He was nervous. Why shouldn't he be, after all? He was standing at the door of a vampire's house, and this just wasn't natural. None of it was natural. Vampires shouldn't exist, but they did. They certainly shouldn't live in houses, but here they were, living in a house. Shape shifting shouldn't be physically natural, and yet he could do it. No. There was absolutely nothing natural about the current state of things. Especially with him being a shape shifting wolf and the person he was about to hang out with a vampire. They were natural enemies.

Maybe he should just leave now? No. That would be considered rude. He already knocked. Or did he ring the doorbell? Yes, he was very nervous. But why hadn't they already answered? Weren't they supposed to be super fast or something? Of course they were. They were vampires, for crying out loud. Yes. He should leave.

He just got turned around when he heard the door open. He cringed inside, but turned back around nevertheless. It was Edward. The mind-reading leech.

"Well if you really feel that way about us, perhaps you should leave. Though your inner monologue is rather amusing," he said, holding the door open and standing out of the way for the dog to come in. Which he did, nodding while he did so.

"I'm just – "

"Nervous, I remember. Make yourself at home. Well, as close to home as you can get," Edward said, walking up the stairs leaving Paul to sit uncomfortably on the couch. Which he didn't.

Instead he stood near the door with his hands tightly clamped in front of him, almost as if he were ready for a fight. He was looking around the too neat front room that had too much space compared to his preferred home down on the Res, which was full of old family items passed from generation to generation. This room was free of all things like that. Except for the few old paintings and wall, it seemed, of graduation caps. Funny.

He stood there, waiting for a leech, which was already odd enough, and feeling uncomfortable in this open space. At least he knew he had space to phase if he needed to. But he knew he wouldn't have to.

"Why are you even going out with him? You hate the wolves," she said bitterly, almost spitting out the words like they were venom trying to take over her body. He just sat there, shrugging. He wasn't hurt or anything like that, just frustrated. He used to be able to do whatever he wanted, but try to hang out with something else once and your wife jumps down your throat.

"We're going out because we figure we might have some stuff in common, and its always good to get to know the people who can help you in a crunch, just saying. And it would be rude to not do something to thank them for their help with Victoria's army," Emmett responded. Upon hearing a heart beating downstairs, Emmett got up and went to the door.

"You're seriously doing this?" Rosalie asked, her arms crossed and hips at such an angle that, to anyone but Emmett, would say 'You take one more step, and your next step won't exist.' But Emmett, knowing how much Rosalie cared for him, just kept walking, before the door to the room closed he looked back with a smile on his face.


Short short short. I like it though, and I think it gets the point across. Wasn't intended to be long, just a short little fun idea.