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It had been a busy week. A very busy week. They had barely had the time to stop for sleep these past few days. Venjix had been pressing any advantage he could, sending attack-bot after attack-bot into the city to see how long they could hold up. It hadn't been easy by a long shot but somehow they'd survived. Scott honestly couldn't remember the last time he'd been able to sit down without being called back to battle, or the when he'd last seen Ziggy eat something, or Summer sleep for more than five minutes, but somehow they were alive and in one piece.

So once they'd gone five hours without a Venjix attack, the relief had been so great half of them hadn't been able to actually stay on their feet. Immediately after K had taken them off the high alert status, almost everyone had retired to their rooms. Four of them hadn't. Scott, Summer, Ziggy, and Dillon had been getting anxious being cooped up in the Garage the entire time, not being able to leave to get fresh air as they normally would have do to being on high alert so they'd left immediately. They driven to the other side of the city to the park, hoping the open area would calm their nerves. Summer brought a small bag of food too.

Which brought them to now. Scott looked over his team, feeling drowsy and content as he propped himself up against a tree. Summer was sitting next to him, slowly eating a small sandwich, her eyes heavy-lidded and foggy. They were both nearly asleep. Scott didn't think they were going to be moving until at least one of them took a nap. They would never be able to drive home safely if they didn't. Speaking of taking a nap. He glanced over at the other two that had joined them and couldn't stop a small smile.

Both Dillon and Ziggy were lying a few feet away from them, both asleep. Dillon had one arm tucked under his head and Ziggy… Ziggy was curled up against Dillon's side, head lying against the older man's shoulder, one arm coiled neatly across Dillon's chest. Scott was sure that wasn't how the two had fallen asleep but somehow they had drifted together. He wasn't surprised. The whole team had watched as the two had grown slowly closer. It had been obvious to all of them that sooner or later they would end up together and the thought had only been cemented with every careful look and quick, secretive smile they had shared. Seeing them like this wasn't that surprising. It was even cute.

"How sweet." Summer muttered, making him look at her. She smiled tiredly at him. "Though if Dillon finds out that we saw them like that, he'll kill us." He nodded slightly in agreement. As obvious as the budding relationship was, they were both extremely defensive about it. No one could get a word out about it without one of them changing the subject quickly or just walking off.

Scott sighed and slipped down to lay spread across the grass. "I'm taking a nap." He whispered. He saw Summer nod. Just as he started to slip off he noticed Dillon turn in his sleep so he could wrap the arm previously resting beneath his head around Ziggy's waist, holding the younger man to him. He smiled softly, pleased that his team was alright, and let himself fall asleep, secure in the knowledge that everyone was safe.

Neither Scott or Summer noticed Dillon briefly flicker awake to gaze at the boy held in his arms with gentle eyes. He smiled slightly at the peaceful image presented to him and placed a careful kiss to Ziggy's forehead before he let himself drift off again. Ziggy was safe and content, happy even, and that was all that mattered to him.