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Ren inside Miles noticed a little difference in Maddie's Kisses. It has more pressure and more... Feelings, if I am right. Ren thought.

While Kyoko inside Maddie moaned, Oh my heart!... Why are you rejoicing?

The scene ended with that, before more skin was shown and before the two would be lost in their own world and embarrassed themselves in front of everyone.

Chapter 41

The last scene they filmed was a bed scene. Miles and Maddie were laying naked next to each other on the bed after their 'fun activities.' Maddie was asking Miles if it was okay to him if she was going to be on the pill so they could have more fun. But Ren and Kyoko were not naked for real. They were wearing flesh colored body suits under the sheets. There were only six people in the room including Ren and Kyoko. There were two lighting crews, the cinematographer and Director Shingai. It was a very short scene that the director ordered the crews and staff he did not need for the last scene to go ahead to the next filming site along with the equipment they did not need anymore, so they could set the tents up and prepare everything for the next day. They finished filming the scene very quickly and started to clean up and pack everything up.

Director Shingai told Ren and Kyoko to go ahead to the next site after they were done changing and packing up their things. Yashiro went back to LME after the beach scene when he received a call about Ren's schedule. So now, Kyoko was fidgeting next to Ren in the front passenger seat of the car. Ren ignored it at first and just stayed silent and hoped that it will make Kyoko relax. But thirty minutes into their drive, Ren could not take Kyoko's nervous fidgeting like she was so eager to get out of the car anymore. He pulled over to the side of the road, pulled the hand brake up and turned to his side and faced her.

Kyoko jumped a little in surprise as Ren loudly pulled the hand brake up when they pulled over to the side. Her heart was beating so loud against her rib cage as she felt him looked at her. She was so aware of him, of his appealing masculine scent, his muscular body, his beautiful fingers on the steering wheel and even his body heat that she could not help but fidget on her seat. Kyoko stared straight ahead as she felt Ren's darkening aura. She did not dare look at him.

"What did I do wrong, Kyoko?" Ren asked her nearly in a whisper. "Why are you avoiding me?"

Kyoko gritted her teeth and willed herself not to look at Ren which took all her might because her heart and body wanted her to look at her beloved Ren.

"Kyoko." He called her name again to make her look at him but she squeezed her eyes tight. Ren was at his limit. He turned her head with his hand by her chin. Kyoko's body stiffened and if she could squeeze her eyes tighter, she would have.

"Sweetheart, look at me." He whispered in a voice with enough authority. But the command did not made Kyoko's eyes open. It was the endearment and Ren's hot breath Kyoko felt so close to her face that did it. She opened eyes in surprise and was met with that familiar silver eyes of Tsuruga Ren. She looked away to avoid his eyes searching hers and finding the truth there. But she lowered her gaze and it landed on his really sexy and tempting pair of lips. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of it. Kyoko tried to swallow her saliva when her mouth dried.

No, Kyoko! Don't even think about it! Her brain shouted in protest but her lips was slowly inching towards those really tempting lips. Stop! Stop! Stop! Kyoko, stop!

Yes! Go! Do it! Her heart was shouting in joy. Kiss him! You know you want to!

"Kyo-" Ren could not finish saying her name because Kyoko's lips was pressed against his lips. He was so surprise for a few seconds that he literally froze. It was Ren that was frozen and shock for a change.

OH MY GOD! Kyoko, what the hell are you doing?! Her mind shouted and she really did felt scared for a moment. But it all vanished when Ren started kissing her back passionately. All restraint dissolved into nothing and she kissed him back with all her heart. One of his hand went to the back of her head and he angled her head to deepened the kiss. Kyoko willingly opened her mouth and welcomed Ren's tongue with hers. Ren's other hand ran down her back and pulled her closer to him. Kyoko moaned in pleasure. It seemed like time stopped and they were the only people in the world. But air was needed if they wanted to stay alive and they finally and reluctantly parted.

