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From the pages of Itachi's diary

June 23, XXXX

... I have learned from past experiences that a jealous Sasuke was bad...

But a drunk and jealous Sasuke was a different story...

I think I need to get him drunk once in a while... *wink*


- July 23... the garage... around 3 am - part 2 -

Sasuke gulped. Itachi pleaded on Sasuke to claim him. He said it was all he can offer... to prove that he loved Sasuke... that there was no one else in his life but him. Sasuke knew his jealous rants were futile for deep in his heart he was madly in love with Itachi. He always wanted to taste Itachi... he wanted to be a seme to his dominant brother for once... dreams do come true. How his heart pounded when he heard the simple request "Take me Sasuke... for your birthday, take me... I want to feel you in me so badly... for months now... please... Sasuke..." those anguished words bored right through his senses and his sex.

"But... don't you think I might hurt you in the process?" Sasuke asked hesitantly. Itachi was burning with desire "Please koibito... I am allowing you to do this... I want to feel it... I want to feel you... please, take me Sasu-kun..." Itachi half-pleaded, half-whimpered as he buried his face unto Sasuke's bare chest. Instincts won 'em all... Sasuke pulled Itachi and captured his lips. The need to savor the sweetness of his pleading lover was too great to be denied. Sasuke's confidence was still at it's peak, thanks to the warm liquid spirits still in his system. He slowly glided his kiss towards Itachi's creamy neck. It was now or never!

Itachi was getting delirious... his heart was beating twice the normal. He was burning inside and out. Everywhere Sasuke touched him ignited a burst of flaming desire that jerked his body and sent currents of pleasure throughout. "Sasuke..." he half-moaned as he grew breathless... Sasuke trailed his fingers over Itachi's chest... he then led his lips to one of the sensitive nubs and kissed it gently... slightly letting the tip of his tongue play with it as well. Itachi grabbed Sasuke's head and pushed him forward "More Sasuke... don't tease me..." he growled. Sasuke smiled slyly... he had always dreamed of this day to come.

Sasuke wanted to make Itachi feel good... it was his birthday and he knew Itachi was surrendering himself as a gift... and his love for Itachi bloated ten-folds. He pulled Itachi close and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. He ravished Itachi all over... and Itachi surrendered everything without hesitation. "Sasuke... oh.. Sasuke..." Itachi moaned as he threw his head back, allowing Sasuke more access to his neck. Sasuke gently sucked on the exposed skin. He loved marking Itachi as his... the same way the elder raven would mark his fair skin when they made love before. It excited him to see the love mark on Itachi's skin.

He propped Itachi up... as he did the exciting labor of undressing his lover. Itachi was restless as he was... the latter kept pushing himself towards Sasuke... their bodies molded together... time will never burn out the fire in their hearts... their needs grew bigger everyday... new things taught them more about each other... their touches... their kisses... even their mere sighs and breaths. Love interlaced with physical affection was a rare thing. And they had it... they had it both... "Don't you think it would be better if we do this in bed?" he asked. Itachi bit his lip... with face flushed, he looked around... they were in the garage and on the hood of Sasuke's car... the idea was inviting...

Itachi thought for a moment, as he felt his heart lessen its thumping speed. His cock was dripping like crazy... his groin was aching... if they do it on bed, it will take them a couple of minutes or so to reach their room. He can't wait for that and judging by the way Sasuke was breathing... he was sure that he was at the verge of cumming as well.

"Well, nii-san?" Sasuke asked impatiently "No... I can't wait..." Itachi groaned. Sasuke then left Itachi as he scrambled in his car "Sasuke...what are you doing?" he called out. Sasuke came back in flash "Sorry to keep you waiting my love..." he whispered huskily. He raised his hand and showed Itachi what he got.

Itachi smiled "You always bring one with you in your car?" he asked as he chuckled. Sasuke laughed as well "You'll never know nii-san... it's good to be ready..." he winked as he kissed Itachi again on the lips. Itachi pulled him close and kissed him back "Sasuke... don't make me wait..." he asked sweetly. "Nii-san... I've never done this... tell me if I hurt you... tell me when to stop..." Sasuke said. "You are a fast learner koibito... I trust in you..." Itachi said as he planted a kiss on Sasuke's lips again. Itachi slid down from the car's hood and turned his back on Sasuke "Take me Sasuke... I'm yours forever..." he called out to his lover.

