So the summary pretty much says it all. I've been reading stories with the same idea and now here's my take on it. I took a break from "The Sleepover" not because of writer's block but I don't know how to present the next chapters. This scene I had to split into two chapters because no matter how much I wanted them to flow, they just didn't. I don't own Toy Story.

Background: This is the scene where Andy's toys are captured and put in jail. We have just discovered Buzz is deluded and he's in the middle of the protocol speech. (I apologize if I don't have the dialogues verbatim from the movie.)

"Prisoners sleep in their cells. Any prisoner caught outside their cells spends the night in the box. Roll call at dusk and dawn. Any prisoner misses roll call spends the night in the box. Prisoners do not speak unless spoken to. Any prisoner talks back spends the night-"

"In the box, we get it," snapped Jessie. Buzz started to storm towards Jessie but Lotso's cane clanked against his chest, stopping him.

"At ease, sir. She can't hurt you; she's neutralized," Losto reminded. He pulled Buzz in closer and harshly whispered in his ear, "But they'll say anything to make you doubt yourself."

"Don't worry, Commander Lotso," reassured Buzz, "All my doubts got pounded out of me at the academy." He punched his hand as emphasis for the word 'pounded'.

"Listen up everybody," Lotso announced stepping on a box, "If you obey this protocol and follow the rules, life at Sunnyside can be a dream come true! But if you disobey these rules-try to… check out early- well," he threw Woody's hat on the ground and it slid in front of Jessie's cage, "you're just putting harm on yourselves."

Jessie gasped and fell at the knees. "Woody! What did you do to him?"

"You better get a good night's rest. You'll need it for playtime. See you in the morning! " called back Lotso, driving away with his crew, leaving Buzz to watch them.

Jessie stood up and stared at the door, regretting about abandoning Andy. She still remembers her quarrel with Woody on the ride over to Sunnyside.

"He was putting you in the attic," Woody yelled with frustration.

"He left us on the curb!" Jessie fired back.

Just before being locked up, the toys discovered from Mrs. Potatohead that Andy was in fact putting them in the attic and was looking for them. Why didn't I listen to you? I can't even say I'm sorry, she thought, resting her head against the wall and closing her eyes. She shut them so hard she started to see purple, green, and red spots floating around in her eyelids. She opened her eyes and saw what was left of her friend; his hat.

She reached for Woody's hat somberly and she heard Buzz's voice raise.

"Hey hey! Leave that alone!" he barked.

He's like a policeman who's mad he didn't get his favorite donut, she thought. He looked in Hamm's region and she reached for it again, pulling it into her cage. The top of it hit against the bars and dropped in her jail cell. She sighed heavily and crouched down to get it.

"Hey! Quiet down," demanded Buzz. Jessie rolled her eyes solemnly and sat with her legs crossed. She set Woody's hat next to her hip. She ran her hands down her braid nervously. Her left hand clasped one of her bars and wrung it- causing a loud repetitive noise. Buzz pivoted on his heels sharply, facing her.

"I don't want to warn you again!" boomed Buzz.

"Then don't! I'm sure you have better things to do then to scrutinize me all night," Jessie yelled.

"Watch what you say to me, Temptress of Zurg!" he warned pointing his arm towards her. His index finger hovered over his laser button as a threat.

"Stop calling me that! I'm not a temptress!"

"Not according to Commander Lotso. He told me everything about you and your mob. I'm not going to listen to anybody who is associated with one of the galaxy's most threatening foes."

"Buzz, he's a character that Rex," she pointed to Rex by tilting her head to his direction, "has beaten time after time on your own videogame." Buzz stood with his arms crossed on his chest and his feet shoulder-length apart.

"Impossible! Lizard man wouldn't stand a chance with Zurg."

"Huh?" Rex responded.

"You've played the game with him before!" clarified Jessie. She stood up and put her face close with the bars. Her voice got quiet and shaky with the whirlpool of emotions she had in herself. "You use to be friends with all of us. What happened?" She looked at Buzz's cold appearance. She reached down for Woody's hat and held it next it her face. She gripped it as if she was gripping the last moments of her life. Or the remains of her friendship with Buzz.

"Remember Woody?" she asked.

"I don't recall knowing him," Buzz answered in a mechanical voice, "Besides, Lotso has mentioned he's danger."

"No, Lotso is the danger," she swung her hand towards his head, "That stupid helmet of yours isn't making you think straight." Buzz's expression hardened and started to storm towards her.

Jessie crossed her arms and leaned back. She puckered her lips in aggravation and raised an eyebrow. She watched him stomp closer. "I'm neutralized, remember?" she pointed out sardonically when he reached her cage.

Then, someone let out a well-known yelp. "I don't like conflict!" wailed Rex waving his little arms.

"Stop it! Both of you!" demanded Slinky. Jessie looked down to her hands. She realized that at one point, she grabbed the bars and now her hat was being pushed to the back of her head from slanting forward against her cell. Buzz copied the same pose from the outside.

He stepped back and let go by saying "I don't ordinarily listen to minions of Zurg but Springy man has a point. Lotso will be receiving a poor report in regarding your behavior tonight, Temptress," he dropped his voice, giving her a sly smile and asked, "Where's Zurg to save you now?"

Jessie wrung her hands and opened her mouth to say something. She heard a whisper from Slinky. "Jessie, don't say anything." Jessie closed her mouth and nodded, looking at Buzz's feet walking away.

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