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From town to town, same old story. Distancing. Untrusting. We were always outsiders, me and Aden, and we understood that. Still didn't stop it from hurting though. In all the four years of running, I learned to put up neutral facade, finding trust fleeting, never letting anyone but Aden in. Aden fought it though. Every time. Always figuring a way to pull me out, and I found myself letting others in. And every time, we would leave, and the mask went back on. I always wondered how many more times like that I could take before I broke completely, but I stilled myself each time. My shattered heart was worth it, knowing that Light was still burning brightly.

Getting off work, I decided to go look around the city. Aden had gone back home near the afternoon, saying he needed to work on one of his projects. He didn't look as insused as he usually did when he talked of doing his little projects, but having been in the lunch rush, I didn't have much time to dwell on it. School only a few days away though, made this trek through the city find purpose. Looking around, I tried to see if there were any stores that would have what we needed. Try as I might though, I could not for the life of me find a single one. "Never did have a sense of direction..." I noticed as I walked around that people were giving me odd looks. Familiar odd looks. Trying not to show I was getting nervous, I moved through the city on edge.

Coming around a bend, about to give up on ever finding such a place, I found myself facing one of the smaller parks that spattered through out the city. Luna was sitting on a bench, feeding the pigeons and doves, sun shining all around. Stopping, I wondered whether I should make my presence known, or just walk away. My decision was made though, when she lifted her head up as though sensing another, looking in my direction. Seeing that it was me, she just smiled and scooted over, patting the free bench space next to her. Seeing no alternative, I just swiped my hair putting on a smile on my own.

Upon sitting down she asked me how I was doing, and I told I was looking, and failing, for a place to get school supplies for me and Aden. Smiling that smile that melted any worry away, "Oh I know the perfect place for such a thing. It has all that you two would ever need. I'll show you were it is, if you don't mind sitting here for a bit longer?" she asked, and when I said I didn't mind, "What do you think of Elias so far? Good? Bad even?"

Scratching my head "It's okay..." I whispered softly.

She nodded her head and looked back at the doves, "Irina talked very highly of you and Aden when we met."

Turning, I gave her a strange look, "Huh?...OH!...You mean Grams?"

Lifting her hand to her face she tried hard not to laugh, "So that's what you call her huh? No wonder she seemed so exasperated at the same time." Her laughter was contagious as I joined her as well. When she told me that they talked about many things, she asked if there was anything I wanted to get off my chest. My laughter ceasing as soon as it began, mask on, told her not really. She just nodded and asked trivial things, and we talked for several hours as the time flew by. Part of me was glad she did, but some part of me, the one dying to find release, wished I had told her everything.