Author's note-So basically I need a huge stress reliever and I ran across an article that consisted of 10 things you should never say to a woman. I thought, 'hey, I can do a mini-series on this and what better couple to use?' And so this isn't meant to be serious or even funny, but I guess that's your guys' decision on how you want to view this series. I'll be updating whenever I want/can. This is not my first priority as it is simply a stress reliever. Tell me what you think in a review, even if you're going to tell me that I'm crazy for starting this, but I always like feedback. Thanks.

1. What did you do to your hair?

Troy Bolton liked to think that he was a simple man. He didn't need fancy clothes. He didn't need the huge mansion that everyone on TV seemed to own. And he didn't need to go out and party every night so that when he woke up the next morning he couldn't remember anything.

Yes, he would like to look decent when in public.

Yes, he wanted to feel proud of the studio he lived in.

And yes, he liked to go out at least once a week and have a couple of beers with his friends.

But all together, he was a simple man who had a loving girlfriend of nearly two years. They had met while running into each other at the gym. He was leaving and she was coming. Troy had taken one look at Gabriella Montez, said 'sorry' and was instantly hooked. Instead of hailing for a taxi he turned around instantly and went back into the gym as if he had never left.

It turned out that they had a lot in common—something that Troy learned as he followed her around the gym and heard her talking to her blonde friend—later on he learned that the blonde's name was Sharpay.

He had learned that she was the same age as him which used to be the prime age of twenty-four. They lived in the same neighborhood. And apparently they both worked out at the same gym now.

The start of their relationship had all fallen into place as Sharpay so rudely pointed out that she and Gabriella were being 'stalked' at the gym. Sharpay was always one for being blunt and making a scene. She was about to call for security when Gabriella had stopped her and silently gone over to Troy on the treadmill.

It had only taken five minutes before Troy left the gym with a number and a promise to call the brunette beauty later that night.

And as the cliché saying goes…the rest was just history.

Troy lazily plopped down onto the couch with a bag of chips resting on his chest. He was just in the middle of watching one of the most important basketball games when a feminine grunt was heard. He dismissed it casually as he figured the lady next door to him was home and was getting ready to screw the latest man whore she brought back with her.

It wasn't until he heard his name that he put the volume to the game down.


He turned his head, but settled himself back down on the couch. It was Gabriella, he knew her voice anywhere, and he also knew that she had her own key which she brought everywhere.

"Yeah?" He called back as his eyes trailed over the score of the game.

"Troy…you have to let me in. I have your food!" She called with a forced cheeriness. That was never good if he could detect her forced happiness. That usually meant that someone messed up at the paper she worked at, and if not, then that also meant he did something that upset her, and that was never good.

Just as he unlocked the door and opened it for her she already had all of her grocery bags on the ground, and the key near the lock.

"Hey," he said smoothly, bending over to pick up the dropped bags. He went in to kiss her on the lips, but instead he came into contact with her smooth cheek. He narrowed his eyes in confusion, but instead of answering his silent question, she pushed right passed him with the other bags and walked over to his kitchen counter that outlined one of his walls.

He followed her slowly, quickly glancing inside the bags to make sure that she bought the food that he liked as well as the food she wanted him to eat. "Thanks again for doing this. You know you don't have to, right?"

Gabriella nodded her head while she started unpacking the food. "I know, but it's always a pleasure to make sure that you're not feeding yourself just chips, frozen pizza, and beer."

"You also forgot peanut butter and jelly sandwiches." He came up from behind her and quickly put his hands around her. She stopped walking and shut her eyes as she felt him nuzzle his face in the crook of her neck. "Mmm, is this a new perfume? I like it baby."

Gabriella smiled softly as her hands reached down to lace their fingers together. "It's something like that."

Troy pressed a kiss to her exposed skin, and then another, and then one last kiss before resting his chin on her shoulder. "How was work today?"

They were swaying softly in their position, both content on just being with one another. "Stressful, but when is it ever smooth sailing?"

One of Troy's hands untangled itself from Gabriella's and moved up gently, slowly tracing the curve of her right breast through the gray material of her cotton knee length dress. "I'm sorry baby. I can make it up to you tonight though."

