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David's POV

It has been 2 and a half years since my closest friend, Rush Sykes, revealed himself as a Remnant and sacrificed his life to protect our world from destruction by the Conqueror. The people of Athlum were saddened when they heard the truth about Rush. Even today I still feel as if Rush never left my side, yet when I look at my side, he was missing. Today all the Lords were called to a meeting to speak about these unnatural monsters that attack on innocent people.

I've once made contact with these monsters before. Monsters of different shapes and sizes and bore similar bone white masks. It was lurking in the shadows outside Athlum castle and I just happen to be there. I fought the beast, but there was something supernatural about it and because of my lack of information of this thing, I suffered many injuries. I was lucky enough to escape and report my event to the Congress after I had medical attention from Pagus.

As Torgal, Emmy and I entered the city of Elysion, Pagus and Blocter stayed behind to watch over Athlum, I noticed that the people were in their usual bustling chore. Some of the residents greeted us and just a simple hello and a bow.

A woman that worked with the Congress approached us and took us to the Congress meeting room where all the other Lords have already arrived. Emmy and Torgal waited for my return in the Embassy.

"Lord David, it is good to see you again," said Duke Ghor as he sat at the head of the round table. To his right was Lord Qubine and the Marquis of Royotia, Paris, who took his father's place about a year ago.

I calmly walked over to the empty chair next to Lady Charlotte, she too took over her mother's place a year ago at the same time as Paris.

Earning a nod of acknowledgement from all the other Lords, duke Ghor started the meeting.

Normal POV

"As you are all aware, these white masked monsters has been terrorizing cities across the continent."

He received nods from everyone, "I happen to know what these creatures are. They are called Hollows. Hollows are a race of creatures which are born from human souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over after their death and stay in the World of the Living for too long. They are corrupt spirits with supernatural powers that devour the souls of both living and deceased Humans."

Lady Charlotte looked skeptic, "Born from human souls? Is there really such a thing?"

The large Yama inclined his head, "I'm afraid so. However there are forces that are able to fight off against these Hollows. They are know as Soul Reapers. Soul Reapers are a race of spiritual beings that act as enforcers and psychopomps who all share similar supernatural powers. They are souls with a high level of innate Spiritual Energy."

Lord Olebeag rubbed his chin in thought, "How is it that you know so much about these Soul Reapers and Hollows?"

Duke Ghor rested his hand on the table, "I have encountered a Soul Reaper many years ago. When I first met him at the outskirts of Blackdale, I first thought that he was mad to go venturing into the dungeon alone. We ended up going into Blackdale and I assisted him in the area. His name was Genryuusai Yamamoto, he is the head Captain of all the Soul Reapers. He was... curious about Remnants that he read read in a book where was from. I was reluctant to say a word of Remnants since he was obviously from another place. But he saved my life that day and I repaid him with answers that he seek and he in turn answered my own."

When he finished his explanation, David turned to look at him, "Duke Ghor, so are you saying that his Head Captain of all the Soul Reapers will aid us?"

The Yama shook his head, "No. From my last conversation with him just a while ago, he has dispatched a team of Captains and Lieutenants here. They should be arriving soon."

As if on cue, one of the soldiers opened the Congress door and a group of young looking people entered the room. David counted there were 5,

"Are they really only sending 5 people to help us?"

He looked at each and every one of them, he found it amusing that two of the males' hair color were completely bizarre; one was orange and the other was white. He also saw two females and one lingering at the back, who could not be seen.

"I am glad to see that you all have arrived safely to Elysion. I am Duke Ghor, chairman of the Congress. My old friend Genryuusai will be pleased. I thank you for your assistance in our solemn hour. Please, introduce yourselves so we may get started at the problem at hand. I have already explained what you all are, so no need for explanations." said Duke Ghor.

The male with white hair stepped forward and bowed at his waist, "I am Toshiro Hitsugaya, Captain of Squad 10 of the Soul Society."

Next was the male with orange hair and with a deep scowl, "I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, Captain of Squad 5."

The two females stepped forward, they were not wearing the extra white cloth as was Hitsugaya and Kurosaki.

A raven haired lady stepped forward, "I am Rukia Kuchiki, Lieutenant of Squad 5."

The last lady with pale blonde hair stepped up, "I am Shiori Sakamoto, Lieutenant of Squad 9."

