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"I know, its suicide because… I'm a Remnant too, right?"

Irina lowered her head, while everyone in the chamber was shocked, however David was mortified, Rush is a Remnant?

Rush continued to pour his remnant powers into The Conqueror,

"But, it's not like I could let this happen! You've all done so much for me. I can't let you die, I won't!"

With the little energy he had left, Rush summoned all his power and released it into The Conqueror, the machine that was once pure red, slowly turned into a gentle green. David had to restrain a screaming Irina from running towards her brother, he too, was restraining himself from doing the same.

Rush cried out as he pushed more and more until the last drop of energy left form his body which he used to stop time on those around him, David and Irina. Rush turned to look at the two non-frozen in time,

"Dave, sorry, I don't think you're going to have any Remnants left after this. But it'll be okay, people will find a way to live without us."

David nodded as he felt tears in his eyes, threatening to fall,

"Right! It'll be alright Rush. I- we'll get by somehow."

Rush made a complete turn towards David and Irina, and did his trademark smile before disappearing into a million little stars. With that in a blink of an eye, The Conqueror and the machine vanished into thin air.

Irina crumbles into her knees and began to cry, David allowed his tears to fall,


Nothing. Emptiness. Darkness. That's what Rush felt and saw as he tumbled through the empty void.

Am I really going to die…

Am I already dead?

Where am I?

These questions bounced around in Rush's head and the no gravity pulled him deeper and deeper… his memories erasing from existence. Rush lowered his eyes as he concentrated on the visions and pictures that flashed before his eyes and then disappearing forever. One image caught his attention: sun-kissed tan, blue eyes, a handsome smile, and golden hair.

Who is he?

Rush felt tears build up in his eyes soon falling down his cheeks; he reached forward weakly with his right hand trying to touch the remarkable creature. Sadly, as he seemed to touch the skin the image evaporated as well as the other images into black.

"No…" Rush said weakly.

Suddenly a door appeared out of nowhere, pulling him into a white oblivion.

What's happening to me!

The next this Rush noticed was that he was warm and on somewhat like a cot. He did not open his eyes right away he was listening to his surroundings making sure that the area was safe. He can hear water boiling and that smell of… soup? Cautiously, Rush opened his eyes to see a wooden ceiling, gradually sitting up earning a painful headache.

"Oh dear, you're up! Please lie down; you are still unstable enough to be moving about, my boy."

Rush snapped his head towards the voice, regretting in doing so, but he was able to gave a look at who talked to him. It was a small kind looking old woman, her white hair was tied up into a bun on the top of her head, she seen to be wearing a long pink dress with long baggy sleeves and a wrap around her little waist.

What strange clothing…

Rush continued to stare at the elder and came to a conclusion that she wasn't going to hurt him.

"Um, ma'am, did you… did you save me?"

The elder woman chuckled lightly, "I couldn't just leave you out on the road now, could I?"

"But I'm much taller and heavier than you, how were you able to carry me?"

Again, Rush got laughed at, "I asked the village men to help me out."


The kind old lady began explaining that Rush was in a place called the Soul Society, a place where the dearly departed come to rest before their time comes to go back to the world of the living. He was currently in a small district of the Soul Society and Rush was given new garments to wear during his stay; which he learned was called a kimono. His kimono was a dark shade of blue with snow petals design at the bottom. While she was explaining, Rush was looking around Kyoko's (the kind old lady mentioned her name before the explanation) home, from what Rush saw, it was a fairly large house made of wood. After the explanations were set aside, the Sykes was given a bowl of soup to eat.

"By the way, you haven't really told me your name, my boy."

Gulping down the contents in his mouth before answering, "It's Rush, Rush Sykes."

"Rush Sykes, peculiar name."

Rush raised an eyebrow and continued eating. Rush gave Kyoko his bowl and began wandering around the house. He passed by a shelf that had the only picture in the house. In the picture was Kyoko and two kids, one was a girl with dark brown hair which was put up in two pig-tails and velvet eyes, she was wearing a kimono that was white on top and red on the bottom. The other kid was a boy, what was very odd about him was that he had snow white hair and emerald eyes, he had a funny looking scowl on his face, other than that he looked happy, he was wearing a light green kimono with bamboo shoots at the bottom. The three of them were standing in front of the house like a family.

