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Chapter 42

"Tsuruga Ren, answer me!" Kyoko shouted in a mix of anger and desperation.

"Please..." She pleaded. "I know it's all my fault that you're upset with me, but please..." She could not stop the sobs that were coming from deep within and making her shake.

"Kyoko-chan, calm down." The director went to comfort her by putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. "He's just shock, Kyoko-chan. He'll recover in a minute or two." Shingai assured her. Kyoko turned to look at him.

"S-shock?" Kyoko asked in complete and innocent bewilderment. "W-w-hy?"

Director Shingai and everyone within earshot mirrored Kyoko's facial expression, but for a different reason. They were completely bewildered by her obvious question.

"Eh? Uh, uhm, he's in shock because he... hurt you. He's like that because the guilt is eating him inside." Shingai explained to her. "Isn't it obvious?"

Kyoko only looked at him in confusion even more.

"That's how you feel when you unintentionally hurt someone you care about." Shingai added.

"But I'm okay." She replied dumbly.

"He still doesn't know that." The director answered. "But for now, let's just calm down and settle him on that sofa over there." He instructed before Kyoko could respond.

Reiji and a couple of male crews helped settle the mannequin-like Ren on the sofa in a sitting position. They were glad they could easily move him in any position. Since he look like a real hard mannequin. But they were very worried about the actor. It was once in a lifetime to witness the top actor of Japan look like that. Like and empty, lifeless shell. They were finding the entire filming of the mini-series a dramatic, emotional rollercoaster ride. First, it was their leading actress who had broken down before and now it was their famous lead actor, Ren. After they settled him on the sofa, Kyoko went to sit beside him and looked at him worriedly.

"Listen up everyone," Director Shingai called out to everyone in the room. "Let's take our dinner break early! I'll inform you of changes after that and no leaks to the media or your fired!"

Everyone in the room just stood there looking at the director and others still at the empty looking Ren.

"NOW!" The director shouted and startled everyone awake. They scrambled out hastily. Shingai might have looked easy going and they might have known that he was a perfectionist in his job at directing but they also discovered that he was strict when it came to privacy and work ethics of his crew and staff. And that meant, no leaks to the media or he will personally black list you in the industry. He was certainly a talented director with lots of connections. He protected and valued the privacy of his actors that starred on his every project.

After everyone left, Only Reiji, the other actor, and the director remained in the room with Kyoko and Ren.

"I need to contact the president about this. He needs to know." The director mumbled and took out his phone. "Are you going to be okay here looking after him, Kyoko-chan?"

Kyoko looked up to the director and took a few seconds to respond. "Yes... I want to try something and I would like us to be alone. Is that okay, director?"

"Of course." Shingai replied after he tried to decipher what she was planning.

"And uhm," Kyoko looked up at Reiji. "C-Can- Wo, would it be okay if I borrow your phone?"

"I promise I'll pay you later for how much I used." She added immediately.

"No problem." Reiji replied and went to get his phone. When he came back a minute later, he handed his phone to her. She thanked him and Reiji and the director left the two alone in the room.

Kyoko stood up and went to close and lock all doors and drew close all the curtains on all the windows in the room. Once she made sure that they were completely alone and no one to hear them, she went to sit beside the still frozen and empty Ren. She reached a hand out to gently caress his cheek as she leaned in close to his face and looked at him worriedly.

"Kuon..." She whispered softly. "Wake up, Kuon..."

You hurt her! His accusing voice echoed in the dimension he was transported into. And you say you love her, but you hurt her! The sound of Kyoko's yelp echoed inside his head like the accusing voice which fortified the guilt that was eating him alive. You hurt her with your own hands! Then he was swimming in the image of Kyoko's unconscious figure lying on the floor at his feet. Murderer! Tina's voice shouted so loud inside him. Blood spots painted on the image of Kyoko's unconscious figure on the floor. And he felt like he just died...

Kyoko let out a sob when his real name still did not work. He was already far too deep in his drowning guilt. Kyoko hugged him "Corn..." She sobbed. "Talk to me, Corn..."

Kuon felt like the dimension he was in made a ripple. Like when something or someone touch the surface of a water, it ripples. The feeling was like that. He felt it the second time and heard a very distant muffled voice. He could not understand what it was saying, but it was touching the surface of the world he was trapped in. He listened for it again, but this time he only heard the accusing voices inside that world of guilt.

Kyoko wanted to just cry and break down right there and then. Tears were already streaming down her face but she was holding back all her feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, pain and every feeling she had that was trying to be let out from inside her heart. But she knew that doing that would not accomplish anything at the moment. She pulled away from hugging Kuon and wiped the tears off her face with her hands. She flipped open the phone she borrowed from Reiji and dialed the number of their father. She was so far to carried away with her emotions that she did not consider what time it was in the states.

It started ringing... And rang it was. It felt like it was ringing forever. She even thought that he was not going to answer when it just kept on ringing. But finally he answered.

"Hello." Kuu answered in a very sleepy and tired voice.

"T-ou-san?" Kyoko could not help the quiver in her voice.

"K-Kyoko-chan? Is that you?"

"Tou-san, I n-eed your he-lp." Her voice cracked and could not hide the way she was sniffling.

"Kyoko-chan, are you crying?" Kuu was now wide awake. "What's the matter? Did someone hurt you? Are kidnapped?"

"N-no! I... It's K-koun..." Kyoko confessed. If she was not so focused on Kuon, she would have reacted to her father asking if she was kidnapped.

"Koun? My son, Koun?" He asked unsurely. "What happened to him? Is he alright?"

"...no..." Kyoko answered in the softest whisper that Kuu barely heard her. "He, he... H-he's gone into shock..."

