The sleeping boy

Marley sighed as she walked up the steep mountainside. She had rented a bike but it was hard to cycle in the mountains. She wanted to have a picnic in the mountains as well. Mount Coronet was taller than she thought it was. She had never been there before, despite being from Veilstone. She had found a trail that led to a small lake. She wiped a little sweat off her forehead. She noticed a boy in the distance. She, herself, was eighteen. The boy looked at least thirteen or fourteen. And no, it wasn't Ash. This boy may have worn a red hat but it was a red beret. He was wearing a light blue undershirt, a dark blue vest, black jeans and soot-grey shoes.

She decided to leave him alone, for now and wait until he wakes up. She had gathered some firewood on her way and she had some matches (and a backup lighter) to cook some soup for dinner. "Once the sun goes down," she whispered, "it'll be cold out. So now's my chance to cook before it gets cold." She didn't want to use her Arcanine to light the fire, just in case a rogue Pokémon attacked her. She wanted to save her Pokémon's energy…

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