"Those are my grandchildren."

Rush jumped slightly for he did not see Kyoko standing next to him looking at the picture as well. She picked the frame up and held in her hands,

"They are not, however, not blood related to me. I too, found them on the streets and just like you, I took them in."

She pointed at the girl, "This is Momo Hinamori. She was first grandchild. A sweet innocent girl."

Then she pointed at the boy, "This is Toshiro Hitsugaya, We found him as a baby. Tiny little thing, and still is. Other children in the village were afraid of him."

Rush looked at Kyoko, "Why is that?"

"Maybe it's because of his white hair and emerald eyes or maybe his cold demeanor, I am not sure. Momo during when this picture was taken was attending the Soul Reaper Academy. Which today, they both have graduated and became full fledged Soul Reapers, however, Momo is in Lieutenants spot and Toshiro is in Captains position the highest rank in the Soul Society."

"A Captain? At that age?"

"He's what you call a child prodigy."

"You're not bragging about me again, are you Grandmother?"

Rush and Kyoko turned around and saw a more matured looking Toshiro Hitsugaya leaning against the door frame of the house clad in a black kimono with a white sleeve-less on top, a green sash across his chest and a long katana on his back.

Kyoko smiled and walked towards him, "Ah, Toshiro, it's been so long. You've grown." She gave the young Captain a hug.

Toshiro laughed, "Yes, yes it has Grandmother." Toshiro then laid his eyes on Rush, who held in his breath as he felt the air in the house get colder.

"Grandmother, who is this?"

Kyoko turned towards Rush, "This is Rush Sykes. I found him on the streets a couple days ago."

Toshiro let out a sigh, "Grandmother, are you going to take in every person you see on the street?"

"I couldn't just leave him there, besides…" she placed her voice no more than a whisper that only Toshiro can hear, "There is something about him that feels… divine. I can't explain it."

The prodigy looked at Rush once more and sighed again, "Alright, I'll take him to the Seireitei and have Captain Kurosutchi take a look at him."

Rush felt, for some reason, a shiver down his spine as he heard the name Captain Kurosutchi, and it wasn't because of Toshiro's icy presence.

At the end of the day, Toshiro had to return back to his duties in the Seireitei and he brought along Rush. Saying their good-byes, the pair made their way back to the wall where Jidambo(sp?) was.

"Good evening, Jidambo."

"Good evening to you, Captain Hitsugaya." The large man caught sight of Rush, "And to your guest as well! A new trainee for the Academy?"

Toshiro thought about it, "Possibly, now, please open the gates."

Rush was even more surprised at how in the world did that enormous man carry a freakishly large gate.

"Hurry up or I'll leave you behind!"

Snapping out of his trance, Rush followed Toshiro into the mazes of the Seireitei. As they made their way to the 12th division squad, a black hell butterfly came to Toshiro and landed on his fingertips relaying the message, Rush however was confused. Why was the butterfly black? Is Hitsugaya talking back to it?

The butterfly soon flew away and Toshiro turned to look at the Sykes,

"Change of plans, I am to go to the 1st Division for a meeting, but it seems you are involved in it as well."

After minutes of walking, Rush and Toshiro made it to the 1st division's meeting room. As the doors opened, Rush saw it was a large room that was dimly lit, and two rows of people standing facing each other wearing similar white clothing as Toshiro. An old man was seen straight down the middle sitting on what seems like a throne, he was holding a large wooden staff. Between the tow rows of Captains was a lone man no more than 15 or 16, and have a weird hair color no weirder than Hitsugaya, his hair color was orange. He was wearing a black Soul Reaper kimono and has his weapon exactly like Toshiro's but his katana was different, his looked like a gigantic kitchen cleaver.

All eyes were on Rush and he soon walked forward next to the guy with orange hair who turned to look at Rush at the same eye level with a smile,

"Hey, I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, what's you're name?"

Rush looked at the old man in front of him and was glad that he was talking to Toshiro, probably about him.

"I'm Rush, Rush Sykes."

Ichigo gave a grin, "Cool."

The old man slammed his staff on the wooden floor calling everyone's attention,

"The meeting is now in session! Ichigo Kurosaki, it is good that you were able to make it to this meeting."

