Tony was having dreams again. Extremely vivid dreams. Extremely frustrating dreams.

Tony is dreaming about Pepper Potts every night and sometimes during the day when he stops paying attention, and she knows it.

Though it may not be widely known, Pepper Potts is nothing if not a master of seduction- and she's been playing him for years. She's just waiting until he's ready for her, and oh, he's ready.

The days blur together. The summer is hot and lazy and not much needs to be done as far as missions go. Neither party has spoken at length about the kisses on the roof months ago; whenever the subject is brought up they always end up fighting or flirting or both, which is arousing and unsettling and on her part, downright mean sometimes.

She shows up at his house just as he's getting ready for another boring night meeting. It's seven o'clock, too late for her to still be working, but he lets her in, wondering somewhere in the back of his mind what's going on.

"Hi," she says, flustered from the evening heat, a few hairs having strayed from her ponytail. "I forgot to give you these contracts early. Nothing big, just some stuff for R&D. I just need them signed by tomorrow and you're putting that tie on backwards."

She's right, he is. He's too busy looking at her. Is this what she dresses like when she's not at work? Tight jeans, strappy shirt, matching strappy heels….damn, she's gorgeous and he can't help but stare. He swallows as she reaches for his neck like it's the most normal thing in the world. In other circumstances, it would be, but he hasn't even said a word yet and she's just taking him by storm.

"I can do it," he protests, for lack of anything to say. He doesn't really want her to stop and she knows it so it doesn't stop her. Her hot little fingers dance across his neck as she does up his tie and then her hand closes around it, slowly, ominously. She looks up into his eyes and smiles.

"You couldn't even pick out matching suits without me," she tells him, and he has no reason to argue. She's too close to him, her body mere inches from his. He swallows again. "I'm actually very good with clothes," he mumbles, unsure of himself for the first time in a long time. She laughs and tugs on the tie, pulling his head down the inch or so she needs to span the distance between them.

It is not the first time they've kissed, if the roof counts, but it feels like it should be. Kissing her makes him feel like a nervous teenager again, like he has too many body parts and he has no idea what to do with half of them. He settles for dropping his hands to her hips, tugging her just that little bit closer, and running his tongue along her bottom lip.

He's rewarded by a strange, breathy little moan from the back of her throat that forces them apart, eyes locked, and quite suddenly he feels in control.

"That was…stupid," she says absently, not making any move to get closer or further away. He smirks and reminds her, "Your idea, Potts," before he presses a kiss to her jaw, and then the soft skin just below her right ear. She shivers against him and makes an appreciative noise against his shoulder, clutching at his neck with her arms. "Okay, true. And maybe it's not so stupid."

"You finally admit it," he agrees, backing her against the nearest wall, pressing his hips against hers. She tells him to shut up and then she kisses him, full force, all tongue and teeth and hands pressing into his back through his jacket and shirt. The heat of his body against hers is all she's wanted for the past few days and warmth floods her, pooling just below her stomach in a slowly growing ache. Tony slips his thigh between hers and kisses her back, his tongue toying with hers, their teeth clacking uncomfortably for a moment. She groans into his mouth and he shudders against her, tearing their lips apart. "We should have done this a long time ago," he acknowledges breathlessly. Her only answer is to push him off of her and say, "Bedroom," leaving no room for argument. Not that he would argue. He is now sporting a prominent erection and he knows from the flush of her cheeks and the throb of her pulse point that she's just as aroused as he is.

He grabs her hand and half-drags, half-escorts her to his room. As soon as he slams the door shut she kisses him, helping him get rid of his jacket and starting on the buttons of his shirt.

But Tony has to be in charge. He lifts Pepper effortlessly and revels in the surprised little yelp he's answered with. She squirms in his arms and manages, somehow, to get his tie off of his neck. Her eyes shine in the dim lighting through his tinted wall of windows and she bites her lip. "I haven't taken a single article of clothing off of you," he says, backing up in the general direction of his bed. "You're wearing more clothes," she points out, just as his calves hit the side of the bed and he topples over backwards. They fall onto his bed in a tangle of sheets and quiet laughter. He toes off his shoes that he'd only barely put on when she'd shown up, removes his socks, has half a mind to tell her to keep her heels on but reminds himself that there will be another time for that.

He gets rid of the pesky button-down and is about to get rid of his undershirt when Pepper grabs a handful of the soft white material and drags his lips to hers, her other hand ghosting over his ass. He smiles somewhere in the midst of all of this. Pepper is a 'butt' woman, apparently, which amuses him to no end. Their tongues jockey for supremacy and he pours every ounce of his being into that kiss, hands braced on either side of her ribs, holding himself up above her. Her hands fall to the hem of his undershirt and tug upward, a request that he indulges happily. Though the removal of his shirt breaks the kiss, he goes right back to what he had been doing, pressing hot, openmouthed kisses to Pepper's jawline and neck, leading down to her collarbone as he slipped her straps away from her shoulders with gentle, teasing hands.

