7. You're being emotional. (Is it that time of the month?)

Troy loved the mornings when he could just lounge around in bed after a long night of having wild, hot sex with his sexy girlfriend. He liked the fact that he didn't have to worry about business meetings or getting to work on time. He no longer needed to think about calling for a taxi or getting his driver to drive him. Troy didn't need to drink two cups of coffee to keep himself awake, and he most definitely didn't have to get up to shave off the slight stubble collecting on his face.

In fact, he loved the lazy mornings more and more as he thought about it. The only thing that he didn't like about that particular morning was that when he woke up, he was alone in bed. He nearly felt like a one night stand as he went to reach out for Gabriella's bare torso to tease her a little bit, but instead, he was met with cold sheets…which meant Gabriella had been up and out of bed for a long time.

He glanced at the clock and noticed that it wasn't even morning yet. It was only four-thirty in the morning. The blinds in their room didn't even have to be pulled down considering outside was still pitch dark—except for the city lights still being on all the time.

Troy slowly grabbed his boxers from the floor before sliding them on. He tried to be as quiet as possible while walking through his room to reach his wide open living room. He wasn't quite sure why he was being so careful, figuring that it was probably because it was so early and he didn't want to startle Gabriella just in case she wasn't expecting him.

However, once he reached his living room he noticed that the sliding glass doors to his small balcony were open and the cool nighttime air was rushing inside the apartment. He scurried over to the door, but stopped once he hit the doorway. He took in the way Gabriella's back was facing him, the thin bed sheet wrapped tightly around her torso and fanning out around her legs. Gabriella's hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail; even though Troy was sure he took her hair out of the confines of the same rubber band hours before.

Troy crept up behind Gabriella, slowly wrapping his arms around her. He inhaled her scent, making sure her body formed to his bare chest. Troy rested his chin on her shoulder, looking at the city that was always busy.

"You're lucky that we're high up here so that no one can see us," Troy whispered playfully. He pressed a kiss to the side of her neck, nuzzling his nose against her soft skin. "You have a pretty big mark here." He tapped his nose against her purple bruise that formed because of his mouth.

Gabriella embraced Troy while keeping her eyes trained on the lights below.

"What are you doing up? It's early," she stated softly. Troy waited for Gabriella to turn in his arms, finally tearing her eyes away from the mixture of lights and darkness so that she could look into his baby blue eyes. Her small hand reached up and pushed his bangs out of his face.

"It's not early. It's late into the night. We should both be in bed, El," he said in a whisper. This moment on their balcony was too precious to ruin with normal tones of voice.

"I couldn't sleep, and so I thought I would surprise you and make your favorite cookies, and then halfway through making them, I started to get tired." Gabriella let her body fall into Troy's, having no problem letting him support her weight.

"That's okay. It's too early to make cookies anyways," Troy soothed, his hand rubbing up and down her bare back. The cloth surrounding her body was slipping due to Gabriella's hands now circulating around his waist.

"Oh, I finished the cookies. I'm just waiting for them to be done in the oven. That's why I came outside. I was hoping the cold air would keep me up, and it was."

"It was?" Troy asked skeptically. "Because right now your eyes are drooping shut and your words are starting to slur a little babe."

"It was but then you came out here and your nice, warm body is making me drowsy." Gabriella yawned like a small child. "I'm sorry for waking you."

Troy chuckled lightly. "You didn't wake me by making noise. It was when I turned over to have my way with you again that I noticed you weren't in bed. I seriously thought it was the morning time."

Before Gabriella could say anything, a beeping sound went off, indicating that the cookies were done. Gabriella went to enter the apartment, but Troy stopped her.

"Ella, go to bed and let me take care of the food. You're really tired and you'll need your energy come morning."

Gabriella didn't even have enough power to comment on Troy's suggestive tone about the coming morning.

"Thank you," she mumbled into his chest, her lips ghosting over his hardened pectoral in what was supposed to be a kiss goodnight.

Troy guided Gabriella into the warm room, turning her so that she would walk in the direction of their room. No matter how tired Gabriella was, Troy couldn't resist when she turned away from him to tap her lightly on her ass in a playful way.

She grumbled something in response, leaving Troy with a wide smile on his face; however, it was the smell of burning that made him rush to the oven to retrieve the blackened chocolate chip cookies.

Troy smiled victoriously as he took in the frame of his girlfriend's body. The shower was running and the mirror and glass of the shower was steamy. He couldn't see the details of her skin, like the freckle or small scar on her shoulder, but he could see the curve of her hips and the outline of her plump breasts.

He carefully opened the shower door and stepped in from behind. It had only taken a moment before Gabriella turned around with a small gasp of surprise.

