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Beside a Seemingly Perfect Angel

Chapter 19: Hiding Out

It was raining, but neither of them cared. The kiss burned both of them, warming them up against the cold London waters. She didn't care how vulnerable she seemed to him, she didn't care about how needy and clingy she seemed. Right now all that mattered was him and her.

So she kissed him. She kissed him and tugged him closer as they allowed themselves to greet one another. Compared to Edward who kissed her so tentatively, Jack was rough. Jack gripped her waist tightly so she wouldn't get away, his lips pressed against her, nibbled her bottom lip, claimed her. And she trembled in his grip.

Jack wanted to get her to forget everything and wanted to forget everything as well. He wanted to forget how they had separated, he wanted to ignore the times he bedded her older sister, the times that he imagined her whispering her name. He wanted to forget his betrayal. He wanted her to forget anyone that ever touched her, kissed her tried to claim her body and her heart.

As she pulled back she was breathing heavily. She had tears running down her cheeks as she looked at him. Her big blue eyes were glassy to him, showing her utmost vulnerability. He kissed her lips softly and pulled back staring back at her. His brown eyes were bright and his grin was wide, something he hadn't done in a while.

"I missed you" he whispered.

She closed her eyes and let out a soft smile.


She cried out as she was pulled from his embrace. He tried to grab her, but it was no use, she was grabbed by Angelica, roughly at that. Angelica threw her to Edward who was very much rough with her, holding her hands tightly and caressing her sides perversely.

Jack was pulled also by a henchman, glaring at Edward as he did so. Elizabeth and Will were also manhandled by other henchmen as well. And Angelica looked pleased with herself as he viewed them all trapped.

"Well this was more than I expected to catch with one mouse" she cooed. "Aren't you popular?" She sneered as she walked towards Amour who was glaring at her.

She winked and turned to Jack, who wasn't even staring at her instead staring intently at Amour who was wiggling around avoiding Edward's greedy hands.

"Who knew you'd be chasing after children Jackie" she teased softly. "Honestly who would know you would become an infamous pirate as well."

Jack immediately turned to Angelica and glared. Honestly that woman was more infuriating than ever and he briefly wondered how he dared tried to fall in love with her. When they had met, they were both young, both wanting to adventure and make an name for themselves. Now he saw an embittered woman who wanted nothing but revenge.

"Famous Captain Jack Sparrow, that's me. But no, I don't chase children, I only chase a woman, Angelica that's where you're wrong"

Both glared at one another until Angelica let out a slow smirk.

"Oh darling. Amor mio, why not tell her how you used to love me? Tell me has he said that he loves you?" She asked looking at her.

Amour looked away not wanting to meet her gaze, not wanting to feel the pain of her admittance.

"No? What a pity, I suppose that I'm-"

"We are nothing" Amour interrupted. "She's his mistress not me"

She pointed towards her sister bitterly and Elizabeth's cheeks flushed with embarrassment and shame. So her sister knew, it was no use to hide it, she was ashamed at the fact that she was seen as a slag in her sister's eyes.

"Oh? And who's she?" Angelica asked.

Amour said nothing, but feeling Angelica's cold hands on her cheek, she lifted her gaze to stare at her black eyes.

"My sister, Elizabeth" she rasped out.

A slow grin appeared on her face knowing that betrayal was what had broken the little doll. She caressed her cheek tauntingly and kissed her forehead, ignoring the hate that radiated off of Amour.

"I see what happened now. You're sweet sister shagged up with Jackie. No surprise there, he's known to jump in the sack with anyone, but my what a pretty sister you got"

Amour winced and closed her eyes fighting back tears.

'Damn it, why do you have to cry!'

She bit her bottom lip and did not fight as she felt Edward pull her closer to his frame. She was limp and did not fight him holding her tight. Angelica simply laughed and walked towards the pair before she could torture them, Captain Blackbeard appeared.

"Enough mija, enough. Can't you see you're bothering the girl" he said.

Angelica rolled her eyes and looked at Amour who looked like a kicked puppy.

"Oh I wasn't that bad" she replied.

"Enough, get them on Queen Anne's Revenge"

"Parley!" Jack cried out.

