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Chapter 1

Ren dropped by the convenience store nearby his apartment to buy dinner before he went home. When he got back to the parking lot, there was something on the top of the hood of his car. When he got closer, he saw it was something rectangular and was like a bundle of blankets or cloth. He decided to go check what it was and maybe throw it away. But then he heard a cry from it: a baby's cry. He opened the blanket, and lying there he saw a very cute baby, about four months old.

A baby? What the hell is a baby doing on the hood of my car? He thought as he stared at it. Then he noticed a piece of paper between the top of the baby's stomach and the blanket. He read it.

I'm poor; I can't raise this baby. Please take care of him.

Then why the hell did you leave him on the hood of someone's car?! You should have just left him outside some orphanage or something! Why of all places did it have to be on the hood of my car? He shouted in his mind. Then he thought of what to do with the baby.

If I stay here any longer, someone will recognize me and I'll get mobbed by fans. If I call the police here and now, it could be even worse. The media might hear about this and I'd get in a scandal for having a baby or something. If I just left him here, I would be considered a heartless monster. Then, the baby cried louder and it started getting too much attention from the passers-bys. So Ren, acting on impulse, took the baby in his arms and got inside the car. He sat the baby down in the passenger's seat. The baby continued crying. He didn't know what to do and the winter night was getting colder so he decided to take the baby home.

He was thankful that he didn't come across anyone on his way to his apartment because the baby continued crying. When he was inside the safety of the soundproof walls of his apartment, he sighed in relief. He sat his plastic bag on the coffee table as he attempted to make the baby stop crying. He tried rocking the baby in his arms delicately and hushing it. But it was no good; the baby just kept on crying. Suddenly, he was startled by the ringing of the door bell.

"Who could it be at this hour?" He hissed as he sat the baby down on the couch and went to the door. He opened it and saw an orange haired girl standing in front of him. "Mogami-san? What are you doing here?" He asked, surprised.

"Yashiro-san…" With just one word, Ren knew what she meant. Why does it have to be now? What would she think about me having a baby in my apartment? But before he could decide whether to let her in or not, the baby cried louder.

"Eh? Tsuruga-san, is that a baby crying?" Kyoko asked. He quickly pulled her in by her arm and closed the door.

"Mogami-san, do you know a lot about babies?" He asked as they made their way to the couch.

Kyoko saw the cute baby on the couch and she looked up at Ren with a questioning face. "Could it be that this is your baby, Tsuruga-san?" She asked in disbelief.

"HELL NO!" He half-yelled, and in English on top of that. "I mean, no. He's not my baby. I just found him on the hood of my car after I went to the convenience store nearby." Then he handed her the note. She read it and her face darkened in anger but it subsided a few seconds later and turned into sadness and pity for the baby. She kneeled on the floor by the couch and looked at the baby with sadness.

"Poor baby," She cooed softly as she caressed the baby's face before looking up at him again. "But I don't know anything about babies, Tsuruga-san. I don't think I would be a great mother and it's not like I would ever marry and have a baby someday…" She said, ending faintly in a whisper.

"He hasn't stopped crying since I found him. I don't know what to do."

"Maybe he's hungry. Or perhaps his diaper's wet." Kyoko suggested. At that moment, Kyoko wrinkled her nose, smelling something bad coming from the baby. Ren by now was kneeling beside the couch, too. He unwrapped the blanket and breathed a lung full of the bad smell. He turned his head over his shoulder and coughed.

"Tsuruga-san, are you okay?" Kyoko asked in concern while pinching her nose. When Ren recovered from the poop smell attack, they thought of how to get the baby cleaned. They decided to get him to the bathroom. So Ren had no choice but to carry the baby to the bathtub. He held the baby by the torso, his large hands under the baby's arms, as Kyoko unwrapped the poop covered blanket.

She took the removable shower head and ran the water. She made sure it was not too hot and not too cold as she washed the baby's butt. The baby stopped crying and made a surprised sound. It was so cute that Ren smiled at him. She put just a little bit of soap on her hand and washed him again. Kyoko washed her hands thoroughly before she got up and dried them using the towel hanging on the side wall of the bathroom. Ren lifted the baby as he straightened up

and Kyoko wrapped the towel around the baby, gently drying him. The baby made a playful sound, almost like a laugh. They both smiled at him, forgetting the bad smell that Ren had choked on and how hard it was for Kyoko to get him cleaned.

"So what do we dress him with?" Kyoko asked while Ren held the towel-wrapped baby in his arm.

"We can use some of my old clothes to wrap him in for now."

Then he told Kyoko where she could find some of his old shirts. Kyoko went to his room. He heard the opening sound of one of his drawers but then he heard it slammed shut hard. Ren made his way to his room with the baby in hand.

