Yoshi's 20th Birthday

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: So you're probably asking why there isn't a 19th birthday for Yoshi. Well... the explination for that is... I'm lazy. Very lazy. So yes, enjoy, ladies and gentlemen. Meanwhile, I gotta prepare myself when I'm old...

Disclaimer: Everything belong to their owners.

Yoshi's 19th Birthday

Yoshi clapped for joy as Bowser and Charizard watch Yoshi eagerly open up his last present. However, it was a bomb.

"HUH?" Yoshi mumbled in confusion as he scratched his head with curiosity, picking up the bomb and looking at Bowser and Charizard,who both shrugged. "I don't ever recall getting a bomb for my birthday."

Suddenly, the bomb exploded, sending all three reptilian Smashers into the air. Nearby, Waluigi, who was snooping as usual, laughed heartily as he watched Yoshi and Bowser flail their arms about while Charizard tried his best to catch them.

Present Day

Yoshi sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror. It has been a very long decade, and already was he twenty. However, with all the crap he went through in his younger years, it seemed like he was eighty years old. Sighing as he made himself a bowl of cereal, Yoshi sat down on the green grass, watching as several pedestrians crossed the streets, the city being as lively as ever. Bowser and Charizard both has mysteriously vanished off the face of the earth, and only R.O.B. occassionally visited. Yoshi sighed as he munched on his cereal, wondering what everyone else was up to, when suddenly Bowser Jr. popped up, smiling evilly at Yoshi.

"...Can I help you?" Yoshi asked as he coughed.

Bowser Jr. cackled as he grabbed Yoshi by the nose and slammed him into a fire hydrant, rushing off as he laughed. Suddenly, the ground started shaking, and within a few seconds, the entire city exploded, water flowing everywhere as Yoshi was blasted up into the air several times by strong gushes of water.

"I HATE THAT BOWSER JUNIOR!" Yoshi cried as he struggled to get off of the water gushing out from the wreaked fire hydrant, seeking vengance upon Bowser Jr.