Sasuke was glad of the decision... he can't wait as well... but he needed to make sure Itachi wouldn't be uncomfortable... his aniki took care of him well... He quickly uncapped the bottle of lube he got from his car. He squeezed some of the contents to his palm and threw the bottle away excitedly. After coating himself, he situated himself behind Itachi "Relax nii-san..." he cooed and the long-haired raven nodded. Slowly Sasuke circled his lube-coated finger around Itachi's virgin hole. Itachi shivered and whimpered "Sasuke..." he whispered as he bit his lip.

Slowly Sasuke inserted his finger in... Itachi gasped out loud. Sasuke soothed his brother... trailed butterfly kisses on his back "...sshhhh..." he cooed. Though Sasuke was so eager to take Itachi... he needed to have patience... after all, patience is a virtue... slowly he slid his finger in and out of Itachi... soon he began hearing little moans of pleasure escaping Itachi's lips... the tightening lessened... Itachi was ready for the next level... Sasuke slowly inserted the second finger in... "Gyah.. Sasuke...!" Itachi complained as the invasion became bigger. He bit his lip and looked back at Sasuke who was smiling at him.

Itachi was breathing in short quick gasps... he never imagined something like this was possible... call him a masochist for all he cared... the type of pain Sasuke was inflicting him was the most delicious thing he has ever tasted in his life. The slow tingling sensation of Sasuke's fingers moving in and out of him was enough to drive him mad with desire... he panted as he tried to relax... the uncomfortable but delicious movements were increasing it's pace... he felt Sasuke slowly apply gentle scissoring movements into his ass... he was making him ready... and he loved Sasuke for all the self control he was manifesting right now to keep him from feeling any sort of pain.

As soon as he relaxed, Sasuke inserted his third finger... Itachi shivered... he felt slightly disturbed... but as soon as the rhythm came back... he was again cooing with pleasure. Sasuke can't wait anymore... Itachi seemed to have adjusted... His own throbbing member was pulsating like crazy... He needed Itachi now! He removed his fingers and heard a hiss escape Itachi's lips. He held Itachi's delicious ass and positioned himself. Itachi looked back and saw what was happening. He held on his pillow tightly... his eyes did all the talking... Sasuke nodded "I'll be gentle.. I promise nii-san..." he said breathlessly.

With one quick movement Sasuke made Itachi face him "I need to see you Itachi..." he whispered. He raised Itachi's legs and placed them on his shoulders for support... his cock was now in line with Itachi's hole. "Sasuke..." Itachi whimpered. Sasuke slowly guided his angered member into Itachi... the moment the head invaded him was like hell! A strangled cry left Itachi as he held unto Sasuke's arms for support. His nails dug into the pale flesh... clawing it from the intense pain. He never imagined he inflicted this sort of pain to his brother... they were even now... "Itachi... relax please... it will hurt less if you do..." Sasuke said in between gasps.

Itachi nodded and tried to relax... his forehead was decorated with beads of glistening sweat... slowly Sasuke inched his way in, when he was halfway he saw Itachi close his eyes... his brows showed the uncomfortable feeling he was having... Sasuke slowly raised Itachi a bit, making the elder raven rest his back on half of his folded arms. He was able to reach him... he ducked and kissed Itachi's chest... circling his tongue on Itachi's nipples. Itachi's body bucked upwards "Hah...!" he gasped out. "Relax... please... relax..." Sasuke cooed him. Sasuke was thankful for his self-control... what he wanted to do right now was to ram everything into Itachi...

Soon enough, the tightening around Sasuke's cock became bearable. Sasuke smiled and planted small kisses all over Itachi "That's it... relax, okay?" he informed his lover who nodded. He held Itachi's hips in place and slowly thrusted further... until he was able to shove everything in. Sasuke closed his eyes at the sensation. The warmth with the exact amount of pressure that was enveloping him was sweet heaven on earth. Itachi pulled up and hugged Sasuke... he nuzzled his face on Sasuke's neck... "Aishiteru..." he whispered as he kissed Sasuke's neck. "Aishiteru nii-san..." came Sasuke breathy response.

