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From the pages of Itachi's diary

June 23, XXXX

... I have learned from past experiences that a jealous Sasuke was bad...

But a drunk and jealous Sasuke was a different story...

I think I need to get him drunk once in a while... *wink*


July 22

********* (Around 7- 8 am) ************** Uchiha Residence **********************

Sasuke was whistling as he cleaned his favorite car... his midnight black Ferrari... witness to all his affairs, was now glistening under the rays of bright sunshine. He was up early and decided to clean his and Itachi's car. He and Itachi stayed in Japan now... for good. Itachi would report for work at the main Uchiha building everyday. But the elder raven, now a changed man... would go home early and spend the remainder of the day with Sasuke. Sasuke was also excited, for today he will find out if he passed the licensure exam he took 2 months ago. He was praying he would pass... that time was a rough time for his heart and mind.

Itachi's new car... the red 2010 Cadillac CTS Coupe was already cleaned earlier. It was already 30 minutes past seven and Sasuke knew Itachi was taking a shower right now. He usually leaves the house around 8. He already made breakfast an hour ago, fried rice and cheese omelet which were kept warm in the oven. He was in a good mood that day and he had a good feeling about later. He was smiling as he wiped the windshield. He was clad in nothing but a pair of sky-blue board shorts. He was even barefoot. A couple of teenage girls who passed by their main gate saw Sasuke and giggled out loudly. Sasuke just looked at them, shook his head and chuckled to himself.

Itachi just got out of the house and saw Sasuke chuckling. He smiled warmly as his dark eyes feasted the delicious pale torso decorated with drops of water displayed before him. Sasuke was really both handsome and beautiful in his eyes. Sasuke wasn't androgynous, but he can act like a girl... especially when he was in the mood to tease Itachi. Sasuke looked up and found his brother smiling at him, with a knowing twinkle in his eyes. Sasuke smiled back. Itachi walked towards his brother and leaned over to kiss the pink lips. "Good morning koibito..." he whispered over Sasuke's ear. "A good morning to you too, otokomae..." the young raven answered with a chuckle.

Itachi laughed at what Sasuke called him. He knew he was handsome, but Sasuke never failed to make him feel good if he calls him that. "Where are you off to today?" Itachi asked as he noticed that both cars had been taken cared of. "Oh.. nii-san. I will be going to the Professional Commissions Building to check the results of my Licensure Exam..." he said with a tinge of excitement in his voice. Itachi smiled at the enthusiasm "Wouldn't they broadcast it? Or post it in the papers or on-line?" he asked and Sasuke shook his head. "I know someone who works there... she said I can take an early peak at the results..." he replied sheepishly.

"She?" Itachi asked as he raised an elegant eyebrow as he eyed his brother. Sasuke laughed "Yes... a 'she' and that she is married with 3 kids..." he added with a wink. Itachi smiled and felt his cheeks warm up. He had to admit that he was a jealous lover... and he wanted Sasuke all to himself. Sasuke dropped the sponge he was holding and walked near Itachi "Getting jealous again, are we?" he asked huskily... he tilted his head up and his lips were just centimeters away from Itachi's. Itachi smiled... he loved it when Sasuke would tease him like this, it never failed to turn him on... "You know I get jealous easily..." he said as he raised his head a bit.

Sasuke then tiptoed and kissed Itachi, passing his tongue on the roof of Itachi's sweet mouth. Sasuke then broke the kiss as he felt Itachi respond, much to the elder raven's annoyance "...why did you stop?" Itachi asked breathlessly. "Somebody might see us..." Sasuke whispered as he gently licked Itachi's upper lip. Itachi smiled... his brother was right... they were outside... out in the open for the world to see... "You're right... stop teasing me already..." Itachi sweetly demanded as he touched Sasuke's fair cheek. Sasuke smiled "Have a nice day at work nii-san..." he said as he ran to open the gates for Itachi.

******************** (Around 9-10 am************ FMU Building *********************

Itachi got in his car and drove off. He then got his phone out and called someone in a hushed tone "Yes, it's me Sasori... I'm fine, and you? That's good to hear. Now listen, I need a favor..." Itachi spoke quickly. After a couple of minutes, the Uchiha prodigy arrived at the office. He was still engaged in a call as he went up to the elevator. "Yes... please update me as soon as possible... Thank you Sasori..." Itachi said as he ended the call. The elevator dinged and out came the Itachi... he was greeted by the people present on the floor. He nodded at them and directly went to his office room where Konan's table was situated right outside.