She hit his chest like an overdramatic teenager. "Troy!" She exclaimed, "You shouldn't sneak up on me like that—especially since I'm in the shower."

Troy smirked at how easily Gabriella scared. "Who else would come into the shower with you? It was obviously me," Troy stated cockily before a genuine smile overcame his face at seeing Gabriella's narrowed eyes. "I'm sorry baby. Forgive me?"

"How can I say 'no' to such a handsome man?" Gabriella replied sweetly, batting her eye lashes, but before she could do anything else, Troy's fingers were on her lower hips, bringing their most intimate organs together.

Their lips connected in a sweet gesture, but what was supposed to be sweet and short turned into something passionate and long. Troy wanted to milk the moment for all he had since he knew that days like that weren't often. It was Sunday and neither of them had plans, and so he knew what was on his mind, and he wanted Gabriella to know also.

"I have to get out," Gabriella panted once Troy released her bruised lips. Troy smirked as even though he heard Gabriella correctly, she didn't release the hold she had on his lower back. "I have an interview in two hours."

"We can do this quick," Troy said breathlessly. He brought his lips closer to shoulder blade, massaging her tense muscles with his mouth. "You look so hot baby."

Gabriella shut her eyes, giving into Troy right away once she felt his mouth sucking her tender skin until it turned color.

Before Troy continued, however, he finally registered what Gabriella had said. He pulled back and looked down at her and her cheeks that were quickly turning red from being flustered. "It's Sunday. Since when do you have to conduct an interview on the weekend?"

"This is the only time I could met him. Tyler's really busy getting ready for his trip in three months. He has other interviews after me, and then some press conferences. I'm just lucky that he promised to meet with me before someone else got to him. I guess that's a perk of being an ex-girlfriend."

Gabriella meant nothing by the comment, but Troy pulled even further away from her. He racked his brain for who this 'Tyler' could be, and then it dawned upon him. This was the same guy who had ran into his girlfriend a while ago at some café.

"Tyler Cannon? You're interviewing Tyler Cannon over dinner? That's practically a date," Troy exclaimed.

Gabriella furrowed her eye brows, blindly reaching behind herself to turn off the shower's water. "No, it's not a date. It's a business interview. Our paper is going to have his story before everyone else. He's doing something really amazing."

Troy watched as Gabriella stepped out of the shower, picking up the red towel that was hanging on the back of the door to wrap around herself. Troy followed suit, but instead of wrapping his whole body, he wrapped his white towel around his slim waist.

"And what's so amazing about him?" Troy asked with a bitter tone.

Gabriella rolled her eyes while walking into their bedroom. "He's traveling the world. He's been planning this trip since he was seventeen years old and now he's actually doing it."

"That's all?" Troy rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his hard chest. He sat down on the edge of the bed as Gabriella carefully grabbed a pair of black lace panties with a matching bra to put on. She slowly put her delicates on underneath the towel so Troy couldn't see. "What's so special about that?"

Gabriella smiled softly, coming to stand in front of Troy, making him open his legs wider so that she could stand in between them. "He's traveling to over twenty different counties, by himself, without a tour guide. Tyler won't know anyone, but yet he'll be experiencing some amazing moments with other nations. Also, Ty has an awesome story because technically he isn't supposed to be able to walk right now."

Troy arched an eye brow. "What the hell does that mean?"

"It means that he was in a bad car accident when he was fourteen years old, and he had some damage done to his legs. The doctors said that it would be a miracle if he could walk someday, but he managed to prove everyone wrong when he turned sixteen and he took his first step again. So, Tyler is being kind by letting me write my article before he does anymore interviews."

Troy huffed. He didn't like the sound of that. Troy trusted Gabriella, he really did, but he didn't trust Tyler anymore. He thought it was a coincidence that Tyler and Gabriella ran into each other weeks ago, but now that Gabriella was writing an article about this guy? Troy didn't believe in coincidences anymore.

"Where are you going tonight with him?" Troy asked nicely, a plan already developing in his mind.

Gabriella didn't seem to notice Troy's underlying tone as she answered him easily. "We're going to your grandfather's restaurant."

"The one I took you to on our first date? Our favorite restaurant?" Troy couldn't believe that Gabriella was taking Tyler to their restaurant. It was their favorite food spot and it had a sentimental value in both of their lives. "You better not be eating in the private room."

"Of course not," Gabriella agreed easily. She knew how to calm Troy down. All she had to do was agree with him. "We're going to be out in the open for everyone to see and hear. And if everything goes okay, I'll be home within three hours and you and I can have dessert together. Maybe a little whip cream and chocolate syrup. We can have your favorite treat."

Troy smirked, letting his hands spread out on the bare of her back. "A Gabriella Montez sundae?"

"Of course."

"I feel gay right now," Chad complained in a harsh whisper.