They pulled inches away from each other's face. Kyoko kept her eyes close as she started to come down from the height she had been to from with Ren's kisses. Ren looked at her flushed and dazed expression and unconsciously caressed her cheek with his thumb. He was so happy that Kyoko kissed her. He felt like he could fly. But Kyoko's mind cleared and she realized what she had done.

Oh my god! What have I done? She shouted in panic inside her head. He'll know! HE knows! No, that's not going to happen! I have to think of something. Anything! What should I tell him? Then a light bulb lit up inside her head and she thought of a very good reason for what she had done. She breathed in deep and let it out as she gathered up all her courage, acting abilities and every little thing she could think off to help her pull this off.

Ren saw her frown and it deepened by the second. He was confused. Kyoko lowered her head and hid her face from him. Then, he heard her mumble something he did not quite catch.

"I'm sorry. What did you say, Kyoko? I couldn't hear you." Ren asked and he heard her sniffed. He stilled as his mind tried to make sense of what was happening.

"I said... this is why I was avoiding you." Kyoko answered and sniffed again.

"You're avoiding me because you want to kiss me?" Ren asked, still confused and somewhat hopeful at his question.

"Yes! I mean, no! I'm avoiding you because whenever I'm near you, Maddie gets carried away." She explained. She was starting to sound like Ren with his lame and obvious-to anyone but Kyoko- excuses, not that she knew it. Ren stilled at her explanation. His I-believe-I-can-fly high spirits before dropped to the ground faster than he could think of confessing to his real feelings to her.

"Let me get this straight... the one who kissed me just now was Maddie," Ren asked in clarification as his aura started darkening. "and not you?"

Kyoko was silent and still for a few moments and then she slowly nodded. She nodded.

Ren stared at her, not really seeing her after he saw her nod. Maddie kissed me... Not Kyoko... Not Kyoko... The thought echoed in his mind. His jaw tightened to control his anger. He was barely holding his anger. He pushed the hand brake down hard, put the car into first gear and drive off. He needed a distraction and driving was the only thing he had at the moment, so he drove. He drove fast. Kyoko's face paled as she clutched at her seat. Her mind was busy scolding herself for making Ren angry, praying for their precious lives and remembering not to anger Ren when he was driving ever again.

They arrived twenty minutes earlier than when they would have actually arrived at the site in normal driving speed. Ren went straight to his trailer and did not come out for the rest of the evening.

Kyoko dreaded facing Ren the next day. But her fears was put out when the next day Ren ignored her as much as he possibly could. Everyone was concerned, especially the director. It was also unfortunate that it happened when Yashiro was not with them to help the director talk to the two actors. But director Shingai could not complain to the pair and scold them to straightened out what happened between them because their performance on screen was very good as usual. The couple did not complain either when the schedule of filming the scenes everyday increased. They just did their job.

They filmed the scenes where Maddie first showed Miles the still not furnished house. The chemistry between them was still there and the director really could not complain. Their kiss scenes were explosive, they were even playful in the kitchen scene where Maddie taught Miles how to cook. It was so natural on screen and off screen Kyoko acted like herself. She was so reluctant for Ren to be in the kitchen and so overprotective of the kitchen like it was a delicate glass and Ren was a troll that was out to destroy something so fragile. But Ren just stayed silent and let Kyoko dictate what he was suppose to do or touch inside her domain.

Kyoko's mind was relieved at Ren's behaviour but her heart despaired at the cold shoulder her beloved was giving her. Kyoko was still at war with herself and she would be until she surrendered to her heart. While Ren was sulking like a wounded animal inside his dark hole of self-pity. He thought he was already getting used to her blatant -except to her to own mind- and open rejections. But she kissed him. Well, he thought she did which made him really happy and very hopeful of her returning his feelings for her... Only to find out that it was her character that kissed him and not her, personally. Not only was his ego bruised and battered but his heart was completely crushed. And he could not take anymore of it with a fake smile and pretend nothing happened.

