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Chapter 9

Sporting a number of bandages Victoria had seated herself on the queen sized bed watching the rain. The sounds of the down pour and rivers that streamed down the glass relaxed her. She needed it she wasn't sure just how much longer her body and mind would hold up against the constant battle she was in. Frighteningly enough the rain was not the only sanctuary she had found, Hook seemingly went out of his way for her since the bath incident. From the corner of her eye she glanced at the captain. He sat not more than two or three feet away studying his maps. He cleaned her up, bandaged her every wound and brought her clean clothing. The clothing was his so they literally hung off her, but clothing was clothing. Victoria could honestly say she was never happier to have something to wear than she was when Hook was done cleaning her wounds. Her mind went back to that moment her body naked against his, nothing to protect herself. She had the distinct feeling Hook wished to keep there, he took a rather long time to bandage her and finish inspecting her EVERY bruise and cut. He kept her there refusing to allow her to dress before he had finished looking her over, why he cared so much was a mystery to her. Majority of the damage was done by him anyways.

"Miss Pan do you not feel sleep would be a good idea?" James peered up from his maps.

"I'm supposing you would be right…just afraid to sleep." Victoria went to stare at the blackened world.

"I can promise you nothing will get you in your sleep." Hook chuckled at the thought.

Victoria herself even smiled at that.

"Certainly not, I'm just afraid of missing something."

"Missing something?" Hook questioned.

"Yea like I don't know really just anything the time is only getting shorter…so much to see still." She sounded forlorn.

"You won't miss anything at sea my dear, nothing but water and sky" Hook stood from his desk.

"Yea nothing but sea and water" Victoria tore herself from the window a weathered looking smile on her face.

"Come along I myself should bring it in for the evening" James snuffed the candle that had lit the room and soon he and Victoria were left to rely on the light of the night.

Victoria knowing all too well her space on the far end of the bed against the wall cuddled in under the sheets pulling them right up to her nose. Sleep was very much welcomed at this point; the day had been a rough one. Yawning loudly Victoria closed her eyes and sleep took over only moments later, leaving Hook to watch the girl slumber. James always enjoyed watching her sleep for a number of reasons first and foremost she was quiet, secondly she was beautiful when she slept. No one looked more innocent and angelic when they slept than she did; watching her look at peace put him at peace. In Hook's case that was quite rare. The peaceful moment turned into a peaceful night as James fell under the sandman's spell.

Victoria flipped her head from side to side in her restless sleep, her face damp with a cold sweat and mouth incredibly dry. In her painful sleep she desired to wake, or be woken but there she stayed locked between reality and her dream world. Images flashed passed her face images of fairies, mermaids even the Indian tribe. They illuminated in wild colors against the black back drop of her dream world, soon an almost vicious voice filled the air.

"Our Pan has returned"

Victoria's eyes searched for the owner of the disembodied voice, no one came into view no one other than the still flashing images of the never isle. Staring back at the people and fantasy creatures in her mind's eye she began to question this actually being a dream. They watched her back amazement clear in their eyes, questioning each other as they stared her down. This didn't feel much like a dream anymore.

"I'm not Peter" Victoria's own voice now vibrated off the walls of the dream world.

"No one claimed you were Peter" The voice hissed.

Victoria scowled out at the owner of the hissing voice, a fairy had now come forward her eyes a light as she drank Victoria in. The fairy was tiny barely larger than the palm of her hand but her voice boomed like it owned the dream world.

"Nor am I your Pan" Victoria stated.

"Don't be foolish…you belong to the isle…it calls you" The fairy whistled through the air as she buzzed over Victoria's head.

Victoria annoyed swatted at the tiny figure.

"Your island of death can bug right off I'm not interested" Victoria narrowed her eyes.

"You cannot deny you heritage to the Never Isle!" The tiny voice escalated.

'I think I just did besides…I'm really not going to be around much longer…" Victoria spoke softly now.

"You speak of the notorious James Hook" The fairy giggled. "He is no threat to you; James Hook would be the last man or beast to harm thee"

Victoria perked up instantly…what exactly did she mean by that, she was positive the harm had already been done.

"Excuse me?" Victoria again peered out at the fairy.

The Fairy whistled with laughter "He has certainly put you through an ordeal I'm sure but things are not always as they seem"

Victoria stared in awe, this wasn't the first time she had those words spoken to her, nor was it the first time they were spoken to her in a dream. Victoria went to speak out when a sharp pain surged through her head and the images began to blur.

"We cannot stay for long it seems, the connection is still too weak…soon Pan soon we will be awaiting your arrival" The Fairy then with the many other mythical creatures took her leave.