Edward groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Honestly are we really going to-"

"Sorry sonny, might you be young, but you obviously don't realize the importance of Parley" Jack sneered.

Edward rolled his eyes and stayed quiet as his father was glaring at him.

"Yes, yes what would you want?" Blackbeard asked sighing.

"I'd like to get my ship back thank you" he said.

"No" Blackbeard interrupted. "You are under our rule."

Jack got distracted as he saw Edward grab Amour inappropriately and she didn't fight him. She just stayed quiet trying to get some sort of composure. Edward frowned realizing that her fire had dimmed thanks to his sister, that bloody tramp ruining his fun. He kissed her cheek, and she simply closed her eyes resigning herself.

"Leave her alone!" Will cried out.

Without warning, Jack was free much to Angelica's surprise and she found herself with a gun against her head. She tensed up, and her breathing was rushed and she closed her eyes fighting off her lust. He smelled so wonderful, he smelled of rum and sea and she felt herself reacting to how she had a decade ago.

"Let go of my daughter!" Blackbeard yelled.

Jack let out a slow grin and chuckled.

"You let my mates go…and we'll see about Angelica" he said. "Not that it seems that she mines"

As he said this he pressed her harder against him and she flushed all the more. Amour didn't dare look, not wanting to start crying. She was mad, very mad but she bit her tongue not wanting to express how hurt she was. She had cried enough tears, she cried when she missed, she cried when she found out he was alive, and she was tired of crying.

"Stop it" Angelica cried out.

"Let them all go" Blackbeard said glaring at his henchman.

Reluctantly they all let go, especially Edward. Will immediately came to her side and Amour clung to him hiding her face against the crook of his neck. He held her tight and looked surprised at how Jack even managed to get free.

Jack dragged Angelica with him as they walked towards the carriage.

"Get in" Jack growled at them.

Elizabeth immediately climbed in as well as Will and Amour and looked on surprised. Jack them immediately pushed Angelica towards Blackbeard, and climbed in the driver's seat and rushed off. The road was bumpy and they were all wondering where the hell Jack was driving to.

"Where is a safe place to go?" Jack yelled out.

Amour knew where they needed to go. She climbed up on the seat and popped her head out the small window towards the driver's area.

"Turn right on Fleet Street, and then we can hide at my townhouse"

Jack raised his brow and nodded listening. Feeling the right turn, Amour leaned against Will and closed her eyes. He ran his fingers through her hair and looked away from Elizabeth who stared at the pair. As the carriage stopped, Will slipped out and helped Amour out. Elizabeth was expecting his aid, but got nothing, and she felt as if she was slapped.

Amour ran towards the townhouse and unlocked the door. Seeing Bernie inside, she ran towards him and gave him an order.

"Drive it as long as possible and away from here, then don't come back, make it disappear. I'll pay you in two weeks, I promise." She begged.

Bernie nodded immediately and rushed off, driving the carriage and ignoring the suspicious looking pirates.

" 'Ello" Jack said smiling.

Bernie looked wide eyed.

"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow at yer services" he grinned.

Bernie immediately looked at Amour incredulously.

"This is your husband Mrs. Sparrow"

Amour shook her head immediately her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. But before she could utter a word, Jack covered her mouth and nodded with a giant grin towards Bernie.

"Yes sir, it's sad to say that I had to don this costume to escape a killing when my merchant ship was attacked."

Amour rolled her eyes knowing that there was no way that Bernie was this idiotic to believe him.

"Such a shame sir, I absolutely understand" Bernie said shaking his head.

'I can't believe it. Either Jack is the best conman in the world, or my employees are idiots. Probably the latter' she thought rolling her eyes.

Jack kissed her cheek and caressed her side trying to calm her down, and taking advantage that they were in front of people and she wouldn't be so violent.

"Well I shall do the errand, excuse me Mr. Sparrow, Mrs. Sparrow" and Bernie was off.

As soon as he was, Amour slapped his hands off of her and pushed him inside.

"Idiot, honestly having a conversation in the streets in your clothing, are you barmy? Especially since it's almost sunrise!"

She locked her home with all the locks, even more than usual frightened that they would be found. She sighed in relief knowing no one was in the house. It was completely dark, nothing surrounding the but darkness.