David realized that the ones wearing the extra clothing were Captains and the others with badges on their left arm were Lieutenants.

Lastly, the last male of the group stepped forward, wearing a Captain's cloth on him. His raven locks were in a messy fashion, his cobalt eyes scanning the room with much charisma. When he revealed himself, everyone in the chamber gasped in shock as the man before them spoke in a familiar voice,

"I am Rush Sykes, Captain of Squad 9."

David couldn't believe it. There he was, his best friend, standing before him as a Soul Reaper.

Without even thinking, David stood up immediately and stuttered,


The said man turn to look at him with a blank expression, but David ignored it, his friend had returned.

"Rush, is it really you?"

David noticed the other Soul Reapers watching their conversation, but mostly at Rush as if they were expecting something.

The words that left Rush's mouth made David feel as if he was thrust into a dark abyss,

"Forgive me, but do I know you?"

David rubbed his eyes with his hand as he sat in the embassy with Emmy and Torgal. He was assigned by the Congress to house these Soul Reapers into Athlum for their time here. They are currently speaking with Duke Ghor privately and David took the opportunity to fill his Generals in on the situation.

"So Rush really did return?" asked Emmy.

David shook his head, "I am not sure what is going on really. The man in that room looks exactly like Rush, talks like Rush, and claims that he is Rush Sykes. Yet when I approached him, it's as if he doesn't know me at all."

The Sovani stared at his charge before his ears twitched to the door revealing the Soul Reapers. Toshiro walked ahead and bowed once more to David,

"We thank you for allowing us to stay in your castle. If there is anything you need, please all you must do is ask."

David just nodded at the white haired Captain before glancing at Rush who seems to be deep in thought. Toshiro followed his eyes and called to Rush,

"Captain Sykes, please pay attention."

Rush snapped out of his stupor and scratched the back of his head, "Sorry Captain Hitsugaya."

Suddenly his face turned serious as did the other Soul Reapers when they all heard a howling noise.

Rukia turned to Ichigo, "It's a Hollow."

The orange haired man nodded, "Yeah and it sounds pretty close."

Rush looked to his Lieutenant, "Shiori, take care of it."

"Yes sir!"

David, Emmy and Torgal's eyes widen in shock as the teenage-looking like Lieutenant disappeared from view.

Torgal mullled over this, It's almost like Rush's TimeShift.

After a while the howling stopped and Shiori returned to her Captain's side with no injuries to count for. Rush just smiled at his Lieutenant,

"Great job Shiori."

Shiori sheathed her Zanpakuto, "Thank you Captain."

Toshiro looked at David, "Shall we go Lord David?"

The Marquis nodded, "Please call me David. Torgal. Emmy, let us return to Athlum."

The two Generals saluted, "Yes my Lord."

Rush felt a familiar pain on the side of his head, "Athlum..."

Ichigo looked at his friend, "Rush? Are you alright?"

Everyone in the room stopped and stared at the Squad 9 Captain. David, Torgal and Emmy saw a green light flash in Rush's eyes. His zanpakuto began to pulse out red aura and the ex-Remnant wielders recognize the red glow.

One word slipped from Emmy's mouth, "Conqueror."

When Rush heard that word, he doubled over in excruciating pain as he clutched his head as if trying to dull the pain.

Shiori and Rukia began casting healing kido to Rush, Toshiro and Ichigo held Rush so he would not fall to the cold floor. The other three tried to fix their jumbled minds as to what was going on with Rush. The said Captain was gasping so hard it's as if he could not get the right amount of air into his system.

Ichigo rubbed Rush's back, "Come on Rush. Relax."

Toshiro frowned, "What memories is he seeing and gaining now?"

David couldn't believe his ears, "What? Memories?"

Rush sat in his throne in his inner world. He rested his head against the throne as he stared at some memories that flashed before him. Seifuku-sha stood nearby watching with a bored expression as his wielder watch his own memories. When the transparent images vanished, Rush let out a deep long sigh.

Seifuku-sha looked over at Rush with a raised eyebrow, What is the matter?

Rush propped his elbow onto the armrest and he rested his chin in his hand, "The memories that just showed didn't help at all. All I saw were purple flowers and it was like I was in a forest. It's as if I'm seeing it through someone's eyes... and I guess I was running through it. Confusing."

The zanpakuto chuckled lightly, "What is so funny, Seifuku-sha?"

