Chapter 1


Annie Walker groaned as she sat in the chair next to Auggie Anderson.

"I smell an Annie," he said, a smile flicking across his face as he turned towards her, his unseeing eyes overshooting her head as usual.

"Yeah, it's me," Annie sighed, putting her elbow on the desk and placing her head in her hand. "Hey."

"Oh, I know it's you." Auggie grinned. "What's wrong?"

"My legs just really ache," Annie grumbled, reaching down and rubbing her left one. "Running an extra mile each day."

"You fight bad guys on a regular basis, but you hurt your leg running?" Annie glared at him. "I noticed you were walking a little gingerly," Auggie continued with a nod. "Well, you'll adjust yourself, I'm sure. You always do." A blush crossed Annie's face, and she was glad that he couldn't see that whenever he complimented her.

"Boss is coming," Auggie muttered, turning back to his work after a momentary silence between him and Annie. Annie stood slowly and brushed off her skirt. She looked up to see Joan Campbell walk in the glass door, a file held in her hand and her long blonde hair draped over her shoulder.

"Auggie," she said simply.

"Boss," Auggie replied, putting his headphones on. Annie swallowed her usual anxiety of talking to Joan, and gave her a brief, "Hello," which was ignored.

"Take 'em off," Joan ordered, and Auggie complied, swiveling his chair around to face her. She turned to Annie. "Annie, I need you to go down and talk to our agent by Quantico. Auggie will be going with you."

"Send the blind guy as backup away from home," Auggie said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, well, you're an excellent fighter and you know how to work wireless equipment that you'll need," Joan told him. "Besides, someone needed to drive. You're leaving tomorrow morning. Read the file in the car." Joan dropped the file down on Auggie's desk and left. Annie raised her eyebrows and turned back to Auggie.

"A weekend alone," he remarked with a grin. Annie, who was picking up and flipping through the file for what information she would need to know, smacked his arm.

"And we'll keep it business," she said, through the grin that had leapt to her face once she had realized the assignment. A weekend alone with Auggie? Now, that couldn't be so bad.

"Are you grinning?" Auggie asked, the smile still on his face. "I get the feeling that you are…aren't you?" Annie's eyes flicked up to him for a brief second, but she didn't respond, still smiling. "Well, don't worry," Auggie continued, putting his headphones on again. "I don't like to mix business with pleasure." Annie snorted loudly, just to make sure he knew full well that she was making fun of him. A silence fell for bit, though, as she looked through the file and he reviewed work on his computer.

"Quantico?" she asked eventually. "Isn't that Navy territory? Do we have jurisdiction there?" Auggie simply laughed.

"Annie, Annie, Annie," he said, and she relished hearing her name from his mouth like that. But wait…this was Auggie. Annie told her thoughts to shut up and paid attention to his serious words again. "Oh, when will you learn," Auggie sighed, "that we're the CIA? We don't have any kind of jurisdiction anywhere." Annie grinned and shrugged her shoulders.


"Probie, can you make a coffee run?" Tony DiNozzo asked, leaning back in his seat. Tim McGee closed his eyes and sighed.

"Tony, I just went yesterday," he replied, turning to face Tony, who was, for some reason, looking at Ziva David and not him.

"And thus, I'm not asking you, McGoo," Tony replied, his eyes flicking over towards Tim, then back at Ziva. "I was asking…the probie." Ziva looked up from her desk and across at Tony, who had that stupid, insufferable smile that always made her heart throb.

"I'm not getting your coffee, Tony," she told him simply, fighting back the smile that wanted to warm her features. She looked back at her work to keep her face straight and her thoughts away from Tony.

"I," Tony declared, suddenly rising from his seat and walking towards Ziva, "am far your senior agent. You should do as I say, probie, or –"

"Or what I say," interrupted Gibbs, walking in from the side.

"Exactly what I was saying, boss!" Tony cried. He turned around to face Gibbs, who was grabbing things from his desk. "Going somewhere, boss?"

Gibbs stood up straight and looked at the three agents. "Do you need an invitation? Shot Marine near Quantico! Grab your gear." As he left, Ziva wandered towards Tony, her hands clasped behind her back, and a small smile on her face.

"You may be a senior agent," she murmured, very close to him, "but I am the senior assassin." She dangled the car keys in his face and left for the elevator before he could snatch them away.

"That's why I don't anger her," Tim told Tony, following Ziva out. Tony grimaced and threw his bag over his shoulder, then followed suit.


