Ok so this is something new for me completely, don't worry I will still continue to update my others, but I like to explore variety


I know that even trying to consider this relationship is beyond stupid. I'm being silly just thinking of us even lasting, for thinking there were truth behind this adventure. That there were life and future in those chocolate eyes I get lost in.

There were things, a past. Mine, I wasn't ready to share. It's dark, scary. I am in no way ready to be exposed. But she's digging inside of me with time. Searching and discovering. Learning who I am. To say I was scared was a word used as an understatement, I'm petrified.

Also, she's human. I am not. No matter how much I wish it.

It could be dangerous for her.

So why am I not stopping this?

Scaring her before things got too far?

Simple: with my first glance of the poor human girl, it had already gone too far.

This experience would be dangerous for the both of us.

Time to put your seatbelts on.