Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or most of the characters in this fan-fiction. I am NOT making any money off of this, so yay, I can't be sued, I think.

Welcome to…

Chihuahua0: The Chihuahua0 Death Note Show! I'm your host, chihuahua0, and I'm currently checking out the last four volumes of Death Note at the library! But that doesn't mean I didn't look up the ending, right?

Light Fangirls: I miss Light! Boo-hoo-hoo.

Chihuahua0: So I'm presuming all of you know the ending, right?

(One percent-I mean-a quarter of the people in the audience leaves)

Chihuahua0: Oh well, no big lost, right? So today, I will be introducing our guests! Cue the fangirl screams!

Fangirls: Squeeee!

Light: Hi. (Sitting at the far left)

Misa: Hello, fans! (Sitting next to Light)

L: Hello. (L is eating a huge cake that is on the table)

Near: Hello. (Near is playing with a huge Rubik cube)

Mello: Hi. (Mello is eating a dark chocolate bar with the ChihuahuaEyes logo on it)

Fangirls: Double Squeeee!

Chihuahua0: I, with my Chihuahua Powers, rise everyone from the dead, so, except Misa and Near, everyone else knows how they died…So, this is just another fan-fiction talk show, am I correct?

Teddy Bear: (From off-stage) Correct!

Chihuahua0: I am only doing this because it is the second-most popular genre for Death Note fics besides Yoai and so I can attract views for Chihuahua0's Death Note. Bwahahaha! (Chocks)

Everyone Else:

Chihuahua0: Excuse me. So, now for the rules!

Chihuahua with Glasses (Chiwig): Here are the rules.

1. Readers will send in questions or dares for the Death Note characters via review.

2. About 2-6 of the reviews will be use per chapter. There is a waiting list, so be patient.

3. Questions and dares must be directed at one or more person. Only one per person, please.

4. Yoai is discouraged. However, heterosexual romance is welcomed with open arms, and we will provide a girl for you if you don't want to use Misa.

5. Questions and dares have to be T-rated or below. No sex, please. Some of our characters are still virgins.

6. Questions have higher priority over dares.

7. I, chihuahua0, can exclude some questions/dares or add some of my own.

8. If any of the characters die, I will use my Chihuahua Powers to bring them back to life. If anyone plants a bomb in the studio, I will poof it away.

9. If you have any questions for me, please ask. I like answering questions.

Chihuahua0: Also, I might do some other segments, like a brief one-shot. So, we shall begin.

Everyone Else:?

Mello: What if we don't want to do it?

Chihuahua0: Then I'll blackmail you and send you back to the Yoai Factory. (Points to the Yoai Factory one block away. It is a place where Yoai fan-fics are mass produced by thousands of fans) And I don't want to e-mail the picture of you naked at age 3, do you?

Mello: (Blushes)

Chihuahua0: I will now do a demonstration with my own set of questions:

From Chihuahua0, not from love:

Light: If a Shinigami falls in love with you, would you pretend to love her.

Misa: Perform a song for us! I heard you were in a Hollywood musical recently.

L: I was going to do a dare, but I am saving you for later.

Near: You too.

Mello: What is with the fur coat you wore while interrogating the NPA director in 2009?

Chihuahua0: So basically, I have three questions and a dare. Oh, and bring in the equipment!

Labor Teddy Bears (LabTeds): (Carts in lie detector and Taser)

Chihuahua0: (Picks up Taser) So, if you lie when answering a question, you will be shocked by the machine, and if you don't take a dare, I will take away your food/toys and/or Tase you. Now, (attaches lie detector to Light's right arm) answer the question.

Light: (Looks at Misa). Well, since Misa would go crazy if the Shinigami falls in love with me, I would not do it. Oh, and I'll trick the Shinigami into dieing.

Misa: Yay! Light won't cheat on me! (Leaps on Light)

Light: Ack! (Pushes Misa onto the floor)

Chihuahua0: (Looks at Misa on the floor)…Stand up. It is now your turn. What song will you sing?

Misa: I wrote a song about Light, recently, while he was dead. Now we are back together! (Hugs Light) Can I have a microphone?

(A stage and a microphone pops out from nowhere, behind the couches)

Everyone but Chihuahua0:

Misa: (Climbs up on stage and adjustes microphone). I dedicate this song to Light.

(Cues music, to a upbeat tune of "Halo" by Beyonce)


Remember those names I wrote

Well, Light they're no more…

And they didn't have heart attacks

They didn't even like Kira

I found a way to find you now

But I never really had a doubt

Standing in the light of your Note!

I got my Knight now!

I can feel you Light!

(Light Light)

I can see you Light!

(Light Light)

I can feel you Light!

(Chihuahua0: Wait a minute)

I can see you Light!


Chihuahua0: (Interrupts the song) Wait, didn't you steal it from Beyonce?

Misa: I could write her name in the Death Note.

Anti-Misa Girls: Boo! We love Beyonce! And Justin Bieber!

(Stage disappears and Misa falls to the ground, again.)

Chihuahua0: Now, Mello, (attaches lie detector to Mello) Answer my fur-coat question. It had been bothering me since I saw it and further confused me about your gender. Seriously, I was looking at your chest until your gender was mentioned in dialogue.

Mello: (Groans)…I give, I'll tell you. I was going to wear this cool leather jacket, which I brought the day before. However, some Mafia goon stole it at the last minute! The only other jacket on hand that was my size was the fur-shoulder coat.

I had that person killed the minute I came back.

(Misa is giggling, but the lie detector is steady)

Chihuahua0: Thank you for clearing that up. And that is the end of our show for today. Remember to send in reviews! By for now!

Mello: Wait! I can't get the lie detector bracelet off!

Chihuahua0: Well, too bad!


Another Disclaimer: Again, I don't own Death Note. Stop bothering me.