Suddenly the room got brighter, and she smiled as Will began lighting up the gas lamps. He smiled slightly her way and she began to close the curtains so it could not be seen inside. She then began to help him.

Jack was looking around the house. He realized that she had actually bought this house on her own..right.

"What about Beckett?" he called out. "Got you this house?"

Amour, despite her anger scoffed at his comment.

"Course not. I bought this on my own!" she didn't want to mention the fact that Edward had given her the money to do whatever she wanted in London.

She knew that she was manipulated to the core by the pair, but she was glad they had no idea of her location.

"How'd you buy this then?" Elizabeth asked.

Silence loomed over the building, both surprised that she spoke to her.

"I work" she replied simply.

"She's a teacher" Will said grinning proudly.

Elizabeth looked at her incredulously and Amour shrugged. She was nearly nineteen and she had a steady job working with children. She figured that was as close to a family as she was going to be.

"Cute" was Jack's comment. "First wanting to play pirate, then ends up being a hard earner in the busy city of London"

Amour glared and signaled the trio.

"Come on, I'll take you to your rooms and you can have something to change into for sleep."

They all followed her and noticed how she wasn't yelling or being snarky to them, but rather calm and collected. She had changed they noticed, but what they didn't realize was that she was waiting to be alone.

"Here's one room, you both can share it I suppose" She said as she opened the door.

Both Elizabeth and Jack looked surprised at her comment and shuffled feeling uncomfortable but Amour ignored that, instead enjoying their awkwardness. Will placed a hand for support and she looked at him smirking. He knew that it was bad of her punishing them with nonchalance, but it was still painful.

"We don't- We no longer do that" Elizabeth said flushing. "Right Jack"

Jack nodded not really knowing what to say to save him like before with her.

Amour nodded and kept walking down the hallway. Elizabeth took this opportunity to have some time to herself as she closed the door. She felt tears fall and she slid down to the floor as the guilt overwhelmed her. Why had she been so stupid before to make the mistake. Will and Amour both had seemed to grown closer, perhaps only in a platonic way, but she was no longer his center of the world. She wiped her tears and began to get ready for bed, thanking God for allowing her to see her sister, even if she is mad. And she took off her dirty clothing and wore something cleaner and purer than she'd worn in a while. She took a breath and knew it was her sisters. She put it on and climbed to bed accepting sleep and happily ran away from her problems by dreaming of something happier.

"Do you have another room" Jack simply decided to say.

"Only one free room left" she said and pushed the door open. "You can both share"

Jack and Will looked at one another in disdain, and as she opened the door. The room held two beds and it was simple little decoration, but livable.

"Goodnight" she said and turned left walking towards her own bedroom.

She didn't wait for a goodnight, she just needed some time alone. As she closed the door, she immediately felt the tears beginning to rise to the surface. She covered her mouth as a sob escaped, and hoped no one heard. She bent over and cried silently, cried for so many reasons.

She thought of him night and day. She worried that he was dead, mourned him with tears and tears and when he found he was alive she was relieved. She often times wondered if he thought of her and if he missed her like she missed him. That was not the case, but rather he shagged up her sister the moment he could. She wiped her tears and decided to get ready for bed. She decided to take a shower.

With Jack and Will…

It was awkward. That was stating the obvious. There was absolute silence as they changed into the clothing put into the room. Both had realized that she kept a wardrobe full of men's clothes to fake the fact that she had a husband and that he lived there too. Still it was a wonder how she was that brilliant.

Both were lost in thought, too distracted to argue at one another.

Will was thinking about how beautiful Elizabeth looked. Despite it all, his heart was beating loudly as he saw her staring at him with her big brown eyes. She was gorgeous, and despite the fact she was sullied by Jack, he still wanted her. It just pained him at the thought that his love was traitorous to his mind. He shook his head and decided he'd wait out Jack before trying to talk to Amour about how he felt and wondered if she could help.

Jack was distracted as well, his own mind around Amour. She looked so happy when she saw him. She was passionate and warm and loving and everything he missed about her. He yearned to touch her, making sure that she was alive and well. But when they were captured and that vicious viper Angelica reminded her of his misdeeds she shut off, becoming cold and distant. He knew he had messed up but men were not meant to be monogamous, this is what he told himself to feel better.