Nothing. I'm amused that you are clearly clueless.

Rush let out a groan, "You've been calling my for the past 2 years now."

Seifuku-sha lifted up his arm and a new transparent image appeared, You should awaken soon. The others are clearly worried for your health, especially that Lord David.

Rush tapped his finger to the tip of his nose, "Who is that guy anyways... He called out to me like he knows me. Plus he keeps sending me glances which makes me feel..."

He stopped in thought; deep down, Rush felt this strange sensation of emotion whenever he thought of that Marquis, almost like longing.

The blond haired spirit watched Rush carefully for any signs for remembrance, but found none.

Go back to the world of consciousness. Unless you want Miss Shiori to pour cold water on you again and Miss Rukia doodling on your face.

With a squeak, Rush forced himself out of his inner world only to hear the hearty laughter of his sword.

Rush opened his eyes but quickly shut them due to direct sunlight hitting his face. Squinting he quickly shut out the lights by touching fabric? He opened his eyes and saw that he was in a warm room, complete with a closet, desk, tea table, and a full sized canopy bed which he was currently sitting on.

Where am I?

He stood up and saw Seifuku-sha's sheathed form leaning against the wall opposite to him. The Captain let out a smile when his zanpakuto let out a steady flow of comforting red aura in the room. Walking towards the sword and returning back to its rightful spot by his side, Rush peeked out of the room and saw rich hallways. Letting out a low whistle, Rush picked up in Ichigo's Spiritual energy and slowly made his way towards it, trying to avoid as much contact as possible.

I must be in Athlum right now... they wouldn't leave me alone in an unfamiliar place.

After a while he grew frustrated because he felt like Zaraki when listening to his Lieutenant Yachiru. Whenever Rush felt he was getting close, it seems to lead him to a dead end or to yet another part of the castle.

He could have sworn that he heard Seifuku-sha laughing at him.

Ha ha, very funny.

Giving up, Rush decided to just let where ever his legs would take him. Surely Toshiro would find him later and probably scold him, but he didn't care. His nose quickly picked up the scent of flowers close by and curiosity got the better of him.

He walked until the ceiling opened up and let the sun rays fill the area. Rush saw it was like a courtyard, but it looked more like a garden. A vast variety of flowers bloomed all around him and he saw a large fountain covered with purple flowers.

Like the ones in my vision...

He stayed there for a while and enjoyed the complete silence, aside from the running water, feeling rather tranquil. He never felt like this before in the Soul Society and even in his inner world. He looked around the area and suddenly his eyes felt watery and tears ran down his cheeks.

"What?" He lifted his hand and wiped the tears, "Why am I crying? I don't understand."

He then suddenly heard footsteps approaching and he quickly wiped the remaining tears before turning around to see a very surprised Lord David.

Quickly remembering his manners, Rush bowed at the waist, "Hello Lord David. I'm sorry that I came here without permission."

David just smiled slightly, "It is fine. Please call me David..." he paused for a moment, "or Dave."

Rush tilted his head to the side, "Dave?" After a few minutes Rush's expression went into shock, "Dave?"

The said man looked at the Soul Reaper with anticipation but was disappointed, "I shouldn't call you Dave. You are a Lord. Besides if Toshiro, I mean, Captain Hitsugaya finds out he'd have my head."

Masking his disappointment, David motioned Rush to follow him, "Come on. The others are waiting in the Throne room."

They walked in silence before David spoke, "You know. You remind me of a friend I have."

"Really? What's is this person like?"

David thought about it, "He was kind, caring, always wanting to protect those who are very close to him. He cares most for his family. He's also spontaneous and almost stubborn, but it's that stubbornness that makes him a great man. He... would always make me feel like any other person, not the Marquis of Athlum. He was the reason for my happiness."

Rush looked at David, "Was? What happened to him?"

That question made the young Lord stop in his tracks and made Rush feel guilty for asking such an insensitive question, "He... he sacrificed himself to bring peace to these lands."

The Captain looked down, "I'm sorry."

"Do not be. It happened 2 and half years ago."

That was Rush's turn to stop, The exact time when I was found in the Soul Society...

He watched David's retreating back for a while, David, who is that man you're talking about...

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard David call to him, I'll ask about it later.

Little did he know, there was someone watching his every move before disappearing into a black void into a place of sand and eternal night.

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