Author's Note: After watching the Big Bang 4 or more times, I noticed something… Amy is wearing a necklace with her initial on it. And a silly thought came to me, and poof, here we have another fanfiction. Takes place before the two-part finale.

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, but Matt Smith sure as hell owns my heart.

"What's this?" Amy looked down at the small white box that was suddenly thrust in her hands.

The Doctor merely grinned and said, "Open it."

"Some sort of alien life form or something else horrific isn't going to pop out at me, is it?" She had reason to be skeptical of what the Doctor gave her after last week's fiasco. She still had a scab on her forehead by her hair line.

He smiled smugly. "Open it," he repeated.

She placed the box on a surface and stood an arm's length away from it and pulled the lid away slowly from her and out towards the center of the room. When nothing shot out of it she peered inside.

Lying on top of some synthetic cotton was a delicate golden necklace with a letter A charm hanging from it. Her eyes widened at it and looked up at him. She looked like he just gave her the prognosis of an aggressive cancer inside her body. She turned her face a little away from him but still stared at him. And he was grinning like a mad man.

"Don't like it?"
"What's it for?"

"Don't be silly, it's for you."

"Yeah, okay, but what for?"

"For you to wear, if you like."A brief pause of silence passed over the duo.

"Why?" Her face was changing from absolute shock and disbelief to skepticism.

"Because it's pretty." She didn't respond, still waiting for a better answer. "And I thought you might like it." He reached down and poked the charm. "See? Has your initial." He was incredibly amused by his jewelry selection skills.

Her face relaxed. "So you bought me something nice just to be… nice?"

"I know, weird, isn't it?"

Her face slowly started to crack into a smile.

"Ha-ha! I knew you'd like it!" He picked up by the clasp. "Here, let me put it on for you." From behind Amy, he held each side of the thin chain and circled it around her neck. She held up her thick mane of orange-red hair to better access her neck. He could see from behind her ears turning slightly pink. He smirked and clasped the necklace together then took hold of her shoulders and spun her around to observe his handiwork. The yellow gold against her porcelain skin and framed by her fiery red locks was perfect. Just perfect. "Beautiful."

Amy smiled genuinely and said, "Yes, it is. Thank you, it's lovely."

For a flash, a confused look crossed his face, then recognition. He said, "Ah, yes; the necklace. Glad you like it." He patted both her shoulders and spun around on spot, leaving a dazed Amy in his wake. "So! Where to next? Oh!" He snapped his fingers and spun around to face her. "I know! How about Space Florida! You go get changed & I'll get us there." She gasped and squeeled to his words and then dashed away toward the direction of her room.

When Amy was gone, the Doctor pondered over this feeling of dread that has been overcoming him… something he couldn't quite place, but ominous; almost like a premonition. If anything were to happen to him, he would want Amy to remember him somehow. He hoped that the necklace would do just that. He shook the feeling off for the umpteenth time and focused on the here and now: Space Florida.