Both men climbed into bed both waiting for the other to doze off. After an hour, Will lifted his head and as he saw that Jack was no longer moving, he got up tentatively. As he walked towards the door he looked back to see him still not moving. He opened the door and began to trek towards the room.

Jack immediately sprung into action wondering if he could possibly enter Amour's room without being noticed and try to talk to her. After all he suspected Will was going to Lizzie's room, so why not. But what surprised him most was that he was not going there but rather that darn eunuch was heading towards Amour's room.

He saw him enter and decided to wait and try and listen to what was going on.

In the room…

Will saw that the room was empty. That surprised him more than anything, and he sat down on the bed waiting. Soon the door opened and steam came out of the room. He found himself not being able to talk as he saw her only wrapped in a towel.

She bit back a scream seeing him and she glared throwing her extra towel over his face in anger.

"Honestly are you trying to kill me?"


With Jack..

He heard the door opening and peeped into the keyhole trying to see but it was not lit except for one gas lamp making it a bit dim. What he did hear was the comment made by Amour.

"Really, sorry? That's all you have to say, I was nearly naked you prawn"

He pushed his face against the whole trying to see what was going on. What surprised him was that she was there in nothing but a towel and Will was simply sitting on her bed as if it was nothing, or as if…

'He's seen her nude before' he thought bitterly.

He looked on seeing how this was going to play out.

Inside the room…

Amour rolled her eyes and began to search for her nightdress. Finding it, she slipped it on, and once it was put on correctly she tugged inside to take out her towel masterfully. It was funny, she thought as she put on her bloomers, before she'd be mortified if she was caught in this state, but it being Willaim, and seeing that he saw her in less clothing, it no longer made her uncomfortable.

"So what brought you here?" she asked as she began to brush her wet hair.

Will sighed and laid on her bed. Propriety was long gone between the pair, seeking each other for friendship, seemed to remove the lines for which were not to pass.

"I needed to talk to someone"

His vulnerability was what got to her. She placed her brush on the table and immediately walked to him. He sat up and opened his arms asking to be held. She immediately accepted his request and he pulled her onto his lap and hugged her tight.

His head was on her bosom and his arms around her waist hugging her like a child. She ran her fingers through his hair trying to calm him down.

With Jack…

It disgusted him how domestic they seemed to be. He sought her out for emotional need, and she willingly coddled him, and showed him her nurturing side, something that she never allowed with him. Their touches were intimate, and borderline perverse at how he easily placed his head on her bosom and how she allowed him.

He felt anger rise out of him. What the bloody hell happened before they reunited?

In the room…

"You still love her don't you" she whispered.

It wasn't a question but a statement. And from his sigh she knew it was true.

"As much as she's hurt me, my heart did not even attempt to hide it's glee. She was as beautiful as ever, perfect." He murmured against her chest.

Amour sighed and rubbed his scalp absentmindedly. She was not going to judge him, after all who was she to tell him that love should be long gone after a betrayal when she still longed for Jack, despite his infidelity. God they weren't even together and she felt betrayed.

"Love is stupid, and as much as you hate it it's still there taunting you. It's a bastard I tell you" she murmured as she pressed her cheek on top of his head.

He chuckled a bit and she smiled at his reaction. Seemed she was the only one to bring his mood up.

"I love you" he whispered.

With Jack…

He felt a pang in his chest as he heard this. Had that eunuch not only announce his still lingering love for Lizzie but managed to express his love for her? That little bastard when he got some time alone with him he would kill him. He'd be long dead.

Her response was not something that he expected.

"I love you too William"

He felt rage he wanted to open the door and declare himself hers. He was her owner, he was her man and she was his and she would not do this. As he grabbed the doorknob he failed to hear the next comment.

Inside the room…

"You're my best friend, I'm glad you're with me" Will murmured.

"I feel the same William"

"Well isn't this chummy" a voice commented.

Both froze and turned their head to see Jack there with an angry expression on his face. Will glared in return and held her tighter, noticing how it fueled Jack's anger. He smirked knowing what was going on. He even kissed her cheek trying to misconstrued it even more.

"What do you want Jack" She said ignoring the tension of the room and the compromising position that she and Will were caught in.