Victoria was brought back to reality with a rather rude awakening, shooting up in the bed Victoria was gargling on a thick liquid. Bringing her hands to her mouth she caught a large handful of the substance. Blood, Blood stained her clothes, the sheets and now covered her hands. Her heart rate increased just a little feeling alarmed at what she came to see in the midst of the night. Being as light footed as possible, Victoria crept from the bed Hook still fast asleep. Cringing at every creek the floor made she was soon at the bathing quarters; in the dim moon lit she lit a candle and went to inspect the damage. Looking in the mirror at candle light was a rather disturbing sight considering the blood the covered her form. The crimson liquid dripped from her chin splashing off the porcelain counter, the scene playing out was like one you would see in a traditional horror movie.

"What is going on?" Victoria whispered to her blood covered reflection.

"My God Miss Pan" Hook stood now stood in the doorway.

Victoria for probably the millionth time that evening cringed at the sight of James; she REALLY wanted to avoid this encounter.

"It's nothing just a nose bleed" Victoria quickly threw in.

"That is not coming from your nose" Hook getting down on his knees brought her face in his hands to look over the newest damage.

"I promise it is" Victoria turned her face away "I'll just clean up and be right back to bed I promise I'm going nowhere"

James didn't want to leave her; the vast amount of blood that had spewed from her was more than frightening. What on earth could have made that happen to her? Why would it have happened?…a sickening thought then implanted itself. Did he cause that?

"Fuck Victoria it's coming from your mouth" Hook reached over taking a face cloth damp from earlier and patted it across her lips.

Victoria slapped at the offer.

"Stop it" She almost snarled "I'm not a child, I'm not Peter!"

Instantly Victoria slapped a hand over her bloodied mouth. Where had that come from?

Hook looked her over.

"You certainly are not Peter."

Victoria looked back surprised at his response.

"Listen I didn't mean to lose it like that…I had just the strangest…" Victoria stopped "Never mind I should just clean this up"

Victoria indicated to her crimson mess.

"I'll leave you to that" James reached out one last time just touching her cheek.

Deciding it was better not to push himself on the pixie, James took his leave and went to await her in the sleeping quarters. He sat on the edge of the bed his eyes transfixed on the small beam of light that escaped through the door crack. Concern etched it's across his face, concern for the tiny woman he seemed to adore more and more every day.

Later that morning Victoria had snuck away from the coddling James Hook and perched herself up high in the crow's nest. She had always wanted to go up to the crow's nest such a peaceful place on board the usually busy ship. Victoria huddled down in the nest a jacket she snatched from the captain pulled over her shoulders, so only her feet were exposed to the chilled morning air. If one ever needed a place to reflect she wouldn't suggest anywhere else than here. She watched as the misty clouds passed by most hanging slow low they carried a light spray of water. That alone left her feeling refreshed from the evening before. Drifting back to the memories, she shuttered at images that plagued her mind. The creatures she witnessed were not that of the drawings in the stories of Peter Pan nor were what danced on the movie screens of Peter Pan movies. They were dark and almost frightening looking…they were like the things that ate children in the ages before. She shuttered at the notion, the world J.M Barrie wrote of was definitely not translated correctly. Though…her mind went back to the Captain he was strangely not translated correctly either. The one and only notorious James Hook were not as scary as perceived in the books. He was of course a man to fear, he was a pirate after all. But he wasn't like the nasty fantasy creatures in her dream; there was something solid about him, something she felt comfortable with. She cracked a crooked smile at that, what a bizarre predicament she found herself.

She then thought back to the previous evening, how his treatment of her went from harsh and dominating to…would she dare to say nurturing? His concern was quite obvious when she woke with the terrors of her dream and the vast amount of blood that followed. She touched her mouth at that thought looking down on her fingers she almost expected to see the crimson liquid. Relief was great when she was presented with no blood. She wouldn't lie waking up to such a horrific situation she was grateful to have the Captain there as a support…she would have been in tears if she woke up that alone. She may have tried to avoid his involvement but reality spoke she wouldn't want to be alone with that.

The sun broke through the misty clouds and the warmth ran over her, Victoria closed her eyes sinking into the heated rays. The day was looking up from the last few rain filled ones, this maybe a day she could bask on deck. Right on time the pirates arose and Victoria could hear them beginning to tinker around on deck. Looking over she watched as Jukes was the first on deck followed closely by Starkey and Mason. All three men swaggered along not looking enthusiastic about starting another long day at sea.

"The seas be actin' weird" Mason pointed out as he took over the helm from Mullins.

