Author's Note: Hello! This is the squeal to my story Behind the Shadow of the Seemingly Perfect Angel for those who haven' t read it, well you won't really get this one. You could…but it wouldn't be the same. Anyways so this is a year after the first movie so the characters are a year older.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but Amour, Celeste, Nellie, Johanna, and Lucy. n.n Everything else belongs to Disney savvy? Onward to the sequel!

~Beside a Seemingly Perfect Angel~


As the sun entered the room , the owner lied in deep sleep on the comfortable bed. Her hair was all over the place, refusing to have it tied or braided .It was longer than before and it had turned a darker shade of brown. It was no longer along her shoulders but down her back. Her body had changed too, a year ago she was developing and her physical aspect would change here or there. Now it was different, now eighteen she was a woman. Currently she was having the same dream she had had throughout the year.


"Now you" he said grabbing her hand "I had a good feeling about you…actually liked you"

He walked along with her towards the balcony while she looked confused.

"I might have worked between the two of us, but our worlds" he continued.

She looked at him amused.

"I got you something" he said.

"Jack?" she said surprised.

"This" he then kissed her hard.

Weatherby cried out in protest and Will, Norrington and Elizabeth looked on. His arms wrapped themselves around her waist and her arms waved around ungracefully at the surprise. Her first kiss, was now stolen from at ruthless pirate. He then pulled back, both panting, but only one with their face flushed.

He then kissed her nose and pushed her back. She squeaked as she was falling to the ground, till she was caught by Will.

"Now to you all….this is the day , that you will always remember as the day that you-" He then fell down the balcony.

Amour pushed herself from Will and ran towards the edge of the balcony to look on.

"Jack!" she cried out surprised.

He fell into the water.

A groaned echoed throughout the room. She stretched and stretched as she was waking up. She sat up tentatively and opened her eyes. Her bright eyes were what people knew her for were currently being rubbed. She let out a yawn and her left hand placed itself on her lips.

"Idiot" she hissed "Once I get my hands on your Jack Sparrow I will kill you"

Before she could get up, the door was opened. The woman who had never stopped taking care of her entered.

"Mornin' Child" she said humming.

"Morning Nana" she replied

"Had that dream about that man again girlie?" she teased.

Amour turned to face her and frowned.

"Oh Nana I should have never told you" she said.

Celeste laughed softly and kissed Amour's forehead. Amour sure had grown, but she was still her child no matter what.

"Today's a special day my love" She said.

"I know, isn't it exciting?" she said taking a grape into her mouth.

Celeste nodded.

"Aye child, I cannot believe it was a year ago you were off playing pirate and crying a river over ye old Norrington" Celeste commented.

Amour looked down with a frown.

"I still care for him, you know that" she said.

"Aye aye" Celeste said patting her leg "But you aren't –"

"He's dead" she interrupted. "I'm no longer crying because I've accepted…it's been a year and he hasn't returned."

Celeste hugged her and Amour sighed.

"No frowning today and you know that" Celeste said patting her hand.

Amour smiled slightly and ate another piece of fruit.

"One of these days you should really go and eat breakfast with the family child" she reprimanded.

"I can't" she frowned "Father is beginning to push me into marriage."

"You're eighteen now, and it's time you know" Celeste replied.

"But Elizabeth didn't get betroth till twenty" Amour pouted.

"Yes and this time they won't make that mistake again" Celeste finished her comment.

Amour finished her breakfast and got up now getting ready to dress. Today was going to be a long day, but first she had to find Elizabeth a present. She sighed.

"Come child I'll call Nellie to get ready" Celeste said and closed the door behind her.

Amour walked towards the dresser and picked out a dress on her own. After a the events that happened last year, she was no longer so babied, it was obvious she could take care of herself. She stepped in front of the mirror and admired herself. She looked more like a woman and she smiled at herself. Her chest had finally stopped developing which lead her to fairly size chest, if she said so herself. She had grown in height, not by much but to 5'4. And she was more confident about herself like she never was before.