Gabriella giggled as Troy twirled her around. Although they had been dating for two years, they had both admitted their love for one another, and Gabriella basically spent more time at his place than her own, they still have not become engaged. It's not that Troy didn't want to, but he was just waiting for the right time to ask Gabriella. Fortunately, he had a feeling that the right time was coming up soon.

When he fully looked at her face he instantly stopped moving. This was the first time that he actually took a good look at her, and he knew instantly that something was different. It was as if his brain was not communicating with his mouth as the next seven words tumbled off his lips without a muffler.

"What did you do to your hair?"

Gabriella's smile fell from her face instantly. She tentatively reached up to touch the newly cut bangs that swept across her forehead—giving her an older look. Troy had seen her with her hair short, long, curly, and straight, but he had never seen her with bangs and he had to admit, it gave her a different look.

"You don't like it." She stated more than questioned. Her whole body stopped touching Troy's and he knew that he made a mistake as his eyes widened, and his brain worked in overtime to try to fix the damage he started.

"No!" He said too quickly. He put his arms on her shoulders and crouched down a little so that he was eye level with her. "Of course I like it. It's just different."

Troy knew Gabriella felt hurt when he asked his question, but now he was just digging his own grave as he continued on rambling.

"Different?" She asked with slight offense. "Like a good different or bad different?"

She shrugged out of his hands and so he was just left in an awkward position.

"A good difference," his fast reply came. "Definitely a good different as is looks so sexy baby."

"So I wasn't sexy before?" She hissed. "Was I ever sexy to you then?"

"Of course you were. The bangs are just…did I say good different? I meant bad different because…" It was then Troy realized that no matter what he said it was a lose-lose situation. He could say that the bangs were a good different and then Gabriella could then question him on what he thought of her before the new haircut, or he could say that they were a bad different and then she could quite possibly take even more offense to him and threaten to not talk to him until her bangs grew out again.

"Well?" Gabriella waited with her hip cocked to the side, her hand resting on that said hip, and one of her eye brows quirked. She tapped her black leather boot on the hardwood floor while looking at Troy expectedly. "Which is it?" Good or bad?"

Troy shut his eyes as he pleaded with God to somehow get him out of this mess. "Baby, I really didn't mean to start this fight."

"Fight? We're fighting now?" She was getting worked up and Troy knew it. She must have been in a really weird mood before she came to him, or else she would have never acted this irrationally, although he would never tell her that she was being childish about this. He knew that girls liked to take everything about appearance seriously.

"I love your bangs. I was just thrown off guard when I saw them considering I forgot that you were getting your hair done today." Troy looked into her eyes, hoping that she could see his honesty, and he was sure that his words were enough to get him out of this hole, however, he saw the change in her eyes and he knew that he lost this mini battle.

"I don't believe you Troy," Gabriella finally stated while walking away. Troy saw her go for her purse which she must have brought in with her because he knew that he didn't carry it in. "Your first observation was enough to tell me that you obviously hate what I paid someone to do, and by the way, I spent good money on my hair today. It wouldn't kill you to appreciate it for a moment!"

Troy was ready to rip out his own hair if he had to keep reassuring her that her bangs looked perfect. "Ella, baby—"

"Don't 'baby' me Troy Bolton. You can only say that pet name so many times in one night before it starts wearing off."

"Where are you going?" He asked as she marched towards the door, and although he hated himself for it, he couldn't help but let his eyes focus on her hot ass swaying from side to side in her cotton dress. The fabric of her dress had felt so good beneath his fingertips and all he wanted to do was take it off of her, knowing that the dress would look and feel much better if it was on the ground around their feet instead of on his girlfriend.

"I'm going where I'm appreciated!" She snapped.

Troy followed her to the door. "Don't forget your key El. We both know that you're going to be back tonight, and this time, I might not feel like opening the door for you."

Gabriella scoffed at him while pushing passed him to leave his apartment. She didn't bother taking the key from Troy's waiting hand, and it was in his best interest at the time to leave it under the 'welcome' mat he had at the outside of his door, but he didn't. He wasn't the only one who messed up, and so she would have to do some of her own apologizing if she wanted him to fix their mini fight.

It was storming out and Troy couldn't help but worry about his Ella. He knew that she hated thunderstorms, and that she was probably scared, but…no. He would not call. He had to be strong about his decision. If he backed out from his plan of secretly making Gabriella want him then that entailed him not calling her. She could come to him on her own.