"That bein because we're headin into the Never Isle…evil fairy folk make everything a joke out here and very un-nerving, ye be never knowing what they are capable of" Mullins rattled off in his clear paranoia of the un-known.

"Already?" Jukes looked wide eyed.

"Yea…the tides took us in quick lad, why ye look so surprised" Mullins cocked a brow at the young ward.

"Her time is running out quickly" Jukes said in a small voice.

"Poor gal" Mason shook his head "Can't be imagining the torture she must be goin' through"

"She is one of them both you fools be best off remembering that, damn fairy folk" Mullins snarled.

Mullins trotted off heading under deck to sleep from his nightshift at the helm. Mason slapped Jukes on the back.

"Don't let that miserable old man get ter ya…she's still just a young girl I see that." Mason slapped his mouth shut when Hook came on deck.

Hook looked washed with worry as he strode onto the Jolly Roger's deck, his coat a miss he wore only his dress shirt, pants and hat. The men were forced to stare at their captain's strange appearance.

"Capn sir there be something amiss?" Mason finally spit out.

"Yes Mason there would be something amiss…that would be Miss Pan herself" His cold blue eyes narrowed at his men.

"Ah Cap'n Hook sir we have not seen the little vixen since yesterday evening before you brought her into yer cabin" Masson sputtered out, never doing well under the gaze of James.

"Oh leave them alone James." Victoria looked over the edge of the crow's nest her chin resting on her arm.

James cranked his head up seeing his pixie, a playful smile on her lips as she enjoyed herself on top of the world. He couldn't help but to smile back, she looked much better this morning, the bruising less obvious and no longer any blood staining her delicate features.

"What do you think you're doing up there?" James demanded pressing passed his euphoric state.

"Getting some much needed Victoria time…I'll be coming down now." She stood from her crouched position.

With ease Victoria flipped herself over the edge if the crow's nest grasping the protruding planks that acted as a ladder. She was about halfway down before she stopped and hugged the mass. James who had his arms crossed watching the pixie unfolded them and brought one to shade his eyes against the morning sun.

"Miss Pan?" James called out.

Victoria looked down at the captain.

"Do you suppose I can fly?"

"No I do not suppose you can Miss Pan." James felt butterflies rise in his stomach.

"Suppose I try?" She grinned down on him.

"I suppose you shouldn't" Hook was feeling less and less comfortable with his pixie hanging onto the mass.

"Would you catch me if I fall?" She looked utmost serious at that.

"Don't you dare" Hook took a step closer to the mass.

But as we all know she dared. Victoria let go the ship's mass and began her free falling journey to the ship's deck. Hook's heart plummeted; he was lost in a horrified stare as he watched her body fall at an alarming rate. The scene felt like it took forever but it was within moments of her plummet Victoria's figure dropped heavily into Hook's arms. Once in the security of the captains embrace, Victoria began to laugh.

"That was a riot!, would you like to go again?"

"You are completely mad!' Hook roared he pulled the girl from his and held her at arm's length. "You could have killed yourself!"

"Oh I could have?" She looked sly.

"Yes you crazy, stupid, stupid girl!" James was furious.

"You…you're acting strange lately" Victoria mused.

"Because you're driving me insane…" Hook let go of her arms and brought his hand to his face.

Pinching the bridge of his nose James was feeling the effects Victoria had on him far too early in the morning.

"It's the least I can do." She glanced up at the captain through her long eyelashes.

"Miss Pan we really need to have a talk." He put his hook and hand on either side of her face.

She looked puzzled.

"Talk?" She repeated "About what?"

"We just need to talk I'd much rather it be in private, please let's return to my cabin" James turned her around to face his quarters.

In their short walk to the cabin Jukes shouted out over the helm pointing dramatically in their current direction.

"Cap'n there be an Island dead ahead!"

Victoria felt her stomach drop as she spun to see the island Jukes spoke of, just a few miles off was certainly an island. Hook walked towards the railing of the ship peering out at the looming island.

"That doesn't look like Neverland" He said just above a whisper.
"What do you mean?" Victoria was quick to question.

'We shouldn't be coming to Neverland for at least another week for one and secondly this looks nothing like the island we left behind" James pulled out his eye glass to take a better look.

Mason left the helm with Jukes nearly running to Hook's side, his map in hand.

"We not be off course Cap'n" Mason pointed out the route they had taken when they left the island and arrived at the island for the first time.

"I see that Mason" James looked bewildered at the sudden appearance of this random island.

He looked over the map then down at the pixie…he was nearly 100 percent positive this had something to do with her. Especially after the incident of the other night, something was certainly up.

