He watched as the girl he loved cried hysterically into the pillow, hands clenched onto the faded denim blanket. His heart broke as he watched her, the girl he loved for so long, as she tried to gather up the remains of her own shattered heart. He slowly walked over to her, sitting down on the edge of the bed, and carefully placed his hand on her back.

Her reaction terrified him.

She quickly jumped up, looking at him with rage in her eyes, hands balled into tight fists, as though she was about to kill him. Rage and hurt covered her face with a veil of despair, rendering her almost unrecognizable. He just stared up at her, his face blank, but eyes filled with what he hoped was love and understanding. He watched as her body slowly relaxed, until tears started falling down with force. He jumped up and caught her as she crumbled, unable to maintain the strength to even stand up any longer. Carefully, he brought her back over to the bed, laying her gently on the over-stuffed mattress, and let his hands comb through her long hair. Slowly she relaxes at your touch and looks over at you. Her eyes are filled with such pain and sorrow, he involuntarily stopped moving his hand, his eyes gazing deep into her own. His head leaned in, closing in on her own, and kissed her forehead.

She gasped and looked at him with a shocked face.

He smiled and looked at her, knowing his emotions and feelings towards her were written all over his face. "There are a lot of reasons to cry in this world," he told her softly, his forehead touching her's, "but loneliness should never be one of them."

So yeah, really short, I know. Just a little something I thought up while shopping for taco stuff earlier today. Though I didn't use names, it's a BBxRae story.

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