"Darlin' I don't think you 'an marry yerself" Nellie said entering with a big smile.

Amour turned to face her with a half hearted smile.

"Too bad" she replied.

Nellie giggled and walked over with a corset. Amour frowned as she was being squeezed into a corset. She winced and glared at Nellie who winked in return.

"Oh love don't you know these right here" she said pointing to her breasts "Get's us girl's a man"

Amour waved her off and slipped on a dress. It was a pale yellow and slipped on her slippers.

"You know, no matter how many times I slip these on, there not as good as breeches" she muttered.

Nellie giggled and began to brush and pin her hair down.

"Come now where are ye heading today?" she asked.

"Shopping to find something for Lizzie" she said.

Nellie made a noise of interest .

"Now love let's get you goin'" Nellie said.

Amour smiled as she was pulled by Nellie down the stairs. She was waved off goodbye and she began to go down towards the public square. Port Royale was really a quiet place every day was like the one before and after the adventure and invasion it seemed even more drone. She sighed and began to walk down the town square.

As usual, she wasn't paying attention and she crashed into someone. She gasped falling out of balance because of her stupid dress, but then she felt two arms holding her up. She looked up to see a pair of hazel eyes stare back at her. She pulled back and blushed out of reflex.

"Sorry to be a bother sir" she said.

He took off his hat and bowed down.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about miss. It's an honor to be of service to you" he said in a formal tone. "May I ask your name?"

"Amour Swann" she said curtseying.

"Ah Miss Swann" he said and kissed her hand. "I'm sure you've heard of me, I'm Lord Cutler Beckett" he said.

"It's an honor" she said not realizing who he was.

"Well I have some business to attend to Miss Swann, I can't wait till we meet again" he then walked along not letting her bid him good day.

She stayed there for a few minutes wondering who he was, but she shrugged it off. Today was an important day and she had to find the best present she could. She walked along and something caught her eye.

She walked into the store and found what she was looking for. She smiled fondly looking at the gifts and paid for them; they were worth every penny. As she looked over at the clock, she noticed the time and rushed out thanking the man. Today was a day she didn't want to be late for; today was her sister's wedding day.

As a carriage was roaming by she ran next to it and clung at the back of it so she could get ahead. Seeing some people that knew her she waved. They all waved back knowing how the pirate that was never to be mentioned changed her.

"Thank you" she said and ran through her father's gardens. The navy cadets where there and bowed seeing her passing by and rushed into the door. She was panting as she closed the door.

"My, my, my look whose on time" she heard.

Her eyes opened to see Celeste with a smirk. She waved half heartedly with her packages at hand.

"What do you got there?" Celeste asked.

"Oh come on Nana, just help me get ready will you. Elizabeth will kill me if her Maid of Honor is late" she said.

Celeste nodded and tugged her along. As quickly as she could she slipped out of her dress. She frowned as her chemise was placed along with their petticoat. As the light pink dress was placed on her, and her hair pulled down, she stared at herself in the mirror. She repeated like a mantra that she was wearing pink for her sister. They placed a pink flower in her hair and she got up changing her slippers once more to pink.

She walked over towards the bed slipping on a sash.

"My it looks like it might rain" Celeste observed.

"Don't be silly, it can't rain on this day" she replied.

Celeste fussed over her for a while and they walked towards Elizabeth's room. As the door opened Amour was amazed at her sister's beauty. She was a true angel; her golden spun hair was curled and some of her hair was let down. Johanna was placing the veil on her and they were all gushing.

"You're gorgeous" Amour gushed.

"Thank you" Elizabeth replied with a blush.

They embraced each other and walked down to the patio. The sun was beginning to be pushed back by the clouds. The palm trees were tied together with ribbon and the dark mahogany wood chairs were placed all around.

"This day will be perfect!" Elizabeth said.

"Definitely" Amour said.

They leaned against each other. How foolish they were thinking it would be a good day.