Slowly Sasuke supported Itachi and himself... he slowly pulled out of Itachi... leaving the tip of his member in before sliding back into the euphoric warmth. Itachi hissed, bent down and bit Sasuke on the exposed skin between his neck and shoulder. It was a very difficult position for both... Sasuke laid Itachi back on the hood of his car and with the help of his discarded jeans, he rolled it and propped it under Itachi's butt for leverage. With his free hand he played Itachi's sensitive nubs... and slowly he thrusted back in and out. After a few more thrusts, Itachi finally began picking up the rhythm... that was a go signal for Sasuke to increase his speed.

Itachi was now moving with Sasuke. Moans of pleasure filled the four corners of the dark garage as Sasuke hit Itachi's pleasure spot again and again. Itachi's moans and obscenities egged Sasuke to loose control... his thrusts became harder and uncontrolled... "Hah! Sasuke! Ah! Kami!" Itachi screamed as his body jerked. Sasuke was now dripping with sweat as well "Kami, nii-san... you..ah! You...oh, fuck!" he groaned as he thrusted faster than ever. "More Sasuke...ah! Please.. fuck me harder...Hah!" Itachi screamed as he threw his head back. Sasuke obediently followed, raising his left foot on the hood for support, he banged Itachi like there was no tomorrow!

Itachi writhed below Sasuke shamelessly, Sasuke was feeling the tightening of a huge orgasm building and was threatening to explode any time soon. He grabbed Itachi's member and pumped it in time with his thrusts. Itachi's whole body shook... his moans turned to peals of screaming passion. Itachi reached up for a kiss... Sasuke leaned down a bit and kissed Itachi hungrily. All the passion they had for each other was bursting. "Sasuke...I'm gonna...hah!...cum..." he stammered as he closed his eyes. Sasuke was at the verge of exploding as well. "Yes... nii-san... ah... me too..." he acknowledged the writhing man below him.

With the synchronized rhythm of their push and pulls... their bodies trembled with the delicious tremors of the intensity of their deed... and with one last powerful thrust and jerk, both... Itachi and Sasuke exploded. Itachi's hot seed sprayed on both of their stomachs. Sasuke collapsed on top of Itachi, both trying to regain their breaths. Itachi held Sasuke tightly as he planted small kisses on the young raven's forehead "Koibito..." he murmured. "Yes?" Sasuke replied as his chest heaved up and down as he tried to breathe properly "That was... simply amazing..." Itachi confessed. The information made Sasuke smile.

"It was for me as well nii-san..." he said as he felt Itachi smile before him. Sasuke smiled sweetly "So nii-san...what's the result? Did I pass?" he asked as he yawned. Itachi chuckled... Sasuke will always be Sasuke... cute and impatient. He pulled the young raven into a kiss "Sasuke... you made me so proud again..." he said. Sasuke's eyes glistened "I passed?" he asked, a tinged of doubt fluttered. Itachi nodded "Of course you did... and the second placer to be exact..." Itachi added, his voice was bursting with love and pirde. Sasuke started laughing "Gosh nii-san... I... I'm so happy right now..." he said in between his laughter.

Itachi held Sasuke tightly "You deserve to be happy koibito... your lips should only form smiles... and kisses for me..." Itachi teased as he softly laughed "Aishiteru koibito... forever..." he said as he caressed Sasuke's bare moist back. Sasuke sighed his contentment on Itachi's chest "Aishiteru itsumo, nii-san..." he softly said as he closed his eyes. Too tired to move as well, Itachi closed his eyes and fell asleep. Sasuke was listening to the beating of Itachi's heart... it was the sweetest music the world could ever make. This was his best birthday so far... His and Itachi's relationship went up to a different level from that moment on...

A stage where the relationship was no longer driven by just lust alone, but the need to please your partner not only physically but emotionally as well. To meet the demands that would pleasure the other and make you feel contented in the process. Their curiosity stage were now long gone. The world now was synonymous to Itachi. This wonderful moment they shared opened a new door to the word called love and trust. With finality, Sasuke vowed never to throw childish, jealousy tantrums anymore... he needed to live by the word he breathed. He trusted and loved Itachi. If he needed his entire lifetime to prove to his aniki his love... he will do so without hesitations... without doubts...

