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Bonnie and I stopped at the corner grocery store on our way back to Stefan's house, talking non-stop about everything. She had easily become my best friend at first, and now we had nothing to hide from each other with our dark secrets out in the open. Where Alice had been quick to tell me what to wear and how to act in situations, Bonnie let me be me... the real me.

When we arrived home, we were laughing about something that happened with Jeremy a few years ago as we walked in. Stefan and Jasper were seated across from each other in the living room, completely comfortable. Both smiled when we came in, and I couldn't help but notice how Jasper's eyes kept straying to look at Bonnie. She in turn was trying desperately not to stare at the blonde vampire.

"Stefan, would you mind helping me get these bags to the kitchen?" I asked.

He glanced at the two before his smile grew, and he walked over to my side.


Once in the kitchen, he set the bags down on the counter and pulled me into his arms. "I take it that you two had a good time?"

"Of course we did," I laughed. "We confided in each other, it's like nothing happened at all."

Stefan lent down to kiss me gently, one of his hands rubbing my back. "I'm really glad that you two are finally getting this close, you both need the other." I nodded and put my head on his shoulder.

"So, did anything happen when I was gone?"

"We discussed strategies, and came to the conclusion that Damon and I will need to train with Jasper so we know exactly how to take out Victoria." I nodded, but tried to keep the bitch out of my head for now.

I kissed Stefan again before gently pulling out of his arms. "I need to start dinner, would you like to help?"

"I'd love to." He said turning to take the groceries out of the bags behind him.

Cooking with him was like we had done it a million of times before. We were perfectly in sync, moving around each other and preparing the food without a single mistake... or trips in my case.

I could get used to this.


Bella and Stefan went into the kitchen, and I tuned out their conversation as I took in the sight of the young witch I hadn't really been introduced to.

"Hello, I'm Jasper." Her defenses were up when her senses told her I was dangerous. It was common with humans, but I felt her fighting the urge to run.

"I know, Bella told me about you. I'm Bonnie." She stood awkwardly, and I stood to offer my hand for her to shake, which she took after a moment of hesitation. She gasped when she felt the chill of my hand and drew back.

"You can sit down, you know," I said, sitting back down myself. When she continued to stand, her eyes darting towards the kitchen, I sent her a small dose of calm. "I wont bite, y'know."

Against her instincts, she laughed and sat where Stefan had a moment before.

"So, Jasper, how old are you?" I smirked, amused that it was the first question that popped into her mind.

"Well, Ma'am," I started, my natural southern drawl sent shivers through her body, and she blushed. "I was born in 1843, which makes me 167 years old."

Her eyes widened. "And how old were you when you were turned?"

"Twenty. I was a Major in the Civil War when it happened."

"Woah." She sat back and tried to picture it. But shook her head, remembering that I was sitting there.

"How long have you been a witch? If you don't mind me asking."

She shook her head, but sat a moment before replying, seeming to find the way to phrase what she was going to say. "Technically...I've been one my entire life... But I hadn't come into my powers until a year ago. Magic has been in my family from the beginning."

"Interesting. What kind of powers do you have?"

Bonnie bit her lip. "I can sort of manipulate fire and water, and I can use protective magic against vampires..." She looked at me and blushed. "Well, the other kind of vampires..."

"Don't worry, you'll have no reason to need to protect yourself from me, you're safe." Our eyes met and we were silent then on, listening to the two in the kitchen moving things around.

Neither of us knew what to say, but we didn't need to say anything. Just being around her felt... right.

The only think I could think of, was the strong urge to never let her out of my sight again.

When Bella and Stefan had finished making dinner, they called Bonnie and I into the dining room, where the table was set for three. I sat down in the seat that was clearly mine, being the only one unable to consume human food.

Dinner conversation was light, until Bella had accidentally dropped her fork at one point, causing the sauce from the chicken to splatter, hitting her shirt. Everyone, including her, began laughing. After, we all found similar things to laugh about.

Everyone's feelings told me that they felt the same as I did. At home.


Bonnie left after everything was cleaned up, giving Bella a hug, and smiled at Stefan and I. When she had looked at me, she felt longing and a hint of lust before leaving.

Bella gave me a knowing look once the door closed, "So, Jasper... you seemed to really like her." If I was still human, I would have blushed.

"Yes, well. Bonnie's a really nice girl. Why wouldn't I like her?" I was trying to get around it, and her emotions told me that she saw right through it, but shook her head, smiling. So I decided to change the subject. "Alice called me earlier."

Her shock hit me instantly.

"Wh-what?" Stefan put his hand on her back, probably rubbing it to comfort her before she began to panic.

"Don't worry," I sent her a wave of calm. "The message she left me didn't mention you... actually... she seemed to have no idea what I was doing at all. She would've seen me ignoring her call and waited until a different time."

Bella's emotions were bouncing everywhere, from anger to regret to nervousness.

"You should call her back..." She said after a pause, processing the situation. "But what do we tell her if she sees me?"

I thought about that for a moment. "If she does...we tell her the truth. If she has no idea at all, we'll just tell her that I'm with a Vampire who can block other's powers. It'll worry her, but there wont be anything she can do about it. She was the one that kicked me out."

Bella accepted my answer and we walked back into the kitchen, sitting in the same spots at the table we were in for dinner.

Stefan reached over and held one of Bella's hands as I pulled out my phone to call Alice.

She answered on the first ring.

"Jasper! How are you? I've missed you." I resisted rolling my eyes.

"I'm fine Alice, better actually." My mind drifted to Bonnie, and I couldn't help the small smile on my face.

"Oh? What have you been up to?"

"Don't you know? Haven't you been checking in on me?" Bella and Stefan's curiousity added to mine, as they were silent across from me.

"No...well... Not really... It's just that... You're fuzzy Jazz. All I can see of you at all is that you're in a kitchen. Why are you in a kitchen? Did you finally meet up with Peter and Charlotte?"

"No, I'm not. I've made a new friend in Virgina. He may be the reason why you cannot see me. He's a shield. I can't even feel his emotions." Knowing Alice, she was subconsciously rubbing her left wrist, a habit she thinks she acquired in her human days, before she accepted my lie.

"That makes sense. I just don't like not being able to see you." I knew that she had just ran a hand through her hair, and shook the familiar traits of her out of my head. I needed to forget.

Alice was my past.

Bonnie could be my future...

"Jasper?" Her soft high voice questioned.


"I'm sorry...for everything... And though I can't see what exactly is going to happen for you... I know everything will end up okay. For everyone."

"I'd never bet against your visions Alice, even you're blocked. Just let me know if you see anything disastrous. "

"Disastrous?" Her voice heightened slightly. "Anything specific I should be looking for?" I knew she was suspicious, but if I said anything, she may come out here herself.

"No, just keep your eyes out for me. Please."

"I will." She whispered, "I love you Jasper."

It took everything I had to not say it back... I just couldn't. "Take care Alice. Goodbye." Even though I heard her sad gasp, I hung up, setting the phone on the table, staring at it.

The kitchen was quiet, and while I knew Stefan had heard all of it, Bella only had my side of the conversation to go by.

"So?" She asked.

"She bought it. I know that she's worried about me, but she has no clue that you're around me Bella."

She let out a sigh of relief, and squeezed Stefan's hand, and let it go, getting up.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm in the mood for a movie. What do you say?" Her emotions were full of comfort and love as she looked at both of us, and I could almost hear what she was thinking.

We were her family.

And I'd try my damnedest to stop Victoria from ever ruining this.

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