his civilian clothes.

"SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto, Ten-Ten, Temari, Kankuro, Kiba, Tsunade, Jiraiya and Genma yelled and glomped me all at the same time. Well tried anyway. I sidestepped and they ended up glomping Kakashi who was behind me. He just pushed everyone off of him and sat down next to me. We had a great time and Sasuke was slowly being accepted by everyone. I got home at 11pm. I walked in the front door quietly. I knew my little sister would be asleep. My oldest brother was in the living room playing his xbox360.

"Hey, Katsuo!" I whispered loudly.

"Oh, good. You made it back for curfew." He said.

"Yup! I'm going to bed night." I said he waved and got back to his game.


Sakura Age 19 present time


I woke up and my parents and I went to visit Tsunade-Sama. The night before I had to pick my ANBU partner.


"Sakura, you have a list of three people to become your ANBU partner." My older brother explained.

"Alright who are they?" I asked.

"A man named Tenzou." Katsuo started.

"No. I had to work with him in my Chunin years. He's kinda creepy."

"A woman named Kokoro." Toshiro said.

"I don't know her…so I don't know." I said.

"Your last option is Hatake Kakashi." Katsuo said to me.

"Definitely Kakashi!" I said

"You know the copy ninja?" Toshiro asked.

"He was my genin sensei!" I said.

"Oh. Well at least you trust him. You will have to tell him our secret and he has to swear not to tell." Katsuo explained.

"He's good with secrets. We should be fine." I said.


I stood in front of Tsunade-sama waiting for Kakashi.

"Why is he late?" Katsuo asked. I noticed both were a little angry.

"He's late to pretty much everything guys. Calm down." I said. Just then Kakashi was standing in the window.

"Nice of you to show Hatake." Toshiro said.

"Shush will you! He's actually pretty early considering how late he usually is to things." I said smacking the back of Toshiro's head.

"Why is Sakura-Chan here and who are they?" Kakashi asked.

"Please sit you four." Tsunade said, so we all sat. "Sakura has something to ask you." Kakashi turned toward me.

"Would you be my ANBU partner?" I asked him.

"You're in ANBU?" he asked surprised.

"Yup! I passed a week and a half ago." I replied.

"I'd love to be your ANBU partner, Sakura." He said while smiling behind his mask.

"Good." I smiled back.

"Ok, now who are these two?" he asked pointing to my brothers.

"This is where things get complicated." I said to Kakashi. "These are my older brothers. My oldest brother, Katsuo, and my other older brother, Toshiro." I said.

"You have brothers?"

"I do. I also have a younger sister."

"Were they ever in the academy?" he asked.

"No. They were specially trained. My little sister is being specially trained too." I answered.

"Why were they specially trained and you weren't?"

"We kind of have to show you that to make you believe us." Katsuo answered.

"Alright, show me." He said.

"Not here, our house." Toshiro demanded. The four of us transported to my house. We walked through the door.

"Mom! Dad! We have a guest!" Katsuo yelled. My parents entered with Kohana as humans.

"So what do you have to show me?" Kakashi asked.

"You might want to sit down Kakashi." I said as we walked to the living room. Kakashi sat down on the couch with my parents. "This is what we want to show you. Please don't freak out on me." I said. He nodded and Katsuo, Toshiro, Kohana and I transformed at the same time. Both my brothers, into wolves, My sister into a tiger and me into a saber tooth tiger. My sister is brown. Katsuo is gray and white. Toshiro is blonde. I was a black and gold saber tooth tiger. Kakashi's visible eye widened.

"What the hell?" he whispered. We transformed back into humans. I glanced at my family and they left.

"Kakashi?" I asked the shocked ninja.

"What was that?" he asked.

"It's the Haruno ability. Everybody just passes us as the civilians. We're a family full of ANBU. My little sister is the only one that isn't an ANBU yet. She'll take the test in a couple of years." I explained.

"Why did you keep it a secret?" he asked turning to me.

"I'm not a loud to tell anybody except my ANBU partner and the one I'm going to marry. Most of the time it's an arranged marriage with a 2nd or 3rd cousin in Suna." I explained.

"…" was his reply

"Kakashi are you ok?" I asked as I got closer to him.

"I don't know." He whispered as he stared at me. I sat down next to him and he continued to stare at me wide-eyed. I lowered my head.

"Can you not stare at me like a freak?" I mumbled with my head still down.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I'm just a little surprised that's all. I don't think you're a freak sakura. I could never think that." He said as he pulled me into a hug. I nodded and hugged him back. "So why were you the only one put into the academy?"

"My parents didn't think I'd get my powers. When a Haruno is born they glow if they will get powers but I didn't glow I just had a strange feel to me. If you noticed I'm a saber tooth tiger not a regular tiger. The males are wolves and females tigers. I'm the one who gained the special powers and is the strongest of the generation." I explained while still in the hug. I always felt safe in his arms. I knew my parents were watching from the kitchen but I didn't care.

"You have the day off tomorrow right?" he asked letting go of me.

"Yup. Why?" I asked him.

"Do you want to train with me? Just me and you one on one." He asked.

"Sure. I'll see you at the training grounds tomorrow at say 8?" I asked

"That works. See you tomorrow." He said.

"Don't be late pervert!" I said as I backed away.

"I'll try not to be." He said and poofed out of my house.

"You can come out of the kitchen guys." I said.

"…What was that about?" my mom asked.

"Nothing." I said. Kohana and my mom rolled their eyes and dragged me toward my room. They closed and locked the door.

"Now explain." Kohana said.

"He's a good friend." I said truthfully

"Well it seemed like he's more than a good friend." Kohana argued.

"Well he isn't…" I sighed.

"You want him to be, don't you?" my mom asked. I nodded slowly. I lowered my head and I started to cry. My mom and Kohana both hugged me and comforted me. "Oh, sweetie, what's stopping you?" she asked.

"He used to be my Sensei, he's 14 years my senior, I'm pretty sure he doesn't see me like that, and I thought we were put into arranged marriages?" I said through my tears.

"Oh, well your dad and I are 10 years apart. Who cares if it's taboo, as long as you love him, and we aren't put into arranged marriages unless we hit the age of 27 and you aren't already married or engaged." My mom explained.

"I'm pretty sure he does see you like an attractive women and not some 12 year old kid, Sakura. The way he held you wasn't like a teacher/student embrace or even a best friend embrace. I'm sure he likes you." Kohana said.

"You think so?" I asked and then sniffled.

"Positive." My mom and Kohana said at the same time. I smiled and hugged them.

"Thanks guys." I said as they hugged me back.

"Anytime, Sakura." They said.