"Konan... cancel all my meetings on the 23rd..." was the first thing Itachi said as he got in his office room. Konan was already jotting down Itachi's orders. Konan knew it was Sasuke's brithday and she was glad that Itachi didn't forget. Well she knew Itachi was waiting for this day to get even with Sasuke's surprise birthday party for him. Konan smiled as she took down the other stuff Itachi was blabbing about. She will be traveling tomorrow to visit the other branches. Since Itachi appointed her to be the next in charge, she did all of the out-of-the-country travels for the company.

Itachi sat on his table and waited for his computer to turn on. As he waited, his mind whirled for a perfect gift for his beloved. It was such a brain-wrecking task... Sasuke already had a car... he had clothes... Kami! Sasuke wasn't even materialistic... He can't call on a party like Sasuke did... that party needed at least 5-7 days to make. He had to call Naruto and invite him for dinner or something... for Sasuke's birthday. Birthday without the blonde would be incomplete for Sasuke. The computer came to life and Itachi started to tinker on it. He knew he will come up with an idea later... he just needed to finish his work first.

********** (Around 8-9 am) **************** Uchiha Residence****************

Sasuke was in the shower... he was excited... Sugeitsu, a friend he made during college promised to tell him if the results were out, for the latter's mother worked with the Professionals Commission Department. He poured and ample amount of the mint shampoo into his palm and lathered it to his hair. He rinsed it off quickly and began to soap his body. He was planning to visit Itachi at the office as well after he meets his friend later. He then quickly ended his shower and grabbed a towel. He wrapped it around his waist carelessly and went to his and Itachi's room. He opened the closet and looked for something suitable to wear on a casual day like today. He saw his favorite shirt and that made his eyes twinkle.

The said shirt was pale blue and had a collar. He considered the shirt lucky... He used it when he wanted to feel good. The old shirt made him the university student council president... won him a lot of school contests and gave him a clear head when he was assigned for heavy decisions. He even wore that shirt the day after he kissed Naruto and luckily he didn't get any bruises form the blonde or his boyfriend. He got the shirt and topped it with his favorite black leather jacket. He wore a pair of stonewashed jeans and his favorite black Prada calf leather moccasins. He grabbed Itachi's cologne and splashed some unto himself. With a smile, he left the house.

********************************** (Around 9-10 am) **********************************

It took Sasuke 20 minutes to reach the building. He found Sugeitsu waiting for him at the building's entrance "Hey Sasuke, long time no see..." the pale lavender haired man greeted the raven as he got off his car. Sasuke smiled "You bet... how are you? You're looking good..." Sasuke commented as he noticed that his friend was now sporting a buffed up body. The young man gave a fishy grin "I've been working out... I gotta keep my girls..." he laughed and Sasuke joined him. Sugeitsu then took his phone out. He then tinkered on it and looked at Sasuke "Hey Sasuke, mom says the results are not in yet. Let's go get a drink or something first..." he offered and Sasuke nodded.

They wen to a nearby cafe. Sasuke ordered a frappuccino and Sugeitsu ordered iced coffee. Both shared the liking for cold beverages. They chatted for a couple of minutes, talking about their experiences and their current state. Sugeitsu was was taking up his masters and was working as a part-time diving instructor. Sasuke promised to visit him one day and enroll for a crash diving lesson. 3 hours passed and Sugeitsu apologised to Sasuke, the results still didn't arrive. Sasuke insisted that it was okay... he will just come back tomorrow or would wait for Sugeitsu's call. "It's really okay man... no worries..." Sasuke said as he patted Sugeitsu's arm. So Sasuke left the building and decided to go to the mall. He parked his car and went in.

********************************** (Around 9-10 am) **********************************

Itachi stopped facing his computer. He was getting nowhere... his mind can't think straight.. he was just too occupied from thinking of Sasuke's gift. He got up and left his office. He told Konan that he will be out for an hour or so. He needed to be surrounded with possible options so he decided to go to the mall. On his way he called Naruto "Hey Naru-chan..." he greeted as he heard the blonde's perky voice on the other line. "Tachi!... what a surprise..." the blonde said. "I was wondering if you and Gaara are free tomorrow..." he started as he halted the car. The traffic light just turned red.

