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It's been four days since part 1 of Breaking Bella. We're still in California and there is still no trace of her whatsoever. I guess I'm kind of hoping for another video. Not that I want her to be in pain, but we need some sort of clue to find her. I feel broken, not sad or upset just broken. Well I guess it makes since that I'm impaired I'm just a half looking for the other. I don't know how much longer I can do this you know. She's my everything and now I'm lost in this sea of black and I don't know what I can do. I'm angry at everyone, especially myself. It's like the anger adds this red glow it helps to let me see an inch in front of me while I'm stalk in this dark world, but it distorts everything until it looks red and awful. Bella was a bright white light which helped me see the whole world, and she made everything look better and more pure somehow. Not knowing what's happening to her is starting to make me crazy. I have to find her, or at least have some proof that she's out there.

I was taken from my thoughts when I heard Jasper enter the room.


I had just woken up yesterday feeling sore. I was in so much pain that I couldn't open my eyes or talk. Jacob started petting my hair and I wanted to bite him or tell him off or anything to make him get away from me. But, alas I was still sore and I couldn't do anything.

When I woke up today I was in less pain. Don't get me wrong my body still hurt like hell but at least I could open my eyes and mouth. The eyes thing was helpful but the mouth not so much. The second I woke up I realized Jacob had indeed gone shopping. I had an actual ball gag in my mouth. Now, this bothered me. Not that I couldn't talk, I mean that could actually help me from getting into trouble. What bothered me was that these gags are the kind of stuff you get in those kinky sex shops that girls like me have only heard from by girls like Lauren and Jessica. Now, sex that scared me; well not sex more like rape. Don't get me wrong I would happily give my virginity to Edward right here right now. However, being raped by my ex-best friend is something that I'm not big on. I'm especially scared if he's into kinky shit like this. I still had just a sheet around me. This whole always naked thing is starting to get on my nerves. I tried to get my hands around my body to wrap the sheet a little tighter and found that I couldn't. God damn handcuffs. At least I want to say that they're handcuffs but they felt too soft. Not soft more jelly actually like water filled rubber. Hmm another thing you can fund in kinky sex shops. This is when I get more scared. I looked up and saw Jacob fiddling through a bag. I looked down and tried to wriggle so that I could get the sheet more around me. Jacob looked over at me and noticed what I was trying to do. He walked over to me on the bed and ripped the sheet away from my body. I glared at him until he reached into a bag and pulled out clothes. I almost smiled at the idea of actually putting on clothes. That of course was before I saw the "clothes". The outfit he had pulled out was a tight black mini skirt. It was also short. I'm not talking too short for dress code I mean a hooker would call me scantily dressed. The shirt was….. I don't even think it should be called a shirt. It was like tube top that would end just underneath my breasts and then it had the corsage tying in the front. I'm pretty sure this was just a bra that Jacob decided he would call a shirt. I glared at the outfits as he picked me up and placed me in a chair. My hands were put behind the back of the chair still tied. He brought out two more of those jelly handcuffs. I realized what he was going to do so I pressed my ankles together as far as they would go. Did this make a difference to him? The answer is a firm no. He pried my legs apart easily and attached each ankle to a leg of the chair. I was still glaring at him as he brought out more clothes. After seeing all of them I realized that he had bought two miniskirts, a pair of short-shorts, and tight leather pants in terms of bottoms and a corset "top", tube top, leather corset, and a collared shirt that ties right underneath my boobs. My glare intensified as I struggled out of my bonds to scratch him or do anything to that stupid wolf. He came and untied my ankles, I thought I would have a chance to lash out until he pulled out that black miniskirt and started pulling it out my legs. I was going to kick his ass. My arms were still tied so he wrapped the corset tube top around me and then laced it up the front. If he tightened it anymore the tops of my breasts would be touching my chin. I struggle again so being the nice wolf he is he undid the ball gag and let it drop to the floor. I tried to bite him because his finger was still near my mouth but he evaded that one with a simple pull back of his hand.

