Kelly VS Shorty: Chapter two.

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Day after day all Shorty could be found doing was training for the next tournament, the more time she spent, she got better and better at what she was doing. She had gotten older, due to the tournament being every three years, she changed almost everything about her appearance. She cut her hair a little, got rid of the over alls, and put on jeans and a long sleeve purple and white loose fitting shirt. Columbo, her pet mouse occupied the space on her head, between her two long pig tails, comfortably on the sides of her head. She had taken up a better, more efficient dancing style, one she found even better than her other, she was like a whole new girl!

She had a week until the next tournament came, and she was ecstatic, which only made her train harder than before, she even had her parents install a pole so she could continue her practicing. Shorty stopped eating so much candy, much to the disdain of Columbo but of course he couldn't voice it. Her midnight blue eyes shone determinately as she smirked, reading through the much favorited Fanzine of Kelly: The Dancing Police Woman. She found herself laughing manically at how she was going to toast her self proclaimed rival at the tournament.

"I'm going to smoke her!" She exclaimed happily but with a hint of evil intent there as well, her eyes gleamed quickly as she balled her fists. Her companion mouse just squeaked and looked at her, he had yet to take his position on top of her head because he was too busy eating what she fed him for lunch. His ears twitched as did his tail but he continued silently, not paying much attention although she made him train as well in case of her solo dance with him. She picked him up as he continued to eat what he had between his paws, she would have to wash her hair when she returned home as usual.

Shorty made her way to the local candy store because of the money she had from the dances she'd been doing against her friends, Heat, Strike, Gas-O, and Frida, who's last dance was the day before seeing as she was leaving for a couple of years to try and pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. She went in and growled when she saw another magazine with Kelly's picture of the front of it, she rolled her eyes with a childish huff although she was already 15 years old. She ignored it and went to get her and Columbo; mostly Columbo some candy since she was cutting back on the sweets to remain healthy. She purchased all she wanted and walked out, looking around to see if anything was going on, but there never was unless it was dance competitions between the neighborhood dancers, which attracted a lot of people. Kelly, Heat, and herself were always the crowd favorites, but Shorty was sure to take the cake that time, she would make sure of it.