Guess what? Their strengths REMAKE is now up!

Well the prologue is at least…

But hey! It's something! It's titled Look at Me Now! And I would like some good feedback! I'm working on the 1st chapter which is kind of hard with school so I try writing down some of the first chapter on paper in the middle of some of my classes. Lol I know I'm such a bad student. Well I can't be that bad I passed all my classes first quarter and for passing math first quarter (I'm really bad at math so I'm always getting bad grades) my dad gave me a 100 dollars as reward for passing first quarter. So if I pass math second quarter he will buy me the kitten I've wanted since I was 2! So I'm working hard.

And guess what? Thanksgiving is coming up so my last day of school before break is Tuesday then ill is back home in NY celebrating thanks giving with my family! I'll even work on chapters while I'm there.

Oh and quick question...Who likes KPOP?