"I wanted to talk to you, but I see that you are busy with your first…what would this be? First client? Should I take a number?"

He didn't take it back as pain was evident was in her eyes. Then anger. She got up from Will's grasp and stomped towards him, slapping him square in the face.

"I loathe you" she whispered.

He grabbed her wrist and tugged her closer, both fueled with anger. Will got up and tugged her trying to get her free but Jack was not going to let go.

"Leave us alone whelp!" he hissed.

"No" Will growled.

"Will" Amour said not looking away from Jack's gaze. "Leave us"


"Will please" she said.

Will nodded and squeezed her hand before heading out of the room leaving both of them. He knew this might be a mistake, but he follower her orders as usual.

"What do you want?" Amour asked ignoring their position.

"So you love him" Jack said shaking his head. "Typical, a girl like you would be throwing the word love around"

She glared at him and tugged her hand away with anger. She rubbed her red wrist in pain from his grip.

"Shut up! I least I don't bed everything with a pair of legs!" she bit back.

Jack turned around to face her and glared at her. He began to walk toward her again and she began to take steps back, that is until she was against the wall.

"I might bed women, but that's what men are expected to do. And I have shagged woman after woman, each pair of legs better than others. But you know what, I don't shag everything, after all I didn't shag you. Soil you."

She felt as if he had slapped her with his comment. She glared, ignoring the tears beginning to rise. She was not going to satisfy him, and she said the first thing that came to mind.

"Well no need, someone took care of that!" She cried out. "And they did a fine job at it too!"

She lied. No one had bedded her, she hadn't allowed anyone to be close to her, no one except Will and that kiss was a disaster. Honestly if she could take it back she would, but she needed to reply, to make it sting, to hurt him like he had her.

Jack froze at her comment as it repeated over and over again. He looked at her and in her clothing. Her hair was wet and made certain parts of her nightgown transparent. Had someone touched her before he had? Had someone ran their hands over her naked body, claimed her, marked the territory as their own. Rage began to boil over. Captain Jack Sparrow was no one's fool.

With a growl he pinned her against the wall. She cried out in surprise as he lifted her up and pressed his body against her.

"I'd rather see you dead little girl then to be with another man" he hissed.

She struggled at first fighting him with all her might. But froze as he kissed her neck; she shivered at the feeling as warmth began to appear on every area he touched.

"Did he touch you there?" he growled against her neck.

She couldn't say anything, couldn't fathom a thought. All that mattered was this, he was holding her he was claiming her in his own way. He sucked on her neck slightly, then intensely till she cried out in surprise that is when he pulled back. He licked the spot trying to make it better and she let out a puff of hot air.

"Did he?" He growled.

"No" she murmured out lazily.

"Where did he claim you?" he growled.

One of his hands moved up her body, feeling the curves under the night dress. The dress material had managed to allow him a glimpse of her naked legs. He moved down and ran his hands from her thighs to her calves admiring the soft pale skin. From her breathing it was obvious that no one had touched her, but rather she had lied.

"Did Will ever touch you?" he hissed.

"Yes" she rasped out.

"Where!" he growled.

"Here" she whispered.

He saw that she hadn't moved, but looking back up to her face he noticed her lips had parted. He was determined to take that over claim it as his own. And before either even realized it, he was pressing himself against her and claiming her mouth.

He demanded her to accept his kiss, to accept all the anger and resentment he felt towards her. For her to understand that it was all a misunderstanding and he lov-cared for her deeply. He heard her moan softly as she had done before.

He picked her off the wall easily and pushed her against the bed. She cried out in surprise and tried to fight him as her mind was escaping the fog of his seduction. He was not going down without a fight and he went slower. His kisses were languid, as if they had all the time in the world, but both knew it was not the case. His hands that was gripping her hips tightly moved to her cheek and caressed her softly.

Her skin was softer than he remembered and knew it was because she was out of traveling. Nothing marred her body, it was perfect as if she was a goddess statue come to life. He kissed her softly and pulled back as she took a deep breath of air. He moved up and kissed her eyelids softly as he saw tears were falling. He licked her cheeks lightly as he tasted the saltiness of tears.

"Do you still love me?" he asked.

