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"We can't thank you enough for helping us" The Bridge Builder thanked "now that the bridge is finished we can finally get help for our village".

"No problem Tazuna, believe it!" Naruto said giving Tazuna a thumbs up. Sakura simply gave a small gentle smile.

It wasn't that Sakura wasn't happy for the people of the land of waves; it was just the fact that she deserved no thanks. She didn't do anything! Sakura simply felt like trash. The same way she felt when she was 5 and she couldn't save her parents from being killed or when her foster parents (A/N: her aunt and uncle) were killed from an unknown attack on her clan. Try being the only person in your clan left! Ya it sucks.

It didn't really help the situation with Sakura's memory loss. The only memories Sakura could bring up were the ones with blood and uncontrollable death. Not to mention Sakura still didn't know how to control her kekki genkai or for the fact she could never really understand what it was let's not forget she was only a child when her parents and her clan were murdered so she wasn't old enough to really learn of her kekki genkai. Her clan wasn't like the Uchiha's who forced their children to become super ninja's at the simple age of 3.

Team 7 began to make their way back to the leaf village. "Time to put on my usual act" Sakura thought. (A/N: just so reviewers don't ask me about this in the reviews lol this will be explained in later chapters).

"Hey Sasuke! Do you wanna go on a date with me when we get back to the village?" Sakura asked cheerfully.

"Did…..Sakura's attitude just change?" Kakashi asked himself.

"No thanks" Sasuke said bordly.

In a matter of seconds a huge gush of wind came at them. "What the hell…" Sakura thought as she covered her face.

When the wind began to settle down, Sakura felt an unfamiliar presence behind her. Sakura slowly turned around only to meet with icy blue eyes and a beautiful slick smile from a woman with long black hair. But what caught Sakura's eye was the cloak the woman was wearing. It was black with red clouds.

"Akatsuki!" Kakashi thought in shock.

"Sakura! Get away from her!" Kakashi shouted.

"N-nande?" Sakura called. Before Sakura could move the woman rapped her arms around Sakura's shoulders.

"You sad child" The woman whispered.

"What d-did you j-just say?" Sakura stuttered.

Of course in Sakura's eyes this was simply scary! As beautiful as the woman was, Sakura really didn't want to get kidnapped.

"Get away from Sakura!" Naruto growled as he got into a fighting stance.

"Naruto stay back!" Kakashi ordered "I've seen you in the bingo book…Mendex Himoray. S-class criminal from the land of waves, hobbies are reading minds and non-stop killing".

The woman known as Mendex removed her gaze from Sakura and gave Kakashi a boring stare. "I see you've done your homework Kakashi Hatake….or should I say copy cat ninja of the leaf" Mendex said bordly.

Mendex returned her attention back to Sakura.

"You poor child. I can change you, I can not only make you stronger but I can also give you your memories" Mendex whispered. Mendex smirked when she felt Sakura shiver.

"Get away from her!"Kakashi shouted.

"Say goodbye Sakura" Mendex whispered.

And before Team 7 eyes…Sakura was gone.

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