"s-shock?" Kuu asked in surprise and confusion. "W-what kind of shock?"

"uhm, shock." Kyoko replied in confusion at his father's question to. "Shell shock. Literally. He's like an empty shell, tou-san. I want you to talk to him. Let him hear your voice and maybe he'll respond to you and snap out of it."

But Kuu was already taken to memories of several years ago after he heard Kyoko described Kuon as 'shell shock.' He did not hear what she was saying after that because those dark and painful memories came flooding back into his mind. Looking at his son who looked like an empty doll rather than a lively fifteen year old human being was the most painful thing a parent could experience. Kuon not moving, not eating, not talking, not doing anything at all. But the most painful was looking at his facial expression. It was very haunting. He knew that if his son continued like that, he would have died. So he called Lory to give hope to his dying son.

"Tou-san? Tou-san! Are you there?" Kyoko's voice broke through his momentary flashback.

"Don't worry, Kyoko-chan. We'll be there as soon as possible-"

"Wait, tou-san." Kyoko tried to get his father's attention but he was already in a panic to quickly get to his son.

"-Please, stay beside him and take care of him. Bye." Kuu hang up.

"Tou-san! Wait! I just want you to talk to him through the phone!" Kyoko quickly explained but she was already too late. Kuu was already a whirlwind inside their house: booking a private plane immediately, packing up their stuff, calling their managers to rearrange their schedules and informing their house staff of their plans.

While Kyoko stared on the phone torn between crying like a child or throwing the phone to the ground in anger. She chose the former since it was not her phone. She continued looking at the phone in her hand as tears quietly cascaded down her cheeks and her body shook violently with her sobs that came from deep within her heart. She felt like there was a black hole in her heart that was consuming everything she had. Her last hope of Kuon hearing his parents' voices that could have woke him up was a lost call. She did not know what to do.

Some people might think that Kyoko was overreacting to this situation, but looking at Kuon's face made her like that. Her heart was being ripped apart into tiny little pieces every time she looked at his haunting empty look on his face. It was equal to losing him because he was literally a living dead. Watching the love of your life looking like that can really make you overreact.

Kyoko looked up and leaned close to Ren's face with her tear stained and pained face, she touched his cheek again. "...Ren... "

Not even a single twitch in his muscle. "Kuon..." She called, just an inch from his face.

He did not even blink. Kyoko leaned closer, their lips millimeters apart. "..corn..."

...And her lips met his in a gentle, sweet kiss that is full of Kyoko's jumbled feelings into it...

Kuon's world shook as the dimension that was holding him prison was beginning to crumble.

Kyoko pulled away to look for any response. Even just a blink of his eyes would have made her hopeful and happy. But just like before, there was nothing... Kyoko cried and hugged him and practically sat on his lap. He did not budge, like a mannequin. She buried her face on his shoulder as she bawled her eyes out... And Kyoko did not see Kuon's eyes blinked.

Kyoko continued to cry and sob on his shoulder. She let out everything. She did not even know how much time passed. She also continued waiting to feel Kuon's hands on her back to hug her in comfort but that did not happen, too. While Kuon's world crumbled piece by single piece. He was beginning to see the light. The darkness began to recede.

Kyoko cried harder and harder. When she was nearly at her wits end, she hugged him tighter and tighter. Kyoko pressed her cheek to his cheek.

"...I love you... Kuon... I love you..." She whispered desperately.

Kyoko lost herself in her hopelessness to notice the effect of her words. She continued to sob but it was then muffled by a pair of lips that was suddenly touching hers. She was shock and her brain temporarily short circuited, leaving her unable to think and understand what was happening. But the owner of the lips did not wait for her brain to start up again and make sense of the situation, the soft warm lips moved over hers. Increasing in pressure, licking her lower lips which automatically made her open her mouth. Her brain was not working properly even more when she felt the sinful sweet invasion of a tongue in her mouth.

Kyoko's hands weaved through the hair of owner of the lips that was kissing her insane and who was none other than Kuon because there was no one else in the room other than the two of them. Kyoko then felt her back laying on the couch with Kuon above her. His hand weaved into her wig at the back of her head, while his other hand made its way down her sides to her waist and back up again. Kyoko felt her body go on fire, her head was exactly in heaven, her bones melting and her heart singing with joy.

They finally pulled apart for much needed air. Kyoko was breathing heavily as she tried to get her brain working. But Kuon continued to shower her face with kisses. Kuon looked at her in the eyes, just inches away from each other. Kyoko was brimming with emotions when she looked at his soulful eyes again. To see his emperor of the night eyes, but a bit different this time. This time, it was full of gentleness and something she did not dare hoped for. But Kuon blew all her doubts and fears away as he whispered to her.

"I love you too, Kyoko... I love you with all my heart and soul..."

He looked at her so intently and her brain shut down completely on overload, leaving her heart to feel all the happiness that was brought out by those whispered words of love.

Kyoko pulled Kuon's head down and kissed him so deeply, trying to show him all her feelings for him. Kuon responded just as passionately much, with all his own years of suppressed feelings. It was like they were devouring each other in their kisses but it was also with much gentleness and love.


The door suddenly burst open. Kuon and Kyoko's head whipped to the door. There, they found a very shock Lory, Yashiro and Shingai looking dumbly with their mouths open at them.

Kuon stared at them for a minute and then looked at Kyoko and their position. They were lying on the couch, he was on top of her and they were kissing. Kyoko was already flushed red in embarrassment. Then, he looked back to the three still shock men frozen on the doorway. There was silence between the two parties. Kuon had to say something.

"W-we..." Koun started. "We were... Practicing...(?)"


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