She didn't respond and he looked at her face to see that she was mulling over the question. Not wanting that he kissed her once more, relishing her sweetness, her virtuousness, her innocence and how he enjoyed corrupting something pure. His hands were in her hair entranced by the softness of her brown hair.

She kissed him back, he felt it, she no longer struggled but fell willingly to his seduction.

"Do you still love me?" he repeated as he pulled away.

Her eyes were closed, cheeks flushed and before he could ask again he heard her response.

"Yes" she whispered.

He grinned despite himself and gave her a peck on the lips. She did love him, not that eunuch, wait…

"Do you love William?" he growled out.

"Yes" she replied again.

He felt anger rise again but she did not seem affected, rather amused. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled softly.

"I love him because he is my best friend."

He didn't understand.

"If you could, would you love him the way you loved me?" he asked.

"Yes" she replied in an instant. "If I could, I'd love him with as much passion as I love you. I'd declare it to him with no shame or fear."

He frowned and ran his fingers down her cheek.


"Because it'd be easier. He'd be loyal he wouldn't-" she felt tears beginning to rise again. "H-he wouldn't betray me"

He felt himself frown even deeper at her comment and leaned down to lick her tears away.

"Why Jack why?" she whispered.

He felt guilt; he hadn't felt that in a while. But when a fragile beauty like the one before him asked him that, he had no choice but to reply.

"It was cathartic luv" he whispered.

He wouldn't tell her he hadn't used "Luv" in a while.


"I wanted ye, yu weren't there, I thought ye died. She was there, she felt the pain, she understood"

She shook her head and looked away from him. He felt her roll over and look away from him and he sighed.

"If you could take it back would you?" she asked.

"Yes" he replied.


He raised his brow confused.

"You forgive me?" He asked.

"Hell no" she replied. "But I will try and understand. Are you and her over?"

"Yes" he replied immediately. "When I found out you were…I couldn't. You were mine she wasn't."


"I wanted you all along you daft girl" he admitted. "I thought you died…she was the closest-"

"Stop" she replied.

He did as she asked and was surprised as she pulled him down for another kiss.

"Mrs. Sparrow huh" he murmured against her lips.

"Don't push it" she growled against his lips earning a smirk from him. "I should have used Turner"

"No" He grumbled back. "I like Sparrow better"

"Oh?" she feigned surprise.

"While I ain't the marrying type, I did offer once" he reminded her.

She closed her eyes and smiled remembering their first kiss.

"Mhm…but then you asked Elizabeth first" she replied.

He groaned and hid his face at the crook of her neck.

"Will ye ever forgive me?"

"In time" she replied honestly. "If I want to…if I try"

"And will you try?"

"I don't know…but" she let out a yawn. "But I need sleep"

He nodded and rolled over giving her space. She lifted her head and looked at him confused.

"Aren't you going to leave?" she asked.

He shook his head and pulled her closer.

"No. You're mine, and I'd rather be with you, hold you to…to believe you ain't dead"

She felt herself flush and nodded. She laid down getting comfortable, and soon he pressed himself against her. She felt somewhat uncomfortable but as he held her she felt warm.

u "I was born with a jealous mind, and you better never let him touch you the way I touch you got it?"

She sighed.

"He's my best friend, he's my kindred spirit" she replied.

"Idiot, that's barmy, I'm your man" he growled.

"Well tell you what, I'll be yours the moment you become my man"

"Done" he replied instantly.

"No…I mean you no longer shagging anything with a nice bosom, nice bum or nice legs" She murmured against the pillow.

"Let's take it a step at a time"


"Agh! Calm down spitfire" he hissed s she hit him in the jewels.

"Get out of my bed" she growled.


"Want me to hit you again?"


As the door closed, she allowed herself to relax. She loved him, she was just as stupid as William, if not stupider. She knew that despite her sister's stupidity she loved Will more than anything. As for her and Jack…he lusted after her, but love was different. She touched her lips softly and blushed at how he took her. He was so rough so passionate it scared her and thrilled her as well.

"I'll make you love me Jack"

She smiled at her own comment and dozed off. Little did she know she was closer than she expected. An hour later, she was too gone to realize a body had climbed into bed with her. He pulled her close to him and smiled, relishing the feeling of her head against his naked chest. This girl was going to be the death of him.