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I stood with my arms crossed. My siblings looked at me confused. I sighed and sat flopped on the couch.

"I officially hat my life." I mumbled.

"Who was that? Please don't tell me that was Jareth-sama." Toshiro asked.

"…It was." I said.

"What in the world did you do?" Katsuo asked.

"…I'm engaged and pregnant. What do you think I did?"

"YOU"RE ENGANGED AND PREGNANT!" all but Kakashi screamed.

"Yes..." I replied.

"Well now what? Did you argue with Jareth-sama?"

"…I argued with him. I have to fight him tomorrow."

"You can't do that while you're pregnant." Kohana said.

"I have to. I don't want that bastard controlling our lives! I want to be able know that I'm free and can make my own decisions! He doesn't need to make them for me!"

"Why do you care about being a protector?" Toshiro asked.

"I'm the only one to not be protecting someone that isn't an ally!" I said.

"Well, it's who we have to protect."

"He isn't even alive!" I yelled. "Ugh! I'm going to bed!"

"I love you Kakashi!" I said and kissed his mask.

"I'm coming with you." he muttered and picked me up around the waist and brought me to my room. I giggled. He took off his pants, mask and shirt. When he threw it to the ground I caught it and took off my shirt, bra and pants. I then put his shirt on. "You look totally sexy." He murmured. I smiled and kissed his lips.

"Not tonight." I said and moved his hand away from my thigh. He groaned and we climbed into my bed. It's only like 7:30, but I need to be rested for this fight. I fell asleep cuddled in my fiancé's arms. The next morning I woke up at 8 am. I walked into the kitchen dressed and ready for my fight. Kakashi was right behind me. My siblings were standing in the kitchen. I ate a muffin. We were all silent. As we walked towards the training grounds Kakashi's arms were around me protectively. I looked around the village. I saw people laughing and talking, mothers and fathers with their children, couples walking hand in hand. They were all so carefree and worry-free. How I wish I had that kind of innocence. We had finally reached the training ground Jareth stood there. Kakashi and my siblings stopped at the edge. I turned and faced Kakashi. I gave him a hug and a kiss through his mask. "I love you." I mumbled as I snuggled into his chest.

"I love you too." He said. I then walked out to face Jareth. He growled at me. I want the guy dead. I lunged at him. He dodged. I tried again. It was then I realized he was acting like Kakashi was when we were genin. I smirked to myself. When I lunged at him he went to dodge and I stopped short and punched him in the jaw. He flew back 8 feet. He looked at me in shock. I smirked at him. We got into a taijustu fight when he lunged at me. I was evenly matched with him on taijustu. Then he decided to lunge at me and transform in the middle of lunging. I replaced myself with a log and transformed to my saber tooth form. We wrestled for a really long time. He bit me in the arm, the neck, and the tail. I got him in the neck and two legs. The only thing different in my bites and his is that my bites go deeper because of the teeth. He was bleeding heavily. When he was catching his breath I shot a fireball at him. He dodged in time and it singed his fur at a little. I then shot lightening at the guy and followed it with a ball of water. He couldn't dodge it so he was attacked by lightening and water. He was pushed into a tree, which made him transform back. I pounced on him and pinned him under my saber tooth form. He thrashed but I kept him restrained.

"You lose." I said.

"You're going to let me live?" he asked surprised.

"Yes, except you will leave me and the Haruno family alone for the rest of your life. We don't have any bonds to the ones we are supposed to protect. Leave us alone."

"Fine. You won. I'll leave you guys alone. Now get off of me. I don't like you." he sneered. I got off of him and transformed back to my human form.

"I don't like you either." I sneered back. He disappeared. I smiled triumphantly and was hugged by Kakashi from behind. I leaned into his embrace.

"Good job sakura. I love you." he murmured.

"I love you too." I replied. My siblings were happy that I defeated Jareth. "Take me home, Kashi. I'm exhausted." I yawned and closed my eyes. He picked me up bridal style and headed back to his apartment. Toshiro and Katsuo glared and Kohana giggled. I was too tired to do anything about my brothers. I fell asleep somewhere along the way to Kakashi's. When I awoke I felt really sick. I got out of Kakashi's grip and ran toward the bathroom. I barfed right into the toilet. Kakashi came up behind me and rubbed my back. I barfed again. This sucks. I knew it was only morning sickness but I hate throwing up. Once I was done I brushed my teeth.

"Morning sickness?" he asked.

"Morning sickness." I replied.

"Sorry that sucks. I'll be there for you the entire time. Through the barf, the mood swings, the cravings, and the labor. You don't need to worry about it. I'm going to have Tsunade give me missions that are no longer than 3 weeks." He said. I hugged him.

"That's so sweet. Thank you. I love you, Kakashi." I said.

"You're welcome. I love you too, Sakura. I was also wondering when you wanted to get married…?"

"I don't want anything big. My siblings, the Konoha 11 and the sand sibs, all of the senseis and Tsunade and Jirayia are the ones I want to invite."

"That is perfect. When do you want the wedding?"

"A month. If we wait longer I'll start showing and we'd have to wait until after I give birth. I really don't want to do that. A month from now." I said.

"That's fine. I'll send invitations to the wedding."

"I'll book the hall and the priest."

"Alright. Now that that's settled, what do you want to do today?"

"I don't know…A lazy day seems perfectly fine today." I said.

"A lazy day it is." He replied. I smiled and he brought me back to the bed. He ended up bringing in his TV, video games, and DVDs in the bedroom. That is how the rest of our day went.

Our lives went on as usual. Kakashi went on missions, most lasting no more than 18 days. I worked at the hospital until I was 8 months into my pregnancy. We had gotten married 4 months into my pregnancy. I gave birth to a baby boy. He had a tuft of silver hair and green eyes. I smiled. He was beautiful.