"NCIS anything like CSI?" "Only if you're dyslexic." Dennis & DiNozzo. Yankee White.

"Federal authorities? They mean us. Four stinking letters:NCIS." Tony DiNozzo. Shalom.


NCIS Squad Room.

"Good morning. I'm calling from NCIS..."
"Naval Crimminal..."
"We are the Naval Criminal Investigative..."
"Have you heard of..."
"We investigate..."
"Investigative Service..."
Several minutes later three phones are slammed down as their owners let out sighs of frustration.
"You know just once I'd like to make a phone call and have the person know what NCIS stands for and what we do."
"Ah, McOptimistic do you really think that is ever going to happen?"
"Maybe." Tony just stares at him as if unable to believe McGee just said that.
"We have been getting some good press coverage lately" chimes in Ziva.
"O.K. then why don't we have a bet?"
"On what?"
"How long it will take before we find someone in this investigation who knows what NCIS stands for? I mean we have plenty of calls still to make so it shouldn't take that long should it?" He grins.
"O.K. I'm in. I say it'll take another two hours."
"No way McGee. I say another three."
"And I say you're both dreaming and we will finish these calls without finding someone."

NCIS Squad Room. Two hours fifty-five minutes later.

"Starting to get nervous Zee-vah?"
"I think the losers should clean the truck after the next messy crime scene."
"Well you'd better get some cleaning products on your..." She is interrupted by the ringing of her phone. "Yes?" She listens a moment. "Thank you for calling back Mrs Schiller. As I said in my message I am Agent David with NCIS. That is..." She listens for another moment then gesturing at the guys hits the button to put her phone on speaker. McGee and DiNozzo cross the room to her desk. "I am sorry Mrs Schiller I did not quite hear what you said. Can you repeat that last bit."
"I said I know exactly what NCIS is young lady. My late husband God rest his poor soul did a lot of work with them. What did you want to know?"
Ziva grins at her colleagues as she continues "I am wondering if your husband or you know or have had any kind of business with a Lieutenant Commander Wayne Lewis. He is based at Norfolk."
"Did you say Lieutenant Commander?"
"Well I'm afraid you must have mistaken us for someone else dear. I've never been involved in any way with the Navy and my husband wasn't either. He couldn't even swim" she chuckles.
"Oh but I thought you said you knew what NCIS stood for and that your husband had worked with them?"
"Yes,the National Crop Insurance Service. My husband and I had quite a large farm and you see..."
"There obviously has been a mistake.I am sorry to have bothered you ma'am. Have a good day.""Bye." Ziva hits the button to terminate the call then looks up to find her colleagues smiling at her.
"Told you so."
"Well I'm sure we'll find someone before the end of our calls. You have not won yet Tony."
McGee and DiNozzo settle back in at their desks. "Why is this so important to you anyway?"
"Well probie-one I just think it would be nice if just occasionally, not every time just every now and again we got some credit for the work we do. I mean the FBI, DEA,ICE,ATF even the CIA all get more attention than we do and you know that attention can mean more funding and I just think it would be nice that's all."
"We don't even have our own tv show."
"Well doctors have ER, medical examiners had Quincy MD, the FBI had the X-Files and Criminal Minds blah,blah, political staffers had The West Wing, spies had The Man From U.N.C.L.E even the navy lawyers got JAG."
"You are upset because we do not have a tv show?" questions Ziva.
"Just a little recognition is all I'm saying."
"Well there has been talk about making a movie out of Deep Six." McGee instantly regrets the words as his colleagues turn to him.
"A movie about us?"
"About the characters in my books so..." Tim begins his usual disclaimer then finds he can't finish it. "Yes, Tony all about you."
"Way to go McWriter. That is so cool."
"Well done McGee" adds Ziva smiling at him.
"It's only in the very early stages of discussion though. It might never happen so don't get your hopes up."
"I wonder who they will get to play me. I mean Agent Tommy. He'd have to be..."
"Maybe you could." Gibbs walks into the bullpen.
"But I already have a job." Tony says in a panicked tone.
"For the moment." Gibbs glares at him.
"Not for much longer if you don't get back to it."
"Sure." Beginning to sort through the folders on his desk DiNozzo smiles inwardly. Maybe having a book character based on him wasn't such a bad thing after all. As Gibbs settles in at his desk Tony's frustrated voice rings out across the room once more "I said Naval Criminal Investigative Service!"