*Special Shout Out to Angy for inspiring this follow-up. Kind of.*

NCIS Squad Room. A Few Days later.

"It's a pity Tom Selleck is too old" murmurs Tony as he frowns in concentration and makes a note.
"Too old for what?" enquires Ziva from across the room as McGee looks over from his desk.
"To play agent Tommy in the Deep Six movie of course! And any sequels too I guess. I've been thinking about it and I just can't decide who they should get to play me...ah I mean Tommy."
"I mean I think he needs to be well known so people come and see the movie but not so well known they come to see him and not the character you know?"
"I see you've been giving this a lot of thought Tony."
"I'm thinking maybe Angelina Jolie for Officer Lisa. Sort of sexy but deadly too." He grins mischievously. "Though not as much as you though."
She glares back at him. "Why exactly are you giving this so much thought?"
"A we don't have a case and I'm bored and B this movie will be about our lives Lisa so I can think we should give it at least a little consideration."
"It is not your life Tony."
"What was that probie?"
"I said it is not your life Tony. It is Special Agent Tommy's life."
"Who is based on me so it kinda is my life." Tony glares at him.
"All I'm saying Tony is don't get your hopes up. The movie probably won't even happen."
"O.K. O.K." They get back to work.

NCIS Squad Room. The Next Week.

"Naval Criminal Investigative Service..." He slams the phone down. "They hung up on me. Can you believe it?" he asks looking up from his desk as a woman walks into the bull pen.
"No. I can't." She responds standing there smiling as he checks her out. "Agent McGee?"
"Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo but you can call me Tony." He smiles rising from his chair and shaking her hand. "Agent McGee is currently out sick but perhaps I can help you?"
"Renee Peterson. Your Director arranged for Agent McGee or should I say Mr Gemcity to show me around NCIS headquarters to give me a feel for the place. An idea of what it is you do. I guess I'll just have to rearrange."
"No problem. I'll do it. Your name sounds awfully familiar Ms Peterson. Have we met before?"
"Renee and I don't think so. I am sure I would have remembered meeting you. You don't seem like the Demented Dead Souls or wildlife type so maybe you caught my film at Sundance a few years ago?"
"Your film?"
"Yes, I'm a director and I've directed..." as she continues to talk DiNozzo's brain goes into overdrive. She's a director? That must be why our Director is co-operating with her. And meeting McGee? This must be about the movie. Checking out how we do things. I wonder if she'd give me a small part? If she knows Jessica Alba?
"Agent DiNozzo?"
"Sorry. I am a film buff but I'm more into classics so I don't think that's it."
"Well I did date Harm Rabb for awhile. Do you know him?"
"Ah, yes." Since she had dated the guy it was probably not a good idea to point out that he did indeed know Rabb. In fact he'd investigated him for murder! Maybe her name had come up in background information or interviews. Time to change the topic. "Right this way Renee. Let the tour begin!"

NCIS Break Room. An Hour Or So Later.

"Hmm. There's not a lot to work with although the lab was quite cool. Maybe when we get out in the field it will be better."
"The field?"
"The Director promised full co-operation and that I could shadow you guys and see you in action."
"Oh, well that could be too dangerous Renee."
"Really? But you'd protect me wouldn't you Tony?"
"Sure. So tell me more about yourself."
"I moved back to Washington two years ago after my marriage broke up and started my own company. We're doing really well and I've two other directors on the payroll but I like to keep my hand in."
"I bet you do." His phone rings. "Excuse me." He walks away from the table. "DiNozzo."
"Hey Tony. I forgot to tell you there's this woman coming in today..."
"I know McGee. I've been showing her round. She's not too bad on the eye either. I've been plying her with the old DiNozzo charm. Who knows she might even give me a part in the movie and..."
"But Tony..."
"I know. I know. It might not happen. Bye." He hangs up leaving Tim thinking but she's not there about the movie. Tony walks back to the table.
"Did you say something about a movie?"
"Yes. That was Agent McGee just checking you were O.K. I told him I'm taking care of you."
"And you're doing such a wonderful job." She smiles. "But what does that have to do with a movie?"
"Aren't you here getting ideas for the Deep Six movie?"
"No? Then why are you here?"
"I'm directing a recruitment commercial on NCIS. Like I did with JAG. You know. Navy. The Journey Begins Here."
"Oh. A commercial."
"Yes." She looks at her watch. "Must fly. Thanks for all your help Tony." She rises and kisses him on the cheek before she leaves. He heads back to the squad room muttering "A commercial. A commercial." He sits back at his desk and begins to think. Brad Pitt would be too handsome...