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Elevator Music

Well This is Fun


Inuyasha Taisho arrived at the office at exactly 7:03 every morning.

Kagome Higurashi arrived at the office at exactly 7:04 every morning, bypassing the famous Taisho brother when he was stopped to flirt with the secretary.

Both Inuyasha and Kagome waited for the elevator at exactly 7:05 am.

The ding that signalled the elevator's return made both of their heads turn up. Waiting for the crowd of other businessmen and women, they both entered the spacious box. On Monday through Thursday, Kagome pressed the button to the fifteenth floor. On Fridays, Inuyasha pressed the button because he felt generous.

Neither Inuyasha nor Kagome talked to each other. They never had to.

Being the assistant to Sesshomaru Taisho, Inuyasha's half-brother and business partner, Kagome only talked directly to Sango Houko who was Inuyasha's personal assistant. It was just how the business worked. You talked to those you directly worked for or you talked to those amongst the same status as you. It was like high school, only worse.

There had to be at least seventeen people standing inside the elevator. With the buttons pressed to go to the fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, tenth, twelfth and fifteenth floor, it was surely to take a while. Five of the fifteen left on the fourth floor. Three left on the fifth. Two left on the seventh. Four left on the tenth. One left on the twelfth.

Finally, they were alone.

They still didn't talk.

Inuyasha raised his head and nodded towards her, the only gesture he made of her existence. Kagome gave a half-smile in return. Her boss constantly reminded her how stupid and unreliable Inuyasha was. Inuyasha was tired of hearing the name Kagome this and Kagome that because apparently his personal assistant Sango and this Kagome girl were best friends.

It was somewhere between the fourteenth floor and the fifteenth when it happened. 'It' makes the situation sound a lot easier than it really is. 'It' is actually the occurrence of the elevator breaking down, shutting off and only relying on backup power.

Inuyasha wasn't pleased.

Kagome wanted to cry.

They stood together for a pause of silence, the two of them trying to process their situation. What they were left with was a dark box that currently had them trapped. There was only a gentle hum of the emergency lights flickering on, barely enough to illuminate their faces.

Pressing the emergency button, Kagome felt sweat start to trickle down her body, eyes wide with panic. It was so dark and so small and shit. A static-filled voice came over the speakers and she immediately sighed in relief.

"Inuyasha, I told you not to eat those donuts for fear of breaking the elevator with your massive weight."

It wasn't the most reassuring.

"Fuck off Miroku," Inuyasha hissed, stepping closer to Kagome and looking at the speaker. It was almost like he was expecting to see a face and not just hear the tinny sound of a voice across a wire. "What's wrong? Why isn't the elevator moving?"

"I'm not sure. Clearly, I'm just a security guard," Miroku Tsujitani said, not at all bitter. "But I can see you from the camera. Wave you two."

"Well get help asshole," Inuyasha said, gritting his teeth. "And don't be stupid. Are we even safe in here?"

"You're not going to fall or anything," Miroku replied, although Kagome personally thought he didn't sound so sure. "I've already called 911 and emergency personnel. We'll see if we can get you out of there."

"There is no seeing about it," Kagome snapped, feeling the tight pressure in her chest. "Get me out of here."

There was an uncomfortable silence in which Inuyasha and Kagome could only hear their faded breathing. Inuyasha moved a little closer, still looking at the speaker. Kagome took a step back into the corner, feeling trapped and more than just a little sick. She tried to calm her heart, take control of her breathing but it wasn't working out too good.

For the first time, Inuyasha turned to look at her with dark eyes. She couldn't really tell with the low lighting. "You okay there?"

"Fine," she grit out, trying not to sound like the panic-filled child she so desperately wanted to be.

"Okay well they should be here soon guys. Do you have supplies with you?" Miroku asked. "Water and snacks and other stuff like that?"

"Why the fuck would I carry shit around like that with me?" Inuyasha asked, rolling his eyes. "What am I a–"

"Personal assistant," Kagome cut in, letting out a strangled laugh. "I have three bottles of water, my lunch and a couple to-go bars."

Inuyasha merely looked at her with a puzzled expression. "You have what?"

"Good," Miroku answered, interrupting whatever Kagome was going to say in response. "Just sit down and relax for now. Help is on the way."

"Get Sango, will you?" Inuyasha asked. "I need to talk to someone that's competent and can actually tell me the facts."

"I'm hurt," Miroku laughed.

Inuyasha went on to say something more but Kagome tuned him out, trying to steady her heart. She needed to focus on something. Turning to look at the man in the box with her, she noticed how tall he was and how his hair was long and straight. He wore dark slacks with a button up shirt and tie. He obviously worked out a lot – not even the loose shirt could hide the muscular form lurking underneath. By all standards he was very attractive, with dark smouldering eyes and a deep lulling voice.

Kagome caught the tail-end of the conversation.

"Calm down Inuyasha. Just sit back and get some well-deserved rest." Miroku let out a long sigh that wasn't missed by the speaker.

"Keep me updated," Inuyasha insisted, before looking over and sitting down. His gaze locked with hers for a moment, stilling time. "Well this is fun."

"Extremely," Kagome replied, sounding miserable and trying not to scream in the dark.

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