- July 23... the garage... around 7 am -

Itachi was awakened by a warm sensation on his palm. He gorggily opened his eyes and saw that it was already morning and it was the sun's ray dancing on his palm. He then realized where they were... in the garage and on top of Sasuke's car. "Sasuke..." he whispered at the handsome man sleeping on top of him. He shook Sasuke a bit and called out his name. Sasuke stirred and opened an eye... "Nii-san... what's wrong?" he asked as he yawned and went back to snuggled on Itachi's chest. "Wake up Sasuke... someone might see us here..." he whispered. Sasuke's head jerked up... his mind finally remembered where they were.

Sasuke got up and stretched. He then pulled Itachi up. As Itachi left the car's hood... Sasuke's eyes registered shock. Itachi looked at what Sasuke was staring "...oops..." he said sheepishly as he scratched his head. They planted in the middle of Sasuke's Ferrari's hood was a large indention on the metal. Sasuke smiled... he never realized he would loose himself last night. Sasuke pulled Itachi close and kissed him on the lips "I can add a few more of those... the car still has a lot of straight metal to spare..." he grinned and Itachi laughed "Baka...!" he playfully growled as he nibbled on Sasuke's lower lip.

They both went into the house...Itachi was slowly making his was up to their room "Nii-san?" Sasuke asked as he watched Itachi's pained expression "It's nothing koibito... I'll get used to this..." he said. Sasuke bit his lip to conceal the laughter that wanted to escape his lips. He knew Itachi's ass was in pain... he lived through that before. Itachi knew Sasuke understood his situation. It wasn't Sasuke's fault that he was richly endowed as well. Sasuke beat Itachi to the bathroom. As Sasuke was showering, Itachi sat on the bed... adjusting his sitting position every now and then... He will really have one hell of a time in his swivel chair at work.

He got his diary out of his attaché case and started writing:

June 23, XXXX

... I have learned from past experiences that a jealous Sasuke was bad...

But a drunk and jealous Sasuke was a different story...

I think I need to get him drunk once in a while... *wink*

He smiled at his last line... he quickly closed the black notebook and tossed it back into his bag as soon as he heard Sasuke come out of the shower.

Soon Itachi and Sasuke were bathed and dressed. The doorbell rang and Sasuke ran out to get it. "Suke!" Naruto called out as soon as he saw the young raven come out of the door. Sasuke was all smiles as he opened the gates. Naruto jumped unto Sasuke and gave him a big bear hug. Gaara walked in as well with a smile on his lips. "Happy birthday Suke! And congratulations! The morning paper said it all…" Naruto said as he pushed a rectangular box wrapped in stripped blue paper into Sasuke's arms. Gaara chuckled as he patted Sasuke's arm. Sasuke smiled "Thanks Naru... Gaara... really guys, you shouldn't have... your presence is enough..." Sasuke blushed.

Sasuke motioned for the couple to come in. As Naruto passed by Sasuke's Ferrari, his mouth gaped "Suke! What happened to her?" he asked as his slender fingers ran through the big ugly dent on the car's hood. Sasuke scratched his head and grinned sheepishly "Long story Naru..." he said with a hint of amusement in his voice. Naruto frowned as he headed towards the screened door. As soon as he removed his shoes, he spotted Itachi walking towards the kitchen with a limp. He looked at Sasuke who was smirking knowingly at him. Naruto blushed as soon as his mind guessed what Sasuke's eyes were telling him.

"Suke... you didn't...?" Naruto whispered as he leaned close to Sasuke. Gaara was already in the house and was talking to Itachi. Sasuke laughed and nodded "I did Naru-chan... that was the best surprise I've ever gotten for my birthday..." he said with a wink. Naruto smiled in between his blushes "Nice... nice... I am so happy for you... for both of you..." he said as he tried to suppress his laughter. Sasuke gave out a thumbs-up sign and smirked wickedly at the blonde.

Itachi and Sasuke did have a special kind of love. Both shared a special kind of feeling genuine only to them. Naruto is so ever proud to be considered as a friend and a family member to both the Uchihas. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand and led him to the kitchen. They then joined Gaara and Itachi... Sasuke then went near Itachi and kissed his brother's nape, making the elder raven blush and Gaara chuckle. Naruto have never seen Sasuke and Itachi this happy... and he was glad... very glad... for both of them.


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