A/N- Hello all! Sadly I have not read any of the books but that would change soon as I realized I had the whole set dusting in my sisters closet! Oh silly me… This story is purely focused on romance so forgive me nothing is as it should seem in Narnia…enjoy!

Lucy pushed back her bangs as she inched towards the painting, it was not an extraordinary drawing but something about it seemed odd. She hesitated before running a delicate finger on the canvas; it reminded her of a certain place she longed for. The painting was of an ocean angrily battling the rather plain ship; wave after wave crashed against its side yet the ship was fearless as it withstood it. There was no denying it as she touched the painting and cool water ran down her forearms that this was indeed Narnia. A small smile touched her lips as she took a step back to admire the painting.

But before she could run off to her siblings, a piece of the picture peeled off and water came rushing out at her. A scream escaped her as she put her hands over the hole to stop the cascading water. As she pushed against it, another piece of the painting fell off and more water was emptying into the room. She gave up as the whole bottom of the painting was entirely open and the water was rising rapidly in the small room. She turned towards the door and with great energy she proceeded to walk through the waters in agonizing manner. She reached the door and twisted the knob to only find that it was locked and with the magic of Narnia she knew it was futile to try and get out. Someone had called her and this was Narnia's attempt to get her back there.

Lucy took a deep breath and plunged underwater, she opened her eyes tentatively and at the precise moment a chair was floating towards her. She swam away from it and looked downwards to the floor, there was no opening for her to go through and with seconds ticking by it was getting more and more difficult to sustain her energy, she was also in dire need of air. She looked back up towards the surface and noticed how far down she truly was, now she knew she no longer in that room as she swam up. Her legs we giving up on as trudged upwards, she could see the clouds in the blue sky but her lungs were failing her, there was no way Lucy Pevensie life would end here. With a grunt which turned into bubbles, she pushed herself up with one last strong kick and took a huge gulp of air as her head pushed past the surface.

"Man overboard!"

"Throw down the ropes!"

She was extremely grateful for that one man's quick thinking because as she grabbed a hold of the rope and clung to it for dear life to pull her up; she came face to face with a dozen or so men staring in awe at her. They were too shocked to have done anything and she turned to the man holding the rope and thanked him. The older man blushed and blended into the crowd of men.

To her left she saw movement as two doors were pushed wide open and a tall man came on deck. Dressed in a beautiful tunic marked with Narnia's sign there stood Prince Caspian staring angrily at the crewmen. Her brothers sword was in its sheath at his waist and Lucy smiled as memories came rushing back to her, it was the first time she had come to Narnia without her siblings and the idea behind it was troubling her. Caspian had grown some facial hair since the time she was gone and he was several inches taller not to mention the extra muscles he had garnered over what she has guessed was hard labor and battles against rogues. Despite looking handsome and proud, he was a little pale and looked terribly angry, his hair was disheveled and as he opened the doors a strong smell of alcohol reached her nose. Was thee Prince Caspian drinking?

As Caspian looked over at them his eye fell on her and his expression lightened and a sparkle came to his eyes. He looked as if he couldn't believe who was standing in front of him. With a flick of his hand, he sent the crewman back to work as he approached her.

"Susan? Susan, is that you? I can't believe the call worked, I've missed you so…" His sentence stopped as stopped five feet away from her. He looked confused at first but with a quick look over her body, his eyes narrowed and his jaw was set angrily.

"Why are you here?" He asked viciously.

"I don't know…I was brought through the painting and I swam up to the surface and well here I am," she said awkwardly, "What's wrong Caspian?"

"You weren't supposed to come! I called Susan, I need Susan!" He seemed almost frantic and Lucy stepped forward to put his hand on his arm but he pulled away quickly and went inside the captain's quarter.

Lucy seemed uncertain what to do, she looked at the crewman who hastily turned away and decided to follow Caspian. She found him sitting at his desk taking a swig from a glass bottle.

"Are you drinking?" She asked.

He looked at her with intense hatred but Lucy reassured herself he was only drunk and this not the Prince Caspian she knew.

"What's it to you? Why don't you go back to your world and instead send Susan. Oh Susie…" He downed the whole bottle and let it fall to the floor with a thunk.

"What has gotten into you?" She asked, clearly annoyed by his drunken behavior. She should give him a good tongue lashing when he became sober.

"Do you really want to know what has gotten into me? Do you? Your dear sister left me! Left me as if I was nothing, oh I did put on a show when she left, showing that her departure had no effect over me but inside I was ripping into shreds! How could she leave me?"

"I'm so sorry…but she's engaged Caspian, and she's happy." Caspian laughed in a frightening way which made her take a step back.

"She's engaged isn't she? Funny, I never thought of her as being such a jezebel but seeing her wanton behavior proves otherwise," he shook his and stood up to pour himself a drink from another bottle.

"Are you calling my sister…a…a…"

"Say it Lucy, your naivety is sometimes so painful to look at. You're almost a woman now, how old are you? Nineteen? Twenty?" He asked while looking down at her body. She blushed and folded her arms over her chest.

"I'm seventeen, and you are the one acting like a child right now. Give me the bottle, you've had enough," she reached to grab the bottle but his strong hand clasped her wrist.

Then with his deep husky voice, he said, "I'm a grown man Lucy, I don't need a child telling me what I am and what I should do. If I want to drink I shall drink then." As if he needed to prove it, he downed his drink and slammed the glass on the desk.

"Susan would be disappointed Caspian."

A hurt look crossed his features but he quickly masked it with a small smile, "She's disappointed me too, I've waited years for her. Sure I've shared my bed with many women but I had hid my heart with the hopes of her coming back and claiming it. Now I hear she's going to be warming another man's bed? Women are sly…and I don't expect you to be any different Lucy." He chuckled and sat down on his bed to remove his shoes.

Softly she said, "You're wrong."


"I'm not sly…"

He allowed another smiled to grace his handsome face, "Oh Lucy I wouldn't count on that, judging by the transparent shirt you have on, you're more than sly."