Troy narrowed his eyes as he tried to see across the restaurant. "Shut up man."

"I'm serious," Chad continued as he set his menu down and followed Troy's direction of the eyes. "I feel gay and stalkerish."

"We are not stalkers. We are merely making sure that Tyler Cannon keeps his hands to himself for the night," Troy explained as if it were natural to be spying on his girlfriend while she conducted an interview for her job.

"We look like we're a fucking couple since there are candles surrounding us," Chad motioned to the mandatory candles lit up at their table. "And you look like a pervert who can't keep his eyes off of Gabriella."

"First, there has to be candles since this is a place where you would take a date…not a person you're interviewing," Troy snapped as he watched Tyler order another bottle of wine.

"Also, you don't bring your best friend here either," Chad added before Troy continued.

"And secondly, since I'm her boyfriend, I have the right to watch her…he's putting his hand on top of her own!" Troy frantically straightened up in his seat, watching as Gabriella and Tyler seemed to be laughing about something.

"He's not touching her. His hand is next to hers on the table, and there's at least a good three inches of space. Honestly Bolton, put your glasses on," Chad requested, glancing down at the menu before him, knowing he was planning on ordering the most expensive thing since Troy dragged him to the restaurant in the first place.

"He's standing up," Troy replayed out loud, "And he's—"

"He's probably going to the bathroom, and—where are you going?" Chad asked as if Troy were crazy.

"I'm going over there." There was determination in Troy's tone as he had enough of watching Gabriella with Tyler. He usually wasn't that jealous of other people, and he didn't want to be the crazy possessive boyfriend, but Gabriella and him were serious, and it was time to tell Tyler Cannon.

"I've read all of your work Gabs. I'm sure that this—may I help you?" Tyler directed towards Troy as he stood behind Gabriella.

Gabriella whipped her head around, her curls flying all over the place. "Troy?" She questioned with surprise.

"Hey Ella." Troy stuck out his hand for the standing Tyler to shake. "Hey, I'm Troy Bolton, Gabriella's boyfriend. My family also owns this restaurant."

"Oh yeah, Gabs said something like that before. I'm Tyler." Both men shook hands, but Troy wasn't convinced by Tyler's 'nice' boy act.

"What the hell are you doing?" Gabriella hissed; standing up and gripping his arm. It was fairly obvious that Gabriella wanted Troy to let go of Tyler's hand, and so he did with pleasure. She turned to face Tyler, an embarrassed smile coating her face. "I'm so sorry about this."

"I was just in the neighborhood with Chad," Troy motioned behind himself, and saw that when all three of them looked over, his bushy haired friend waved meekly, "and I just decided to come over to say hi."

"Well, you've said it, and now you can leave," Gabriella insisted.

"Nonsense. You two haven't had dessert," Troy spoke smoothly, smirking at Tyler who raised an eye brow at his tactics. "Have a seat and let's call over your waiter. This dinner is my gift to you for accomplishing a new adventure."

Tyler looked between Troy and Gabriella, having a decision to make. He could either leave like Gabriella wanted him to do, or he could stay and play Troy's game that he was secretly challenging him too.

"I guess," he spoke awkwardly; making Troy smirk even more.

"Ty, we can go. You said you had other plans—"

"No way. We haven't seen each other for a while, and it'll be good to catch up outside of business." Tyler looked at Troy with a serious edge in his eye. "And really man, this was just business."

Troy chuckled good heartedly. He knew he was being a jackass, but he had the green eyed monster in his veins, and it was hard to deny the monster the pleasure of marking his territory.

"I cannot believe you," Gabriella hissed as she walked next to Troy down the street towards their apartment. "I cannot fucking believe you!"

Troy scratched the back of his neck, knowing he should apologize, but his pride wouldn't let him. "What do you want me to say Ella? He's your ex-boyfriend, so forgive me for being just a little upset that you basically went out on a date with him."

"It was for an interview! How many times do I have to keep saying that?" Gabriella exclaimed, stopping in her tracks, making Troy stop also. Troy watched as she shook her head with disappointment. "Tyler is doing something with his life and you basically mocked him. You made fun of the fact that he's exploring new things and I happen to be proud of him, but then you come along and tear him down! That's not right Troy!"

"You're being emotional. Is it that time of the month?" Troy whispered the last question, wincing as he watched Gabriella stomp her foot in frustration.

"Fuck you," Gabriella seethed. She turned around and started to walk in the opposite direction of their home.

Troy's eyes went wide as he finally realized just how bad their situation was. He jogged to catch up to her, taking two big steps so that he was in front of her.

"Get out of my way Troy," Gabriella warned.

"Look, I'm sorry," Troy said quickly.