"Why would someone just randomly shoot someone else?" Ziva asked, as she and the other agents walked up to the private's door, guns in hand.

"They wouldn't, Ziva," Gibbs replied, waiting to the side of the door. "There's always a reason." Tony tried the handle of the door, but it was locked. He back up, kicked the door in and the three of them burst in the house, branching out.

"Clear," Ziva called from her side of the house. Gibbs echoed her response, followed by Tim. Tony opened his mouth and was about to repeat the call, when he saw a figure dart by a nearby doorway. His eyebrows pushed together as he moved towards the doorway. Passing through the doorway, Tony looked around, gun still out.

"Where are you?" he muttered to himself, looking around.

"Here," a voice responded, and Tony felt someone grab his wrist and neck, anchoring a leg behind his calf. The person twisted around, and Tony found himself on the ground and staring up at brown eyes hidden behind blond hair as the person collapsed her weight on his arm and slammed a high heeled shoe down across his neck.


Those kitten heels coming in handy," Auggie chuckled in Annie's ear. Annie panted, staring down at the person who had no doubt shot her Navy contact, then returned to finish the job. He had a nice body for a killer, and Annie would admit she had certainly checked him out a little before speaking.

"Why did you shoot my contact?" she growled.


Tony rolled his eyes in an attempt to show outward bravado, but on the inside, he was asking where the heck Ziva, Tim, and Gibbs were to fend off this crazy lady.

"I didn't shoot –" he began slowly.

"Why did you shoot my contact?" the woman asked him, louder this time.

"I didn't shoot your contact!" Tony told her, raising the volume on his voice. Hopefully Ziva would at least hear it. He raised his head off the floor a little to look at the woman. Yeah, she was smokin', but probably still slightly deranged. His gun had fallen from his hand was out of reach, now, though…

"Don't lie," the woman ordered. "You shot him, and now you've come back to finish the job." Tony chuckled dryly.

"Why would I shoot him? Firstly, he's a Marine, and I don't like messing with them. Second, I'm a –"


"Federal agent," said a voice behind Annie. Her eyes widened as she leapt up and turned, her shoe still straddling the man's throat. Federal agents?

"Oh, damn," Auggie groaned. "Got a good story?" Annie gritted her teeth at his uselessness, as her eyes met the dark ones of the agent who was pointing the gun at her.

"I think my colleague and I would both appreciate it if you stepped away from his neck," the agent continued. The man under Annie's foot sighed and let his head hit the ground.

"About time you're here, Ziva," he said. "Waiting for the right moment or something?"

"Shut up, Tony," the "Ziva" girl growled. Annie lifted her heel cautiously, and allowed "Tony" to roll out and climb to his feet.

"Boss," he called as Annie decided it might be a good idea to raise her hands up. A man with gray hair walked in, alongside another younger man. Annie could see their guns held loosely by their sides. Using his free hand, the older man reached into an inside jacket pocket, pulling out a badge and holding it open in Annie's face.

"NCIS," he said. "Who are you?" Annie paused for a minute, waiting to see if Auggie wanted to input a suggestion.

When he didn't make one, she told the group surrounding her, "CIA."

"Good choice," Auggie said in her ear. "You already mentioned your contact."

"ID?" the man in front of her, the apparent boss, said.

"In the car," Annie told him slowly, still slightly dumbfounded. The boss shrugged.

"I trust you," he said.

"What?" hissed Auggie, as Annie's hands fell to her sides.

"Seriously?" Annie asked incredulously.

"But Gibbs, she –" Ziva began, her gun still pointed at Annie.

"Ziva." Gibbs turned around to face her. "I trust her." Ziva sighed and holstered the gun.


Tony leaned in towards Ziva. "Never question the gut." Ziva elbowed him in the ribs.

"Where's my contact?" the CIA woman asked.

"In a coma in the hospital," Gibbs replied. "If you didn't know where he was, how do you know he was shot?"

"Blood splatters on the wall and the lack of a body," the woman answered. "I can put two and two together."

"Well, come on," Gibbs remarked, grabbing her arm. "This is our case. We don't need the CIA to interfere."

"Excuse me," the woman said, pulling her arm out of his grip. "He was my contact, and I'd like to find out who shot him."

"Yeah, and so would we," Gibbs retorted, "because he's our Marine."

He and the CIA woman glared at each other, as Tony leaned toward Ziva and whispered, " gonna be good."