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Author's Notes: I found this in my documents; I wrote this back in the beginning of 2009, and decided to post it. I do love my odd couples in the DH world (see: Daimons Make Strange BedFellows), and I doubt anything like this will ever happen, but… that's why it's fanfiction, my friends! I do plan on writing a chapter, with a very intimate culmination, which is the reason for the M rating. So, I hope you enjoy this little crazy piece.


Apollymi's head jerked up as she felt a new, entirely different and much more powerful presence in her garden. She stepped to the side so that she would be shielding her pregnant granddaughter before she turned to see who dared to intrude.

"Well, well," she spoke lightly, her silver eyes swirling dangerously. "To what do I owe this… pleasure, Savitar?" She preferred not to distress her granddaughter by showing her fury at this time. It was difficult for the goddess of destruction, especially when he had dared enter into her private garden.

Savitar moved forward with a lazy stride, a smirk upon his chiseled face. He glanced at Katra and gave her a full smile, and motioned to her swollen belly. "Seems like you're on quite a roll there, Katra." He received her answering smile, and then turned his gaze to Apollymi. "Alone, perhaps?"

Katra took the hint, and squeezed her grandmother's hand before disappearing. Apollymi didn't take her eyes off him, but folded her arms across her bosom and raised an eyebrow.

"I would've thought you knew better than to provoke me in this way," she said evenly, her voice steady with underlying steel.

Savitar scoffed and prowled toward her, coming to rest not five inches from her. "Cut the crap, Apollymi. How long will this battle continue between us?" He attempted to move up against her, but Apollymi's hand shot out to push against his chest in discouragement.

"For as long as it takes," she declared, not wavering, though her swirling eyes told him she was close to capitulation.

Savitar ignored her hand and took hold of her upper arms, smooth and silky-soft. He leaned toward her, his hot breath blowing across her face and causing her blonde hair to flutter. "It doesn't have to be this way…"

Apollymi's face remained stoic. The tone of her voice made him want to shake her when she murmured, "If my Charonte guards caught sight of you holding me in such a way, they would attack." She smiled at the prospect.

"Call to them, then," he urged her, his lavender eyes flashing. "I'd love to see anyone try to make me unhand you." He laughed then, a sharp, cocky laugh, and lowered his head. His lips took total possession of hers while he pulled her body close, so that not even their clothes felt like a separation. His hand wrapped into her platinum blonde hair, fisting at the base of her skull to hold her still while he plundered her mouth. Apollymi's hands slid up his back and rested at his shoulder blades, and she returned his kiss full force, so that even their passion was a battle.

Savitar jerked back with a curse, still holding her tightly pressed to him. "Must you always fight me?"

"You like it," she breathed against his lips, before nibbling them teasingly.

Savitar groaned and endeavored to continue, when there was a bright flash at the pool. A shadowy form of Acheron appeared, and Savitar moved swiftly away from Apollymi.

"Matera?" Ash questioned, looking back and forth between his mentor and his mother.

"Apostolos," Apollymi greeted lovingly, gliding toward the pool with instant tears in her eyes. She couldn't help it; the crystal tears always came when her son was so close, yet so far away from her. "Are you well, m'gios?"

Ash nodded with a frown. "And you, Matera?" His gaze flickered to Savitar, then back to his beloved mother.

"The gallu continue to be an annoyance as they relocate. I have to admit I became a bit violent with them." She smirked evilly as she recalled her gallu victims. It didn't last long, however, as her son was her top priority. "Can I help you, Apostolos? Tell me your worries and I shall make them disappear." Her swirling eyes were completely different when she spoke to her son; they held nothing except a deep love, and all of her destructive nature seemed to evaporate.

"Simi wishes to spend some time with you and your Charonte. I know you don't prefer people to drop in," Ash didn't miss her eyes darting to Savitar and back quickly, "so I wanted to ask if you were okay with that."

Apollymi smiled indulgently. "You know Simi is welcome at any time, but thank you for the warning, m'gios."

Ash marveled at his mother. Surely she knew he was curious as to why Savitar was there with her, but she kept her poise. He even tried staring her down, but of course that never worked with Apollymi. "I suppose I'll be out, then," he said reluctantly, his eyes straying to Savitar once more. Savitar didn't blink.

"Be well, m'gios. And give Soteria my warm regards." Her lovely smile didn't vanish until her son did, and then her eyes turned stormy.

Before she could turn to face Savitar, he was behind her, his muscled arm weaving tightly around her waist. He stroked the underside of her breast through the silk of her dress as he nibbled on her earlobe, and then on her jaw line. "Where were we?"

Apollymi breathed deeply, trying to gather herself. She refused to let another man affect her like Archon had, and then betray her. Especially not the man Ash had looked up to most of his immortal life. For him, she had to end this torrid affair she and Savitar were so keen on. Ah, but Savitar knew how to get to her. She tried to tell herself it was just because he was the only being since Archon to even consider laying a hand on her in such a manner… but she knew the truth, even though she'd sooner have tea with Artemis than admit it: Savitar got to her in a way that even Archon hadn't been able to. And it pissed her off.

"Just go, Savitar." Her voice was steady, not betraying her daft thoughts. "I will never surrender, so best that you stop trying." She pried his hand off her hip, but not before he bit the tendon running from her shoulder blade to her neck. Apollymi nearly squeaked, and was instantly disgusted with herself, which in turn caused her to lash out at him. "How dare you!" She fumed, her hair whipping back in a sudden gust of wind as her destructive nature was released.

Savitar laughed deeply, not fearing her in the least. "Oh, I dare, all right." He brought his fingertips to his lips and then gestured to her in a lazy, mock kiss-blowing action. "Until our next battle, my… sweet." As he disappeared, he heard her shrill shriek of outrage.