This is a new fanfic of mine called: My Dear Espada.

Many strange things can happen in a boy's life. For Ichigo, waking up to find himself transformed into a powerful creature is only the start of those strange things. As he ascends the ranks of the Hollows, he realizes that he is not alone. That some of those dear to him, and not so dear, are maybe suffering along with him. How will this tale end?

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Many strange things can happen in a boy's life. Normal boys go through puberty, love at first sight, rejection, fights, peer pressure, hormonal urging; you know something along those lines.

However, Ichigo Kurosaki wasn't that lucky. He didn't go through a normal boy's life. No, he was forced into a much different, much more dangerous and taxing life. What was this life you ask?

Well, maybe I should start from the beginning…

Ichigo struggled to open his eyes, the slight movement causing much stress on his body. He balled his fists, trying to muster the strength to open them. His toes curled fiercely, a muffled groan escaping through his teeth. His eyes flew open, only to find something strange.

Instead of Karakura Town daylight, what he found were dark, depressing skies. He sat up, his body protesting loudly. He looked through slightly wavy vision to see a terrain of white sand.

"What the…?" Ichigo mumbled to himself, bringing his hand to attempt to wipe away the blurriness. As he took his hand away, Ichigo gasped in shock.

His hand was different. His flesh on the hand was pure white, as if made bone. His eyes traced over it to see that it had been turned into a bony claw, sharp fingernails protruding from the ends of each finger. He turned to his other hand, only to find the same picture.

"What happened to my hands?" Ichigo asked himself, confusion and shock overshadowing every other emotion in his body.

Ichigo suddenly brought his hand to his head, a crippling migraine banging against his head like loud drums. As it subsided, Ichigo looked down. His eyes widened suddenly.

His legs were pale white, and longer. His feet were in almost the same condition as his hands. They were clawed and pale white. He scanned up his body to find himself bare; however, shame was not an emotion that was relevant at that point.

However, that was only the beginning of his shock. His worse discovery yet had come when he looked at his chest…

A hole. An empty hole.

A terrified yell ripped from his teeth once more. Shouldn't have he had been dead? A giant hole was in his chest. Shouldn't he have been dead? Maybe he was. Maybe it was all a dream.

A hand moved to his face. His face was bumpy and not proportional. It was as if he had a mask on. He had no idea what was going on, but whatever it was, it was no dream.

It had taken him a while, but Ichigo's shock had subsided somewhat, which made leeway for an intense rush of curiosity. He had gotten up to explore the vast, desert-like wasteland.

Ichigo had been walking for what he had thought was forever. However, he did notice something.

There was a large building in the middle of the desert. He had gathered that, since it was so noticeable from where he was, and that even though he walked towards it for a while and it still seemed far away; that it must be extremely huge. Probably big enough to fit a city.

But he couldn't worry about that. He had to keep walking. Maybe somebody was in that behemoth of a building, and they could give him some answers.

Ichigo continued walking, despite the pain it caused him. Then that's when it hit him. Hunger. Hunger none the likes he had ever felt before in his life. He craved something, but he wasn't sure what. But he was certain of something. The thing he craved was underground.

Aizen slumped on his throne, boredom almost getting the better of him. He scanned around the room, gazing at his most marvelous creation: The Espada. Each of them different, each of them loyal; well somewhat loyal, he said glancing towards a certain light blue-haired Espada. However, they're most frightening and helpful trait, they were powerful.

He had ranked them all by terms of they're power, speed, agility, battle prowess, and dexterity.

His eyes shifted towards his number one Espada, watching him lazily watch him back, no trace of fear evident on his face.

A voice from beside his throne pulled Aizen from his thoughts. "Aizen-sama? You okay?" Gin Ichimaru, his trusted right hand asked.

Aizen's smirk widened a fraction. "Yes, Gin. I was… contemplating," Aizen said, closing his eyes to regain his thoughts once more. He opened them again, his menacing eyes more prominent.

"My dear Espada, it seems as though a particularly interesting hollow has finished reverting," Aizen said, cueing another one of his helpers, Kaname Tosen, to activate the projector.

The projector turned one to show a hollow, one with bright orange hair and a menacing skull with 5 stripes going down it. His body was pure white and seemed extremely plain, except the red marking that covered his body, seeming to center into the ever-classic hollow hole; in which all hollows, even the Espada, possess.

However, one thing was off about this hollow. Despite it just being a regular low-class hollow, its reiatsu was unnaturally large. So large, that it rivaled the power of a Gillian-class hollow.

Aizen looked at the Espada, some of them raising their eyebrows in confusion. His smirk became even more prominent, glad that his Espada got the picture.

"Who is this hollow?" The second Espada, Baraggan Luisenbarn, asked. "Why's its reiatsu so large?"

The sixth Espada, Grimmjow Jaegarjaquez, snorted. "Large? Whaddya' mean? It's pathetic compared to us," He said, cockiness radiating from all over his body.

"You don't get it do you, Grimmjow?" The third and only female Espada, Tia Harribel, chided in. "The hollow is more powerful than most hollows its level."

"He has potential," The first Espada, Coyote Starrk, surprisingly stated.

All of the eyes fell on Starrk, looking with shock. He had never spoken in meetings before, and for this to make him talk, it must be important.

"What, you saying this weak little hollow could become an Espada?" The fifth Espada, Nnoitra Jiruga, asked with evident doubt.

"There's no way a weakass hollow like that can become an Espada," Grimmjow chided in. "I mean, he'd make a hell of a Fraccion, but an Espada, no way in hell."

There were murmurs of agreement within the Espada.

Aizen glanced at Grimmjow. "Alright Grimmjow, I'll propose a test. I want all Espada and Fraccion to attempt to recruit this new hollow. Whoever gets him will be able to keep him as a Fraccion."

"All Espada," Aizen said, glancing towards the fourth Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer. His eyes then went across the room. "Now, we are dismissed."

The Espada rose from their seats, with only one goal in mind: Get the new Hollow.

Well, at least keep him until he finishes his evolution. Aizen thought, his plan already at phase one.

Ichigo felt a chill up his spine. It was as if something or someone was planning to get him.

I hoped that didn't suck for you all. I worked for a good hour on that, so I hope you all enjoyed it. In my opinion, I didn't want to make it TOO long, and risk losing all of the suspense.

So what will happen as Ichigo roams through the Hueco Mundo desert? How will his hunger subside? Who will get to Ichigo first? How will the people of Karakura Town cope with the loss of Ichigo? Who will he see on his journey? What is Aizen up to? Why is the person with the answers asking YOU people? Read and find out peeps!