Ichigo gave a shrug, "It's no problem."

The old man shifted his eyes to Rush, "I am Head Captain Yamamoto. Head Captain of all in the Seireitei. Rush Sykes, as Captain Hitsugaya told me your name was, your presence here is truly a once in a lifetime."

Rush cocked his head to the side, "It is?"

"Certainly, it's nearly impossible for a Remnant to come into the Soul Society attaining the form of a human being."

Again Rush was confused, "Remnant? What do you mean?"

Captain Yamamoto's eyes narrowed, "You mean you do not know what you are?"

Ichigo looked at Rush, "Remnant? What's that?"

A man with long white hair coughed into his fist, "Remnants are mysterious and coveted ancient artifacts of various shapes and sizes which possess magic powers and which have been the cause of several wars throughout history. It is amazing to find a Remnant that looks human and thinks for it's own."

Captain Yamamoto nodded, "Very well put, Captain Ukitake. It is strange however that you do not know what you are…"

A woman with a kind face and has her hair braided in front of her suggested, "Maybe as he was passing on his memories of his life were erased or locked away within his mind. I can run a diagnosis on him to see what's the matter."

A scoff was heard from behind Rush, who looked like a scary clown, "Why not just open up his head and do some test on his brain?"

Rush's felt that same shiver again as he heard that voice, That must be Captain Kurosutchi…

Captain Yamamoto shook his head, "He must not be used as one of your experiments! He is the only Remnant to ever appear in the Soul Society! But enough of that! Ichigo Kurosaki and Rush Sykes!"

Both teens looked p at him, "Sir?"

"I am enrolling you both into the Soul Reaper Academy to be trained well into a proper Soul Reaper. Ichigo Kurosaki, once your education has been completed I wish to imply you to one of the two spots as Captain's seat."

Ichigo's jaw dropped, " Me? A Captain? I'll be honored, sir."

Captain Yamamoto nodded and turned to Rush, "Same goes for you Rush Sykes. You will be attending the Academy along with Ichigo Kurosaki and afterwards be placed as a Captain, do you accept?"

Rush thought about it for a moment, It's not like I have any other place to go. "I'll do it."

The Had Captain nodded, "I shall be placing Ichigo Kurosaki under Rukia Kuchiki's supervision while taking the Academy. Captain Hitsugaya!"

Toshiro stepped forward, "Yes sir?"

"I shall be placing Rush Sykes under your supervision, with your permission."

"It would be an honor, sir."

Yamamoto slammed his staff against the wooden floor once more ending the meeting. Rush walked out of the room followed by Toshiro.

"I'm sorry Captain Hitsugaya, that you are now stuck with me."

Toshiro shook his head, "Call me Toshiro, and like I said before it would be an honor to have you under my supervision. If there is anything you need or any questions just come talk to me."

Rush gave him a goofy smile in return.

"Oi Toshiro! Rush! Wait up!"

The duo turned around and saw the deathberry running towards them followed by a petite raven haired girl half his height.

"What do you want Kurosaki and it's Captain Hitsugaya to you!"

"Aw but you let Rush call you Toshiro."

The white hair Captain's eye twitched, Rush decided to step in, "Um, sorry who might you be?"

The girl looked at Rush, "Oh I'm sorry, I'm Rukia Kuchiki, I'll be supervising the idiot over here."

Ichigo turned to Rukia, "Who are you calling an idiot, Midget?"

"You, idiot!"

Their bickering continued while Toshiro was rubbing his temples thinking to himself, Why am I friends with him?

Rush just laughed at the scene.

That night Toshiro showed Rush his room which was next door to his own. Toshiro was wondering where that bumbling Lieutenant of his was, probably drinking Sake again. Sighing once more, he left Rush to his privacy.

In the middle of the night while Rush slept, he started having these weird dreams…

"I'm Rush, Rush Sykes. Who're you?"

"I am -, the Marquis of Athlum. You may address me as -."

"Sure thing, -!"

In the dream, Rush can see himself talking to another person who was male considering how his body was built. He had sun-kissed skin, the only problem was, Rush could not see his face, it's all a blur.

Who are you?

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