"Tomorrow? Let's see... I am... but am not sure about Gaara... I can go ask him though... call you right back Tachi..." the blonde said and the line went dead. The traffic light turned green and off went the red car towards the mall's direction. Itachi parked his car and went into the mall. He heard audible admiring gasps and sighs from the women around as he entered the establishment. Itachi smiled at their direction and the girls blushed all over. Itachi chuckled as he passed them without looking back. He looked around, trying to think of something that would inspire him for a plan for Sasuke's birthday.

His phone rang again as he walked. It was Naruto. "Hey Itachi-nii-san... we can make it... We'll be there in the morning... we can take Sasuke out for a picnic. He would love that..." Naruto said enthusiastically. Itachi nodded. Sasuke loved the outdoors... they could have a barbecue or something. He smiled at the thought. He then ended his call with Naruto and began walking around the mall. He passed by a couple of displays... clothes... jewelries... books... food... Itachi then saw a nice display of lingerie for both sexes. He bit his lip to suppress the smile at the sweet little thought that played in his mind.

As he stood there staring, somebody tapped him on his shoulder. He looked around and beamed widely as soon as he recognized the person who made him stop. "Sasori... I never expected to see you here..." Itachi said as the redhead smiled. "I saw your car pass by... I was actually on my way to your office..." he added as he moved towards Itachi and placed an arm unto the raven's shoulder. He then handed Itachi a brown envelope and winked. Itachi knew what it was... he excitedly opened the envelope and scanned the documents. Sasuke passed the exam... though he wasn't the topnotcher... he made it in second place. Itachi beamed with pride.

"Your brother is really smart... as smart as his aniki..." Sasori praised. "Thank you for this... how much do I owe you?" he asked and the redhead shook his head. "Hacking that site was cool... I learned a couple of things... so let's just say this is my late gift for your birthday... I really am sorry I wasn't able to come... duty calls..." the man laughed and Itachi smiled "Thanks a lot Sasori... really..." he said and the redhead grinned. Itachi and Sasori walked towards a cafe, he tucked the envelope under his arm and Sasori still had his arms around Itachi. He then leaned and whispered something to the raven that caused the latter to laugh heartily.

Sasuke just turned around the corner and that scene caught his eyes. His heart wanted to jump out of his ribcage. It was really Itachi and he was at the mall... 'Why was he here? Wasn't he supposed to be at work? And who the heck is that redhead who had his arms around his aniki's shoulder?' he asked himself as his dark eyes followed the laughing couple. Sasuke bit his lower lip to make sure he was awake. 'Ouch!' He was awake... he silently followed them. He took his mobile phone out and dialed Itachi's number... ring... ring... ring... Sasuke patiently waited for his brother to pick the phone up...

"Excuse me Sasori... someone is calling..." Itachi said in between peals of laughter. He got his phone out which was vibrating crazily. He looked at the screen and saw Sasuke's caller id. "Yes otouto?" he answered. Sasuke clenched his teeth 'No endearments now...' he thought "Hi nii-san... I just decided to call you... I'm kinda bored..." he said as he continued to walk behind them. "Really? How was your trip to the Professional Commisions?" Itachi asked. "Nah... I had to go back maybe tomorrow... want me to go there?" he asked. "No.. uh, otouto... I'm a bit busy right now..." came the elder raven's reply that broke Sasuke's heart.

"Oh... okay... I'll just stroll around town... I still don't want to go home..." he said in a pained voice. "Okay otouto... take care... see you later..." Itachi said and the line went dead. Sasuke stopped following the pair... How can his brother lie to him like that? Has Itachi gotten. He stopped before an ice cream parlor and decided to drown his sorrows. He went in the shop and sat down and flipped over the menu. Soon a waitress approached him. Sasuke looked up, the girl smiled sweetly "Can I get your order sir?" she asked him. Sasuke wasn't sure what he wanted to eat "I haven't decided yet miss... can I go over your menu a bit longer?" he asked and the girl nodded.

Sasuke sighed as the girl left... he was feeling down... so bad that he wanted to cry... He promised himself he won't cry anymore... He had to implant in his mind that Itachi was Itachi... handsome, rich, powerful and wanted by all... he always believed that Itachi was his... and that he had no eyes for anyone else but him, just like what the elder raven would always tell him... But sometimes, temptation is always lurking behind. He needed to swallow his pride and accept reality. He loved Itachi too much to let him go. He needed to face the world with his head up high... he was an Uchiha after all... and he had bottomed long enough... he needed to break free... he needed to get a life!

"Hi... yeah its Sasuke... are you free tonight? Great... I'll pick you up around 7... See yah..."


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