"Doitsu! Doitsu! Were are you?" Italy said franticly over the radio. Germany looked around the room. All he could see was a big door with a strange symbol on it.

"I don't know," Geramny said quickly. "I'm in some sort of chamber,"

"The chamber of madness or the chamber of death?" Italy asked.

"Dose it matter?" Germany asked. Suddenly France ran past him,

"HELP I'M ON FIRE!" the Frenchmen yelled

"Why did you bring me here?" Germany asked startled

"It's all because of the weasel Germany," Japan said urgently but still keeping his voice calm. "Whatever you do, do not talk to the weasel." The radio when blank.

"Weasel?" Germany said to himself. He turned around to see a five-foot tall weasel standing behind him

"On this day a thousand years ago a force so evil and perverted it was called the Roman Empire-" the weasel started to say.

"Doitsu get down!" Italy yelled running towards him. He quickly threw a piece of pizza at the weasel causing the animal to fall to the ground with a moun. Italy and Japan came running up to him

"Germany did you speak to the weasel?" Japan asked.

"No," Germany said

"Fool I am the weasel." Japan said in a dark tone,

"How could I f possibly of known that?" Germany yelled at Japan. Was this some kind of prank? Was that strange blond man from that American TV show who insisted on wearing his hat backwards going to come you and say that Germany had been…. What was the word again?

"Doitsu!" Italy said suddenly.

"What?" Germany yelled

"Where're naked," Germany looked down to see that it was true.

"W-what the hell is going on!" Germany said franticly. Suddenly two girls attached to zip lines fell from the ceiling wearing mission impossible cosplays.

"Oh believe me Doitsu, this is just the beginning!" one of the girls said.

" Wait till YouTube live!" the other said. "That's when all hell brakes lose. Right comrade?" she said looking up at the ceiling. Suddenly Russia appeared also attached to a zip line.

"Da" he said smiling.

Akai: this was based of the video 'Charlie the Unicorn "Hot Topic" Video' from YouTube by SecretAgentBob. We will be doing all of the Charlie the Unicorn episodes and more! I hope you enjoy our crack baby. Because Aoi and I love him so.

Aoi: lets call him Gorge!

Akai: silence woman! Go make me a sandwich!