"Bells baby I know you love me" he said while lightly tracing my cheek with his hand

"I love Edward." I said while pushing my face as far away from his hand as I could

His face twisted up in pain and then in a flash he was off. He flipped the mattress over the metal framed bed until it hit the end of the room. He then picked up the metal bed frame and laid it against the wall with the legs facing us. He hoisted me up in the air and pushed my left wrist against the top bed leg. The leg was then bent to go over my wrist. The same thing happened until I was spread eagle while against the wall surrounded by metal.

He went over to the desk and pulled out that damn video camera. I saw the red light and then he walked over to the side table. He ripped the lamp off its wire and threw the lamp to the side. Was he trying to scare me?

He walked up to me with the wire still in hand.

"Who do you love Bells?" Jacob asked rather menacingly

"Edward" I said just as confidently as the first time

He let the wire touch my skin and I felt my body shake as the electricity went through my system. This was torture. I wanted to scream more than ever, but I couldn't let Jacob see that I was in pain. By the time he took away the wire I was panting and shaking. He looked at me with a cocky smile as he held the wire an inch from my stomach.

"Who do you love Bella?" He asked again slightly angrier

"Edward Cullen" I said while still trying to catch my breath. I felt the electric current run through my body again and I felt like dying. I wanted the pain to stop, but I had to live for Edward. What seemed like an hour later he pulled away and tried again.

"Who do you love Bella?" Jacob asked again

"Alice" Shock

"Who do you love Bella?"

"Emmett" Shock

"Who do you love Bella?"

"Jasper" Shock

"Who do you love Bella?" When was he going to realize that I wasn't about to break?

"Rosalie" Shock

"Who do you love Bella?"

"Esme" Shock

"Who do you love Bella?"

"Carlisle" Shock

I was panting and shaking but I hadn't screamed yet. I had red welts from the electricity on my stomach and arms.

"Who do you love?" He nearly roared out

"When are you going to realize that I love Edward?" I choked out feeling completely drained

"No you don't"

"You are so mental you'll never have me." I choked out

I felt him touch the inside of my thigh and I tried to bring my legs out but they were already being pulled by the leg of the bed.

"Wanna bet?" He asked before thrusting two fingers into me. I let out a high pitched scream before blackness over took me.


I wanted to kill something. I wanted to kill anything I could get my hands on, hell I wanted to kill myself. I saw him shock her again before asking who she loved. She said Esme and her body convulsed again as the shock went through her. Jasper had come to see me saying they had another video. I wanted to cry as I saw her attached to the bed. And those clothes, any other day those clothes would've had my full attention but now what distracted me more were the bruises and cut that littered her ivory skin.

I looked back to see the dog asking her once again who she loved. Despite the situation my heart still warmed when she said that she loved me.

"No you don't" Jacob said on the screen

I saw her shaking form yell, "You are so mental you'll never have me."

I saw his hand creep up the inside of her thigh and I crouched ready to kill him. She seemed to come to the same conclusion I had because she started shaking her leg violently trying to make it move. She had been so strong. She never cried or screamed. Suddenly, he thrusted his hand up her skirt and she let out a deafening scream before her eyes closed and her body went limp. But, that didn't stop Jacob, he kept moving his hand in and out and I wanted to kill him more than ever have in my entire life.

Jacob turned towards the camera "Looks like that finally got her to scream." He said like he was proud of his new achievement.

"Don't worry a few more sessions like that" he said while holding up his two dry fingers "and she'll start behaving."

I almost laughed. He didn't know Bella at all. When she puts her mind to something she doesn't give up. She doesn't care about the pain as long as her point gets across.

"Well, I think I'm going to finish what I started but until then…" He moved from his spot next to Bella and moved for the camera. When he left his spot I saw the curtained window. Only the wind had blown through dividing the curtains for a split-second and that is when I saw it…..the golden-gate bridge. She's in San Francisco.

"Later" and with that Jacob turned off the camera

But, that didn't matter because I know the city that she's in. It could take weeks, but we could find her.