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Elevator Music



Inuyasha Taisho arrived at the office at exactly 7:03 every morning.

Kagome Higurashi arrived at the office at exactly 7:04 every morning, bypassing the famous Taisho brother when he was stopped to talk to his best friend in security – not to flirt with the now pouting secretary.

Both Inuyasha and Kagome waited for the elevator at exactly 7:05 a.m.

The ding that signalled the elevator's return made both of their heads turn up. Waiting for the crowd of other businessmen and women, they both entered the spacious box. On Monday through Thursday, Kagome pressed the button to the fifteenth floor. On Fridays, Inuyasha pressed the button because he felt generous.

Neither Inuyasha nor Kagome talked to each other. Ever since yesterday, Inuyasha and Kagome had gone their separate ways to think things over in a rational, non-confining or sexually-heated way.

There had to be at least fourteen people standing inside the elevator. With the buttons pressed to go to the fourth, seventh, ninth, tenth, twelfth and fifteenth floor, it was sure to take a while. Four of the fourteen left on the fourth floor. Three left on the seventh. Four left on the ninth. Two left on the tenth. One left on the twelfth.

Finally, they were alone.

They still didn't talk.

Inuyasha cleared his throat, looking up at the small screen that alerted them to which floor they were fast approaching. The fifteenth floor – their floor – was coming in way too fast for his liking. He cleared his throat again, frowning because he shouldn't feel like this. Maybe it was because of what happened yesterday and the fact that they had gotten stuck in the same damn elevator that they were in. If that was the case, then why did the chime that went off to signal their destination make him feel only worse?

The doors opened and Kagome hesitated, just enough for Inuyasha to close his eyes, make a decision and then launch himself to the set of buttons to press Lobby.

Kagome stared at him strangely, eyebrows raised and brown orbs searching. She shook her head and took a step forward, placing her hand on the elevator door to stop it from closing before she got out.

Inuyasha swallowed his last bit of nerve and reached for her, pulling her back by the elbow and forcing her to collide into him.

At first she struggled. The idea of being confined in any way was obviously something Kagome had a problem with. Hell, Inuyasha had just pulled her back into the same damn thing she had hated all of yesterday. Loosening his grip, he waited for the fallout to come. With bated breath, he let his hands drop as the doors officially closed themselves and they headed for the lobby.

Kagome turned around, too close in his space for him to not notice the way her cheeks were flushed and her lips were parted. That was all the invitation that he needed.

His hands found her hips and he pulled her back into him, letting his lips find hers. The instant slide of heat and wet made a deep rumble rip through his throat, the groan triggering something out of the woman because she melted into him further, her hands unbuttoning the suit jacket he wore.

"Sango wouldn't give me your number," Inuyasha panted when they paused for breath. His hands never stopped moving though, tugging at the light green blouse that was tucked into tight dress slacks. "I threatened to fire her."

"But you didn't," Kagome replied, finding his tie and loosening it slightly. "Why not?"

Inuyasha let out a deep, husky laugh that he wasn't prepared for. A smile broke across his face as he looked down at the woman so close to him. "She's actually a really good assistant."

Whatever Kagome was going to say in response to that was lost in the exchange of heated kisses. His tongue begged for entrance, sliding across her smooth silky lips and tasting every inch of her when she finally parted them.

"Yesterday wasn't a one-time thing," he gasped out, barely managing to say that before claiming her again. His hands rounded on her, sliding across her lower back and palming her ass. He lifted her, pulling her impossibly closer before pushing her into the side wall of the elevator. She was just barely lifted off the ground, but Kagome got with the program pretty damn quick, wrapping her long legs around his waist.

He thanked god that she wore pants instead of a skirt, or the friction they were creating from what little they were doing wouldn't be there. As sexy as they were, proper business skirts were long and impractical for impromptu sex.

"Is it a two-time thing?" Kagome asked, decidedly ignoring the tie and undoing the button on his pants instead.

"Not even fucking close," he responded, pressing her against the wall harder, moaning at the feel of her hands skimming across the bare skin between his navel and belt. "I'd even like to do this outside of the elevator." He chased her lips, catching them and trying his damnedest to work out more moans and heated pants from the woman.

Kagome was all sorts of beautiful.

Suddenly, the bell chimed and before Inuyasha or Kagome could do anything, collective gasps were heard.

Grinning, looking absolutely fuckable with his kiss-swollen lips and dark eyes, he waved at his co-workers. "Sorry, this elevator is taken."

Pressing the button to the fifteenth floor, Inuyasha didn't wait to nuzzle Kagome's neck. "Not freaking out?"

"Shut up and distract me," Kagome replied, pulling him back for another kiss.

For the rest of the day, the elevator was ruled as broken.

The next day, employees gave the two a wide berth, just in case.

When Miroku released the sex tape via company email accidentally to every employee when he was only supposed to send it to Sango, well...

No one takes the elevator after that.

And Inuyasha and Kagome like that just fine.

The End

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