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Buzz slowly pushed down the comforter from his nose to the middle of his chest and rustled his body up the pillow. He looked to his right and saw that Woody's hands were crossed on his chest, completely immune to Buzz's movements due to the fact he was a deep sleeper. His friend's cowboy hat was covering his snoozing face. Buzz stretched his head out even farther and saw his adorable new owner; Bonnie. She still had her lime green clip in her hair and let out quiet little snores from her slightly ajar mouth.

He looked to his left and saw Jessie asleep in fetal position; her hat was hanging over the edge of the pillow. Bullseye's eyes flickered from having a nightmare but then let out a soothed sigh and relaxed his body. The rest of the toys were lined up with the same line Buzz was in but the darkness of Bonnie's room covered them so he couldn't identify them. He carefully readjusted himself again with his back pressing against the lavender pillow, cautious to avoid pressing any buttons. He copied Woody to his right and rested his hands on top of each other on his own chest.

His thoughts were bouncing around in his head from all of the events and questions he had ever since from Sunnyside.

Who is El Buzzo? Why did I understand Jessie's Spanish? How did I even know that was Spanish she was speaking?

But he had one question that kept repeating itself.

Are Jessie and I…an official couple? he wondered. He wasn't exactly sure how this 'dating' thing worked. Because he was brand new in the box when he arrived at Andy's house, he had never had any experience with other toys besides the toys he was in bed with, excluding Bonnie's. He winced at the thought of his delusional thinking during the first weeks of Andy.

I was a fool then… He shook his head to concentrate back on the latter question. Andy's words ran through his head. "The Potatoheads. Mr. and Mrs. You gotta keep them together 'cause they're madly in love." He then remembered all the times (too many to count) Bo pulled Woody in with her hook for 'alone time'. Woody's lipstick infested face would always return after it was time for a staff meeting or whenever Andy would return to his room.

Is that what a relationship is based on? Kissing and telling how much you love each other? Buzz frowned a little. Sure Jessie sporadically kissed him on the cheek many times after he snapped out of whatever he was in during the truck ride to the dump. But he saw her kiss Woody on the cheek as well before going to bed. Is that just her way of saying hello or good-bye? There must be more to this relationship thing than just kissing. There must be something deeper. Is it any different than a friendship?

Rustling occurred on his right side, and he looked down to see that Jessie, facing Bullseye before, was now nuzzled into Buzz's elbow. He pulled his elbow in slightly, afraid that he would wake her up by nudging her nose. He stared at the ceiling again and resumed his starting position.

Am I doing this relationship routine correctly? Is there some kind of mental check-off list? wondered the rule-orientated Buzz. I could never see myself like Bo and Woody or the Potatoheads. He wasn't even sure is he wanted to have a relationship with Jessie like them. Not that there was anything wrong with their relationships. But he felt more at ease with Jessie when dancing with her or watching a movie rather than cuddling together calling each other pet names. Then what was that at the garbage truck? What happened then? he thought, remembering the kiss they almost had.

He heard Jessie moan in her sleep and she swung her left arm across his chest, almost activating one of his buttons. Holding his breath, he slowly slipped his left hand into hers and tried to remove it. Instead, with unconscious instinct, she lightly grasped it. Not fighting back, he intertwined his fingers with hers and laid it on the blanket space in between them, turning his body to his side to face her.

He gazed at her for a moment. She looked so angelic. Even in the dark, her rose-colored cheeks still shone. He reached for her hat, which was now at the edge of the pillow, and laid it onto the area between her head and Bullseye's, making sure to not block his view of his sleeping beauty. She was perfect.

He carefully brushed some pieces of yarn from her forehead and leaned in. He gently planted his lips between her eyebrows. He pulled away and watched her squirm under the covers a little, bringing them to her chin. He let out a small, pleasing chuckle while scooting down the pillow and pulled the blanket up his body a little to have it meet to his chin. He felt satisfied with the future of their relationship and closed his eyes, still holding her hand.

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