A/N: A flashfic written for a request on LiveJournal. For the prompt, and I quote as is – WHAT IF HE [Nagare – A/N] EVER MET MURAKI AND SENSEI WAS LIKE "HUR HUR HUR I TAPPED YOUR SON WHATCHA GONNA DO?". Of course, I had to write it. Has a longer version in the works too; might be done in a few weeks.

Warnings: none. It's worksafe.

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It had been a while now since Nagare learned the reason of his son's death. Knew and regretted his own blindness of that time. And now he was finally facing the culprit, sharing a table with a pleasant doctor, enjoying a cup of tea and seemingly good conversations.

"Kurosaki," Muraki tested the word. "Sounds familiar."

"It should," Nagare replied coldly, setting the teacup aside.

Sombrely, Muraki nodded. "Such remarkable similarity."

He'd already known, Nagare noted bitterly. "You killed my son."

A glint of amusement in his eyes, Muraki nodded. "So?"

Nagare changed, transformed, and Muraki backed away – intrigued, yet worried.