"Boys' Night"

Marco Del Rossi
Craig Manning
Sean Cameron
Jimmy Brooks
Spinner Mason
Toby Isaacs
JT Yorke
Peter Stone
Jay Hogart

It was an all-guys party. Marco didn't like the idea of being in a room of a bunch of hot guys and not being able to touch any of them. As the excitement died down and the guys stopped watching porn, the guys started to doze off which left Marco wide awake.

All by himself, he sighed and thought he'd entertain himself in the bathroom. He sat on the toilet and zipped open his pants. He licked his lips thinking about his boyfriend, Dylan, and pulled out his fully erect penis. He closed his eyes stroking it letting his mind drift from Dylan to Craig to Spinner. He only wished the boys sleeping on the living room floor would feel for him; would want to be stroking his dick for him.

Craig sat up rubbing his eyes. He couldn't sleep but had to go to the bathroom. He slowly stood up and looked around. Where's Marco? he thought. He walked to the bathroom door passing the kitchen and other doors on the way. He wrapped his hands around the doorknob and tugged at the knob. As the door winded open, Marco still sat on the toilet stroking his dick. Marco's eyes widened when he saw Craig standing at the doorway.

Craig smiled and walked up to Marco throwing the door closed behind him. He leaned down giving him a gentle kiss then pulling him back adding passion and tongue. "Come with me," Craig whispered and the two went back into the living room. Craig dropped his pants next to Sean sat on the bed his big cock staring at the ceiling. "Get on."

Marco couldn't believe this was happening. Marco smiled and hopped on Craig, sticking his beautiful dick in him beginning to bounce up and down. Marco heard moans and not from Craig. From Sean and Spinner. Everybody was slowly waking up, one by one. Sean, Jay and Spinner started passionately kissing each other and JT, Toby, Jimmy and Peter started pulling out their penises and begin stroking each others'.

Marco got off Craig and worked over to Spinner who thrusted his fully erect penis into Marco and begin pounding him, hard. Marco's moans turned on Peter and Sean pulled him into a blowjob. Sean's perfectly shaped cock glistened with pre-cum and he began to moan silently. JT turned Toby over into a doggy-position and begin thrusting him slowly, then starting to go faster. Jay thrusted his big cock into Craig's mouth as Jimmy was below him thrusting as hard as he could go.

Jay stopped and arranged Spinner on his back on the couch. He settled him and shoved his cock into Spinner pounding him. Marco thrusted his dick into Spinner's mouth sitting on his chest and Peter layed him on the floor and began fucking him, going deep and hard. Sean settled Craig into doggy-style position and pounded him as Jimmy fucked him from behind in a 3-way action that Marco couldn't bare to watch.

His mind went from Sean, Craig and Jimmy to Spinner and Jay to JT and Toby then he could here Peter who was pounding him begin to groan as he was about to cum. He slid his pale cock out of Marco and put it on Marco's face. The cum squirted all over Marco's mouth and cheeks and finally sat up and pulled Peter into an amazing kiss that left him speechless.

Marco opened his eyes and felt the cum all over his hands. He stopped for a minute and grabbed a bunch of toilet paper beside him and started cleaning himself off. He pulled up his pants felt his cock begin to slowly go limp. He turned off the bathroom light and headed back to bed. On his way, he stopped and leaned over Craig and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips and smiled. He layed back down and slightly smiled at Peter who was laying a couple feet away from him.