"Mogami-san?" He called out. When he entered, he saw Kyoko standing in front of his dresser with a tomato red face. Ren realized what was inside the drawer she had opened; it was the one with all of his underwear in it.

"Uhmm… It's the one under it Mogami-san." He said. Kyoko lowered her head trying to hide her red face and opened the right drawer this time. She took out two of his shirts. When she held one up, she realized how large it was. Then Ren laid the baby on his bed. Ren held the baby's legs up as Kyoko put one of his shirts under the baby's bottom. Kyoko gathered the other end and the sleeves of the shirt to the baby's stomach, before pausing.

"Tsuruga-san, can you hold it like this for a second?" Ren did as she asked. Kyoko dashed to the living and returned with a large safety pin which she used to keep the shirt wrapped around the baby. "So what should we do now?" Kyoko asked as they both looked down at the baby on his bed, who was now putting his hands in his mouth and slobbering on them.

"I plan on calling the president for help. I'm sure he can find an orphanage that will take care of the baby." Ren said. Kyoko began thinking about if they could really take care of him well before then. She furrowed her brows.

"But what should we do with him right now?" She asked. "It's not like the president can find an orphanage that will take the baby immediately at this hour. So we will have to take care of him tonight. And I'm pretty sure he will get hungry later. Neither one of us know anything about babies."

"Good point." He said. But inside he was somewhat happy when she said 'we will have to take care of the baby.' It sounded like they were a married couple taking care of their first child. He suppressed a smile. He then got his phone out and searched the web on how to take care of a baby.

"How old do you think he is?" he asked as he looked at Kyoko. He nearly lost control of himself when he saw Kyoko half laying at the edge of his bed and playing with the baby. He imagined Kyoko like that with their first baby. But he quickly composed himself when Kyoko looked up at him.

"I don't know. Maybe about three to five months?" She answered and went back to caressing and playing with the baby.

Ren tried to ignore his thoughts of Kyoko and concentrated on finding information about babies on the internet on his cell phone. He searched for the necessities on taking care of a three to five month old baby. He went to his bedside table and wrote as much information as he could down on a piece of paper. Soon they had wrapped the baby in the other shirt of Ren's and were on their way to a store to buy the necessities. Kyoko went in the store alone while Ren stayed in the car and watched the baby. While waiting, he called the president and told him about his situation.

"Really? So you're acting like a married couple tonight?" The president asked in an excited and teasing tone. Ren nearly grunted as the baby put his hand on Ren's face. "So how old is the baby?"

"Kyoko guessed that he's about three to five months old." Ren answered as he raised his head up so that the baby wouldn't be able to touch his face.

"Alright then. I'll try my best to find a place for him as soon as possible." He said before hanging up. Ren sighed and looked down at the baby in his arms as the baby reached up to his face again. This time the baby's hand landed on his lips. He opened his mouth and nibbled the baby's hand playfully, causing the baby to giggle cutely. So Ren continued to playfully nibble the baby's very small hand. But then the baby's hand curled down around his lower teeth and held them tightly. With the hold on his teeth, the baby pulled him down.

As he tried to get the baby's hand out of his mouth, Kyoko opened the door. She stopped short when she saw Ren looking at her with a surprised expression, the baby's hand in his mouth, pulling him down by his teeth. It fell silent. Kyoko was surprised at first but seeing Ren like that, it became too much. It was hilarious. She held back her laughter at first, but seconds passed and she couldn't hold it in any longer.

She burst out laughing almost kneeling to the ground outside his car, in front of Ren. Kyoko straightened up and said her apology between her bursts of laughter. Ren blushed a little in embarrassment. Kyoko put the plastic bags in the back seat and settled in next to Ren.

"Mogami-san, did you buy yourself some PJs and a change of clothes for tomorrow?" Ren asked her after the laughter subsided. He handed her the baby.

"Yeah and don't worry, I paid for it myself. I just used the cash you gave me for the baby's things," she said.

"I'm not worried about that Mogami-san; you should have paid for it with the money I gave you. You were forced to buy new clothes because of me. It's natural that I should pay for it." Ren scolded her.

"No, its okay, Tsuruga-san. Here's your change," she reassured him as she handed him the change. Ren couldn't help feeling a little helpless, knowing he couldn't win against her when it came to money.

"But next time, Mogami-san, just use my Money, okay?" He said, trying desperately to get her to change her mind about the issue. He started the car and they drove home. They didn't notice that they were just like a newly wed couple debating over financial issues. But if they had been a real couple, a lot of guys would have wished for their girlfriends and wives to be as independent about money as Kyoko was or even have Kyoko herself as their girlfriend.