I'm not sure why I wrote this. I don't usually support the YukixHaru pairing, but it's so cute when Haru tugs on Yuki's shirt, so.. yeah... This isn't really meant to be a true romance fic anyway.

Anyway, I don't own Fruits Basket!

YukixHatsuharu(?)- I love you

"Hatsuharu-san, why do you sometimes say 'I love you' to Yuki-kun?" Tohru asked one day as she, Hatsuharu, Kyo, Yuki and Momiji walked to Shigure's house after school.

"Because," Haru said with that dazed look on his face, "I love Yuki." Haru glanced at the rat, who rolled his eyes.

"Haru, please stop saying that. It's creepy," sighed Yuki. Haru tugged on Yuki's shirt.

"But it's true. Want me to prove it?" With that, Haru dashed off somewhere, only to return with flowers. He unceremoniously dumped them in Yuki's hands.

"Kyaaah! What pretty flowers!" gasped Tohru and Momiji in unison.

"I think they're ugly," muttered Kyo.

"Don't be jealous, Kyo. It's just that I want to prove my love to Yuki,"

"I don't want any girly flowers, dammit!"

"Excuse me Haru, I appreciate this, but I don't need flowers," Yuki told the ox.

"I'll prove my love!" Haru said stubbornly, rushing off again. This time he brought back chocolates. Yuki tried to refuse it, but Hatsuharu was very insistent he take it. So Yuki gave the chocolates to Momiji, who gladly took them. The rabbit happily passed the chocolates around so everyone could get some. And by this time, Haru was getting more and more worked up.

"God dammit, Yuki, I love you!" Black Haru roared.

"Calm down, cow," hissed Kyo, but was met with a punch to the stomach. Kyo, who had been unprepared, doubled over, trying to breathe. "I hate it when he goes Black…" the poor cat gasped.

Hatsuharu then scooped up Yuki, threw him over his shoulder, and marched into the bakery that was just down the street. Kyo, Tohru and Momiji just watched in horror as Yuki refused to let Haru buy him anything, which resulted in the display counter being broken, shattered glass everywhere and whipped cream on Yuki's face.

"We'll reimburse you later," growled Haru to the manager. Yuki ran out of the shop with Haru at his heels. The ox tried to drag Yuki to all sorts of places, including another flower shop and a jewelry store. Both shops had at least one broken window or display case shattered by the time Yuki escaped. The now terrified rat ran to the park, where Hatsuharu managed to break a park bench. Everything suddenly came to a halt when


"That hurt…" Haru muttered. He had somehow tripped over the park bench he broke, and reverted back to White Haru.

"Hatsuharu-san! Are you okay?"

"Haru-chan! Yuki-chan! Is everyone fine?"

"Stupid cow.. Damn rat..."

Several comments drifted from Tohru, Momiji and Kyo who were now very concerned (well, maybe not Kyo) for both the rat and ox. Yuki and Haru just lay on the sidewalk in the park, exhausted.

"I hate it when you go Black," groaned Yuki. Hatsuharu just helped him to his feet. After a moment of silence, Haru tugged on Yuki's shirt.

"But I still love you."