Despite of the big elephant in the room between Kyoko and Ren that everyone has been trying to ignore, filming has been fairly getting along well and the final day of filming in that location site has arrived. They filmed the scenes where Maddie just finished her shower and she cried because of her hopeless situation. Then the phone rang and she talked to Miles' brother. Kyoko was so in tune with Maddie's feelings that the scene was a piece of cake to her. Then, they filmed Maddie changing into Miles' favorite outfit of Maddie and the earrings Miles' gave her and of Maddie preparing a meal of Miles' favorite dishes.

After that was the few last scenes of Miles' brother, Max, arriving. Max was played by Taruyanagi Reiji who has a nice body build and blonde dyed hair. They dressed him up in a very expensive looking suit that fit him really well and his hair was so neatly swept to the side. He looked the part of an aristocratic business man and he held himself so arrogantly that he really fit the bill of a self-centered, selfish, spoiled brat.

They continued their filming as everyone was eager to finish and go home to their loved ones, families or just the comfortable, private space of their homes. Max noticed how sexy Maddie was and offered to lavish her with extravagant material things in exchange for her body. Maddie strongly refused him with disgust. Miles came and Maddie went to hug his arm, hiding from his arrogant and conceited brother. He told him to get out of his house and that he was not going back to England or the company. His brother was angry and took it out on Maddie by calling her a cheap tramp and gutter trash. Miles was furious and not only Miles. Kuon was too. His long suppressed dark self reared its ugly head. Miles was in control and was feeling furious too, so he could not held back the feelings that rose from within.

Kuon growled and moved to take a swing at the bastard's arrogant face. In the script, Maddie was going to stop him by holding his arm back and telling him it was not worth it. Kyoko acted as the script instructed but unfortunately, Kuon did not. He easily shook off the two little hands that held him back by pushing her back and took a swing at the actor for real. Reiji saw it coming when Kuon easily pushed aside Kyoko with his arm and elbow and he blocked Kuon's punch to his face. Kuon was about to take another swing when he heard Kyoko's yelp and the director calling Kyoko's name.

Kuon looked back and saw the director sitting and hovering around the unconscious Kyoko lying on the floor. His face paled as he stood there frozen and just staring at the clamor in front of him. The director touched Kyoko's face and calling her to wake up. But his vision already went dark and he was in another world.

...I hurt her... The realization was a shock and guilt continuously echoed inside his head. I hurt her... With my own hands... the same bloodied hands... Hands that can only hurt people... People I love...

While Kuon was lost in his own scary world of darkness, Kyoko began to open her eyes saw the director's worried face hovering over her. "Are you okay, Kyoko-chan?"

She was disoriented for a few seconds but remembered what happened right away. She moved to sit up and the director helped her. "Are you hurt anywhere?"

"No... No, I'm okay." Kyoko answered as she sat up.

"Are you sure?" The director asked doubtfully.

"Yes, I'm fine." Kyoko assured him. "Just got the wind knocked out of me for a second there. I'm perfectly fine now." She smiled a reassuring smile at him. "Is everyone alright?"

"Uhm, I think we have a problem." A voice from above answered her, but it was not his beloved sempai's voice.

Everyone looked to his direction and found Ren pale as a sheet and frozen in his position with a shock expression on his face and eyes empty like a doll's. Kyoko gasped and she instantly scrambled up to go to her love.

"Ren." She called his name. But he did not respond or even move a muscle. "Ren?" Kyoko reach out a hand and touched his cheek.

"Ren!" She called louder but there was still nothing.

"Tsuruga-san." She tried to call him by his last name to see if he responded to it. "Can you hear me?"

Nothing. No sound. No movement.

"Tsuruga Ren!" She called out louder. "It's me, Kyoko. Talk to me." She said desperately.

"Ren." She called again but it was like talking to a mannequin.

Kyoko was at her wits end in calling him names he would possibly respond to without calling his real name and expose him to the people in the room. She leaned closer to his face that looked like one of Kyoko's Ren dolls with empty-looking eyes. She looked at him with all her desperation and worry shining in her eyes.

"Sweetheart..." She whispered close to his ear.

Kyoko waited for any response, but she heard nothing.

Nothing at all...

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