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Note = Japanese Names of the Pokémon characters. (Hikari/Dawn, Shinji/Paul, Satoshi/Ash, Takeshi/Brock, Haruka/May, Kengo/Kenny, Nozomi/Zoey, Nurse Joi/Nurse Joy, Rakki/Chansey)


IkariShipping One-Shot (Original)

It was a very cloudy day, and 14-year-old Hikari was walking through a crowd of people.

Her friends, Satoshi and Takeshi, had left to their hometown. But she hasn't traveled to other regions yet, because there was someone else who was still staying in Shinou.

And that one person always left a blush to her pale cheeks. It was Shinji, the purple-haired boy who always got her angry.

But this time, Hikari had not done that. She has been searching for him in his hometown, but his older brother, Reiji, said he had left. Shinji hadn't left for another region, but just another trip around Shinou. For 2 years, she had searched for him throughout the home region, but it was fruitless. Hikari wondered if she wasn't meant to find him.

However, today had changed that fate. While she was walking through the crowd, sulking, she bumped into someone. "Oh, I'm sorry!" She got up, dusting her off.

"Oh, it's you…"

Hikari's eyes widened. "That voice…" She looked up to verify her guess. She was right! It was Shinji's voice! "Sh-Shinji…"

Shinji's purple eyes looked smug. "Hn, you haven't changed, have you?"

Her brow twitched. "Ugh… I did change, you idiot!" But that statement wasn't even half true. Her clumsiness hasn't disappeared yet; her clothes and hair accessories were longer but same style, but her blue hair was longer and curlier. "What are you doing here, Shinji?"

"It's none of your concern," he replied coldly. With that, he turned his back to her, walking back to where we came from.

Hikari watched him walk away, sadness filling her eyes. Shinji's attitude toward her hasn't changed either. Oh, how she wished that he would treat her better. But that would never happen.

There was no way he would return her feelings either. She had harbored romantic feelings for him, but hasn't expressed them yet. The way he treated now was enough to sadden her. But what happened to her friends had deepened her grief even more.

Satoshi already had someone to love; Haruka loved someone too, and she could always be with him every day; Takeshi, as usual, didn't find anyone yet, but he still loved Pokémon. Kengo, her childhood friend and rival, was with her friend/rival, Nozomi.

She felt happy for them, but inside, she was envious. It was like their happiness with their love left a wound in her heart. No matter how astounding or beautiful it was to her, her heart was sleeping with a fatal wound. Every morning, as she woke up, his image was always the first thought to appear. But her eyes were always filled with doubt when she thought of her love for him.

Hikari felt her feet pattering against the ground. She realized that she was sprinting across the crowd. Why was she running? "I don't need him to return his feelings for me!" she thought. She stopped in her tracks when a water drop slid down her nose. "Huh?"

It was starting to rain lightly and the crowd started to look for hotels to rest in.

But the rain didn't stop her from getting to Shinji. Hikari wanted an answer – the truth – instead of a dream to give her hope and possibilities. "Please, Shinji…!" She kept running, even if her clothes were starting to get soaked.

In her world, it was empty. There was no one there, but her. Even if she did love Shinji, her world was lonely. But why did she cry? Was it from loneliness or was it from emptiness? She slowed down, glancing up at the sky. It was so vast and far beyond solitude, just like how her feelings might not be returned.

Her heart beat painfully and she cringed. Hikari resumed her search for Shinji throughout the crowd.

It was only a few minutes until she found him. He was still walking calmly while the people around him were running for cover. "Sh-Shinji!"

The boy turned around, seeing Hikari again. "You followed me?"

"Please, Shinji, I just… I just want the truth!"

"What truth?"

