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AN: To any Latale fans, this won't have much more then certain aspects of Latale in it, like cities, job classes, ect ect ect. You know, the small stuff. I don't play the game much, so I don't know much about the main plot. This was done in an RP in a Latale mafia game somewhere, but it became so separate from the actual RP, that it was a story all by itself. So I decided it could be my first story on here. Revamped of course :P Just to give ya the heads up.

Moving boxes from the moving van into a house was never fun. At least not for us. It meant leaving the old place behind. Friends, school, you name it, we had to leave it all behind. While we may have been used to it by now, it still hurts when its time to leave. But, I will do everything it takes to keep my little brother safe. Even if that means leaving memories behind.

Placing the last box on the patio, I went back to the trucker and paid the fee, telling him thanks for everything. With a salute the man went off, leaving me behind in this, somewhat, loony town.

Letting out a deep sigh, I took a real long look at our new house. Well...house is a understatement. 'Grandma, Grandma, Grandma,' thinking to myself, 'You out did yourself this time.'

Looking proudly at the ''house'', I couldn't help but feel that maybe this time, just maybe, me and my little brother could finally be safe and live a normal life. No more need for running away from fear. Just a few months ago, our deranged and psychotic Father was finally rotting in jail where he belonged. Our constant waking nightmare since our Mother's death was finally put to rest. No more running for us. Nope. We would stand our ground here no matter what life threw us. Besides, what could be worse then having a deranged psychotic man constantly on your tail? I doubt nothing could scare me and my little brother now.

'Speaking of which...where did that little blighter get to?' Taking one last look at the house, I strode right inside to solve this mystery. Big house outside...big house inside is what I soon found out. 'Oh boy...this is gonna take some getting used to.' Sighing to myself again, I trudged onward shouting my brothers name all the while.

"No dice," I said with annoyance after screaming his name for the umpteenth time,"Where in Jiendia is he!"

Actually taking the time to look around, I started to get goosebumps. This house was ancient, no telling what could be found lurking through the hollowed hallways and byways. It also didn't help that I heard strange whispers coming from the closet door down the hall. Getting in the defensive, I walked to the door VERY slowly, whispering my brothers name. When no answer came save the nonchalant whispering, I slowly reached for the door handle and pulled it open. Wouldn't you know it, out came my brother, who apparently found a old fashioned creepy looking mask, giving a big old fashioned "BOO!". Still, knowing these facts STILL didn't keep me from screaming like a girl as I dropped to the ground.

"Dang it Aden! Quit messing around! We have stuff to unpack!" Seething, yet slightly amused at my brothers antics, I got back up and started heading towards the boxes. My brother, laughing like a maniac, ran down the halls acting out in his own little world. 'This is gonna be a long day..I can just feel it now,' thinking to myself I heaved a big sigh and kept going.