A/N: A flashfic written for a request on LiveJournal. This was born from a comment stating that Tatsumi is kinda hot.

Warnings: none. It's worksafe.

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Misplaced importance

Tatsumi sighed and sorted through the pile of papers on his desk. It had to be there somewhere: the order for a pay rise. He knew they'd gotten additional funds, therefore it should have already arrived. So far, he hadn't had any luck in finding one.

"Tatsumi!" Watari's sing-song voice interrupted his effort, the man stepping into the room with a rap to the doorway only after he'd stepped inside. He was eager to demonstrate his most recent invention and figured that Tatsumi, as hardworking as he was, hadn't heard the first knock.

"Not now, Watari," Tatsumi growled, shooting a quick look in his general direction, then hastily turning his attention back to the mess on his desk. He spared a moment to push his glasses back up his nose – all the movement had made them slide down. "I'm busy."

"You always are," Watari's reply was quite airy. "But this is important! It can forever change your everyday life!"

Tatsumi spared another brief glance at the contraption in his friend's arms.

"I'm sure it is," he said dryly. "But firstly, I'm quite content with my life the way it is right now, thank you. And secondly – I really don't care."