"I…" Hikari paused, redeeming herself. Her conscious was starting to sway for her heart was still beating painfully. "I love you, Shinji!" Her cheeks became pink. She gulped, staring at Shinji's tranquil purple eyes. "I want your reply…"

Shinji was neutral for a moment, shifting his sweater to his lips with his two fingers. He raised a hand, which was holding a shrunken Poke Ball. "You're still pretty troublesome, huh? Well, I'm busy." With that, he smirked, enlarging his Poke Ball.

Hikari was taken aback, but then became disappointed and sad. She frowned, her eyelids lowering. She knew it. Shinji would never return her feelings. He was more interested in training and strength than the idiotic girl in front of him. It was such a meaningless answer. Hikari was always hoping to herself – telling herself – that Shinji would give a straightforward and direct reply. But now, they became lies. "Are you happy?"

He ignored her question, brushing past her. His expression was only covered with doubt when she saw his face. That only grieved her more.

"Tch, I knew it. You really hate me that much, huh?" Hikari felt like she was on the verge of tears and giving up, her hands clenching into fists. "What's the point…?" She bit her lower lip, her feet frozen to the ground. Her heart was shattered. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, and she tried to hold down a sob.

She whirled around, gritting her teeth. Shinji still wasn't far away. "I don't know you, Shinji… Please, please give me an answer!" A sob escaped her throat. "I want to know if this is reality or an illusion, so I'd know if these feelings are real!" Hikari held her hands together on her chest. "My heart really hurts, Shinji." She started reminiscing about their past, wondering when she fell in love with him.

Shinji stopped in his tracks. He halfway turned himself to her, his hands in his pockets. "You really want my answer that badly?"

"Yes! Even if you accept or reject, I won't mind either way," Hikari reassured. "I just… I just want to remember when I fell in love with you… and if I want you to love me back." She trembled at the thought of Shinji never returning her feelings. For now, it didn't matter. She was lonely, and an acceptation or a rejection would've helped anyways. It would at least fill the void of emptiness that constantly haunted her. "Just… Please, Shinji."

"You're scared, aren't you?" Hikari looked up, and found herself staring straight into Shinji's purple eyes. His finger caressed her cheek gently, wiping the hot tears away. "I thought so… Then, that goes for me too."

"What are you talking about Shinji?" Hikari exclaimed. "What can you possibly be so scared of? It's so obvious that you're more interested in training your Pokémon to be stronger!" She was suddenly pulled into a hug, which definitely shocked her. "Sh-Shinji?"

"What I'm scared about is that I'll hurt you," Shinji replied. "If I accept, all I might do is hurt you."

"You already hurt me, idiot!" Hikari screamed into his chest. "Do you know how much my heart hurts right now?" She trembled more. "Even this stupid embrace is hurting me! Are you trying to reassure me or are you trying to console me then betray me again?" Shinji's embrace tightened, and she felt him quivering. "I just want to know your true feelings about me!"

"I…" Shinji paused, taking a deep breath. "The truth is… I want to return your feelings."

"Liar," Hikari hissed. "Why would you want to return my feelings? All you ever think about his training and strength."

Shinji became frustrated by her stubbornness. "Do you really think I didn't change? Hikari, I already finished the Shinou League. There's no need to train anymore."

"What about Kantou, Jouto, or Houen?" Hikari stung him at Houen. He hasn't competed there yet, and he knew Satoshi already competed in all three regions and won. But it didn't matter. He stayed for three years at Shinou anyways.

"Will this change your mind about me never returning your feelings?" He lowered his head, laying it on top of Hikari's head. "Believe me, Hikari. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have the same thoughts like yours."

Hikari was convinced. She knew Shinji wasn't those playboy types, or someone who would mess with her feelings. "Thank you… Shinji…" Hikari finally sobbed, now crying tears of relief and joy. She didn't need to be lonely anymore, now that Shinji had entered her empty world. He just made everything better inside her. "I really… really… love you, Shinji."

"I love you too, Hikari."

They kept their embrace under the rain, not even caring if they're cold and wet. It was enough to be with each other.


We'll Always Be With Each Other


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