Gabriella scowled at his attempt to fix things. "Move Troy, move before I regret something I say. Some of us actually have a filter between our minds and mouths."

Troy let Gabriella push past him, watching her walk down the dark street…alone.

"Don't look at me like that."

"Seriously, Cannon was practically fucking her with his eyes."

"She's your mother, and the only way to keep her safe was to spy on her."

"I just wish she would call. Really, don't look at me like that. I know I messed up TJ, but now I'm more concerned about her safety rather than apologizing," Troy admitted to the dog that was lying at the foot of his bed.

Troy Junior's head picked up all of a sudden, and hope swelled in Troy's heart. He stood up, taking off his glasses only to set them down on the bedside table. Troy slowly made his way down the hallway, hearing the front door opening and then closing.

"Ella?" He called out.

When he entered the living room he felt relief enter his body as he took in the small woman on the ground, making a makeshift bed out of blankets and pillows.

If it were any other time then Troy would laugh. "Baby, what are you doing?"

Gabriella looked up. "I'm not sleeping in the same bed as you. Remember? I'm too emotional, and so I'll sleep on the ground tonight."

"That's ridiculous," Troy stated, but then stopped talking once Gabriella shot him a stern look. He watched her for a minute more as she laid out even more blankets. It was October and the weather was starting to turn crisp with coldness, and so Gabriella's small body didn't hold as much heat as it did in the summer time. "Here, let me help you."

Troy knelt down on the ground and started to spread out the rest of the blankets. He looked around the living room and spotted another pillow on the couch. He quickly grabbed it and put it down on the ground next to Gabriella's pillow.

"Thanks," Gabriella said with a gruff voice. "…I guess."

He watched as she settled down in the nest of quilts and comforters, her dark red dress fitting to her body like a second skin. She had her back turned towards him, and so Troy made his move. He slowly maneuvered his body and gently laid down, plopping his head down on the pillow he grabbed a minute before.

Troy was silent, ready to speak when Gabriella turned around all of a sudden, her body twisting so that she could be facing Troy on her side.

"What are you doing?"

"I am lying down next to my gorgeous girlfriend. What are you doing?" Troy asked sweetly.

"I'm mad at you, and Troy, you can't just think that everything is okay between us. There is a reason behind me sleeping on the ground and it's because I didn't want to be near you tonight."

"I'm sorry." Troy slowly reached his hand out so that it was resting on her side. "I don't know what came over me tonight. I didn't think I would get so jealous—especially since we talked about him a couple of weeks ago."

"I told you that this was just a business meeting," Gabriella insisted, but Troy couldn't help but notice how much softer her tone became. "I've never given you a reason to doubt me, and so I don't know why this night was any different."

Troy sighed while pinching the bridge of his nose with his free hand. "It's because Tyler was an important person in your life. And no matter if you want to hear my thoughts or not, I truly believe his motives aren't so innocent."

"He has a girlfriend. Her name's Cindy and they have been dating for two years. They're getting really serious right now and he's thinking about proposing to her," Gabriella stated fact after fact.

Troy didn't know any of this, but he was almost positive that even if he did know these things beforehand, he still would have spied on Gabriella. "I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean to not trust you because I do. I trust you with everything I have, but…I just got…"

"Just got?" Gabriella prompted, making Troy feel like a complete pansy.

"I just got scared. It doesn't matter if Tyler is dating anyone. People can change their minds in a blink of an eye, and I couldn't help but wonder if maybe you ever wanted him back?"

Gabriella's hand enclosed around Troy's. She turned her body even more so that her body was as close as possible. "There is no need for you to be scared. I have no doubt in my mind that we will make this work. I'm in it for the long haul and I hope that you are too."

"I am," he assured her right away, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. "I most definitely am."

"Good," Gabriella smiled. "And I can promise you that I won't be seeing Tyler for a very long time. I don't want anyone to come in between us."

Troy brought Gabriella's hand up to his mouth, lightly kissing her knuckles. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have spied on you."

"No, you shouldn't have, but I forgive you anyways. In a way, your whole over protectiveness attitude is kinda sexy."

Troy smirked, gripping onto Gabriella, pulling her so that she was now lying on his chest completely. "Really?" He pressed his lips to her own, a smile coming onto both of their faces. He pulled back to really take a good look at Gabriella's face, a serious tone being produced from his throat. "I was wrong tonight."

Gabriella looked down at Troy with confusion. "I don't understand."

"I called you emotional, but you weren't. If anything, I was the crazy emotional one tonight, and I really am—"

"Troy," Gabriella cut in, "If you apologize anymore then I'll be annoyed again."

Troy nodded his head cheekily. "Well then, in that case, let me apologize with my mouth in a different way."

Before Gabriella could say anything, he crashed his lips up into her own once more.