She's whispering as her hands explore his chest, things that he's only barely registering, and when he does he realizes that she is being incredibly dirty and he is so hard it hurts. He pauses and rocks back on his heels for a moment, sucking air in through gritted teeth as he attempts to regain control of himself. Beneath him Pepper smirks and pulls the top over her head, revealing her lack of bra and making it that much harder for Tony to concentrate.

"God, Pepper," he breathes, falling forward, catching himself with his arms only a few inches from her body. She arches her back and cups the back of his neck in her hands. He can feel the peaks of her nipples against his chest and he bucks involuntarily against her, their hipbones knocking slightly. She laughs at his reaction and kisses him softly, slowly, turning his urgent fire into a slow burn.

She pulls back a few centimeters so that their lips are touching and not touching, her eyes are lidded and he knows that his are wide and hopes that she can see the effect she's having on him.

It's clear that she does when her delicate hands fall to the bulge in his slacks and tug down the zipper. His arms shake slightly at the feel of her hands on him through fabric and he can do nothing but hold himself up as she tugs his pants down his hips and pulls them all the way off with her feet, kicking them off the bed.

He needs to be in control again or he's not going to last much longer, so he kisses her briefly and begins his descent over the smooth heat of her body. He kisses and licks and nibbles his way from one breast to another, leaving her chest heaving, her hands buried in his hair, her mouth forming his name over and over in a whispery plea for something he's all too happy to give.

His fingers hook into her belt loops and he kisses a wet trail from one hipbone to the other and back again, dipping briefly into the indent of her navel with his tongue just for her reaction (a hoarse moan that shoots adrenaline from his brain to every nerve in his body). He is torturing her just as much to buy himself time as he is just to watch her fall apart by his doing.

He tugs down the zipper of her jeans and pulls them as slowly as he can from her waist to a place where they rest just behind her knees and she whimpers, honest to God whimpers when he tugs her underwear to the same place. He pulls both garments off and tosses them over his shoulder, not conscious of where they land and not caring.

Looking up at her from where he is now, nestled between her legs, she is radiantly beautiful. His eyes trail from the plane of her stomach to the twin swells of her breasts with their tempting peaks, heaving with each shallow breath she takes. She is propped up on her elbows to watch him and her hair is now almost completely down from the ponytail, stray strawberry locks strewn over her face and neck. Her blue-green eyes are wide with arousal, her face flushed a lovely shade of peach, and she is biting her lip, watching him watch her.

He crawls back up her body and kisses her with as much soul and romance as he can muster in his eager state, trying to convince her with his lips and tongue that this isn't just about sex. She kisses him back and makes quick work of his boxers with her feet (he wonders if she's just skilled like that or if it's something she's done before). There's nothing separating them, nothing stopping them, and he slides into her without warning.

They gasp simultaneously and Pepper falls back onto the bed, head pressed into the mattress, hair fanning out around her as she moans his name. He leans onto his elbows to kiss her chin and her jaw and the corner of her mouth, cupping her shoulders in his hands to brace her, and then he begins to move.

She locks her ankles just above his ass and pulls him in closer, deeper than he would have gone without her permission for fear of hurting her. She gasps out his name and then she's being dirty again and he kisses her clumsily. They break apart from the kiss and he focuses on the feel of her around him, so smooth and hot and wonderful, and she scatters kisses across his chest and neck, lingering over the arc reactor.

She's further gone than he thought; he can tell as she starts to grow more desperate, fingernails digging into his shoulders as she tries to pull him impossibly closer and he slows, torturing her. She mutters something mutinously under her breath that he doesn't care to understand and reaches up to bite his ear with a sharp little tug that makes him drop his head and speed up again, thrusting into her with abandon. She massages his shoulders like maybe she feels bad about biting him, but he definitely doesn't. She comes just a moment or two before him, tightening her legs around him and gasping and moaning his name. The feel of her clenching around him once, twice, is all it takes to send him over the edge with her.

He rests more of his weight on her (not all of it, he's too afraid to break her), letting his head fall against her chest for the few minutes it takes for him to recover, and she traces lazy circles on his faintly-sweaty back with one hand, the other still buried in his hair.

When he is able to form coherent thoughts again, he pulls slowly out of her and rolls onto his back next to her, letting out a sigh of contentment. Beside him Pepper yawns quietly, resting her hands on her stomach. He flips onto his side to face her properly and grins, that stupid cocky grin that he knows she loves and hates.

"I'm missing a meeting right now," he tells her, "And it is so worth it."

The look on her face is worth the swat on the shoulder.