"It's not Neverland?" Victoria couldn't help but to have a sound of relief in her voice.

"No Miss Pan, nothing for you to concern about…you don't have to worry Neverland at all" James ushered her away from the railing "Go find some clothes"

"Your acting so strange, what is going on?" Victoria tried to stop his pushing hands.

"I don't have time right now, I have to prepare to dock the ship, this will require some exploring" James finally got her to the cabin door.

Being pushed into the cabin Victoria had the door abruptly slammed in her face. She scowled back at the door, damn Hook always pushing her around. Ignoring the demand to find clothes Victoria leaped over the bed and crawled to the window hoping to catch sight of the mystery island. Sure enough she spotted it easily dead ahead. She felt a nervous feeling roll in her stomach as she peered out at the island. The island itself was shrouded is a black cloud, the entire island looking rather bleak and highly unwelcoming. The closer the ship drew towards the island the more Victoria wished they would abandon the venture. There was certainly something not right about the place and she really didn't want to dock and go abroad just to find out.

Briskly jumping off the bed Victoria went to dress herself and be prepared for the times ahead. Finding her now classic outfit Hook had supplied her with at the beginning of this journey; she dressed quickly then darted to the door. Letting herself out she was greeted by the chilled air of the morning. Looking out there was no sign of the sun in sight, just the dense fog. Nearly skipping across the deck Victoria tucked herself into Hook's side looking up to study his face. He looked concerned and wasn't doing much to mask that. She had never seen Hook look truly worried, not even in the story did he ever look really concerned, unless of course you count the Disney version of the novel….not her favorite.

"James" she voiced.

Catching his attention quickly James turned and bent down to meet her face.

"It will take us a few hours to properly dock, and then we can begin our search of the isle"

"There is something not right about the island…do we have dock?" Victoria looked over his shoulder once more at the looming island.

"It's right in the path of Neverland…I'm even considering it just maybe Neverland" James answered quietly.

"Then we certainly shouldn't dock" Victoria couldn't imagine how pathetic that sounded, but she felt it was worth a try…anything at this point seemed worth a try.

Hook couldn't help but to chuckle at that.

"You would enjoy that wouldn't you…just stay at sea with me?"

"I would enjoy it so much more than what awaits me in Neverland"

"Miss Pan-" Hook began.

"CAP'N HOOK!' Starkey yelled over the roars of the waves.

Cringing at his bad luck James turned to his first mate.

"Yes Gentleman Starkey?"

"It be the mermaids…they're surrounding the island" He sounded almost scared as he described the scene.

Turning from Victoria Hook spun to face the seas…sure enough there the sea folk had gathered. The vast numbers had increased since James had last seen them; nearly 30 mermaids alone poked their heads to the surface. The sickening thought of how many more might be lurking below entered Hook's mind. Mermaids were a devilish bunch, thirsting for the blood of men. The only male that James had ever seen tame the bunch was Pan himself. Come to think of it the vixens cared little for females as well, preferring to drown them rather than devour like the men. It seemed this was Neverland…had they been gone that long?

"Holy shit" Victoria gasped at the scene.

"Miss Pan!' Hook snapped.

"Oh bother" Victoria waved off the pirate "What do you care about my use of language anyways?"

"I care about everything you do" James stated.

Victoria blushed at that.

Victoria only turned to waters again not being able to find the words to reply to Hook. The mermaids gaze met her's… they were absolutely stunning creatures even though the only sight was on the faces poking out of the murky waters. Victoria moved closer to the railing her heart thumping wildly as she was lost in the majesty of the merfolk. Then their voices rang out, like a hissing sirens song.

"Ye James Hook have come to spill the blood of the last Neverland heir?"

Hook didn't deem them with an answer, simply he stared back his icy blues daring them.

"Bring the girl ashore, bring her life to an end…or maybe give her to us?"

"The Never girl is mine, her life belongs to I…and I will decide what her fate will be" James snarled at the Mermaids.

"Kill her James and bring the existence of Neverland to an end…giver her to us and be freed from the Pan blood forever"

James was about to reply when he felt a hand enclose around his, looking down it was Victoria. Her sea green eyes were still locked on the merfolk but fear was clearly there. She clutched Hook's hand tightly her desire to stay clear, the idea of Miss Pan preferring him over freedom on the island made his chest swell. He truly wanted to keep the little pixie… keep her forever and always. But was that a possibility for him? Could he allow himself to crack under her and not seek his vengeance? Her hand squeezed his just a little tighter. There was no question…Miss Pan belonged to him not Neverland.

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