He was just about to fall asleep after reading in bed for an hour, drinking three cups of warm milk, and counting one thousand sheep that he heard a knock on his door. He glanced at the time and saw that the clock declared it being two-thirty in the morning. He quietly rolled out of bed, relief instantly rushing through his body as he knew who was knocking.

Troy didn't bother to throw on any other clothes that were thrown around his room, but instead answered the door in just his red plaid boxers. He tried his best to put on an irritated face—because that was the plan—but he couldn't help but look sorry when Gabriella rushed into his waiting arms, hugging him close for comfort.

Her clothes were soaked, and the thin white sweater did nothing but cling to his girl. She had goose bumps coating her skin, and the only thing Troy could think of doing was stripping her out her clothes so that he could warm her instantly with his own clothes, that she loved to sleep in, and body heat.

"Geez Ella," He cooed as he led her to his bedroom. He quickly grabbed a black t-shirt and set that on the bed next to her. She was shaking slightly, her lips trembling from the rough winds outside the building. "How are you so soaked?"

"The storm is really bad out there. It wasn't that bad when I got into the taxi, but then when we started driving towards my apartment it started getting worse and I panicked, and I ended up here." She spoke quickly and when she was done she glanced up at Troy as if asking for his permission to enter his home—although he would never turn her away and she knew it.

"You're this wet from walking to and from the taxi and then to my apartment?" He peeled away her sweater, not even having to ask if he had consent to unclothe her as they had seen each other so intimately before that it become natural to undress each other when they were alone.

"Believe me, I didn't walk. I ran but the sidewalks are slippery and these boots don't really let me run quick."

They worked together to unzip the dress from Gabriella's body, and she quickly rid of her leather boots that did nothing but kill her feet and make her look taller than what she really was. And soon she was wearing one of Troy's t-shirts that looked more like a dress on her than a pajama shirt, and was lying underneath Troy's covers with his arms around her body.

Their faces were looking at each other and at the same time they both said, "I'm sorry."

"I just—" Troy started.

"I know I—" Gabriella stopped.

They both chuckled while turning silent.

"Let me go first, please?" Troy asked. Gabriella's fingers gently made unknown shapes on his chest while she waited for him to continue. "I know I made a mistake when asking you what you did with your hair, but I really was just surprised, and I know that's a lame excuse and I should have remembered your appointment, but I have to let you in on a secret."

He took a deep breath before continuing. "I always love your hair. I love it when it's short because I can run my fingers through it. I love it when it's long because then on the mornings after we make love it always has snarls in it, and I know that I'm the one who put them there. I also love when you straighten your hair because you say you only do that to treat yourself every once in a while because it takes so long to do, and when you do take your time to do that, I know that you enjoy it and that makes me happy. And then I also love your bangs now because although you've only had them for a day, we have already fought over them, and I know the makeup sex will be awesome because…you're awesome Ella. I'm crazy for you and your hair and everything that makes you the person you are now."

When Troy looked down at Gabriella once more he noticed that she was looking down at his chest instead of at his face. He was about to question her but then he heard her sniffle.

"Hey, don't cry. I didn't mean to make you cry."

She looked up and gave him a watery smile. "God, I'm such a bitch sometimes."

"You weren't—"

"Troy," Gabriella said, "I was. Please don't deny it. I should have never freaked out on you about my hair. I was just stressed about work and how the layout of the paper wasn't working out today, and," she took a deep breath realizing she was making up an excuse on why she freaked out on him, and so she stopped herself and stroked his cheek, "and, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken out my stress about work on you."

He kissed her. He didn't need an apology from her, he decided. Instead, he just needed to be close to her.

He laid partly on top of her as his hand gripped her backside. "Ella, I'm promising you right now that I'm probably going to mess up a lot with my words, but you have to know that I will never hurt you purposefully."

Troy kissed her once more, and pulled away when he was sure that they both were breathing heavily.

"What are you doing Troy?" Gabriella asked, moving his hair out of his face.

"Whenever I come home from work and I'm stressed out, you always offer to give me a massage, and so now I'm offering to give you a full body massage for free."

Gabriella giggled as his hands crept up higher on her body.

"I like the sound of that."