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The door suddenly burst open. Kuon and Kyoko's head whipped to the door. There, they found a very shock Lory, Yashiro and Shingai looking dumbly with their mouths open at them.

Kuon stared at them for a minute and then looked at Kyoko and their position. They were lying on the couch, he was on top of her and they were kissing. Kyoko was already flushed red in embarrassment. Then, he looked back to the three still shock men frozen on the doorway. There was silence between the two parties. Kuon had to say something.

Chapter 43

"W-we..." Koun started. "We were... Practicing...(?)"




The clock ticked and tocked loudly in the midst of the frozen silence that hang between the two parties. Three minutes passed by and the brains of the three (wise) men standing at the door has just processed and understood what their eyes witnessed and what the young man who worried everyone has uttered to them.

"P...p...practicing?" The president forcefully spat out. "Practicing, Ren?! Is- Is that all you can say when you got everybody so worried about you? I thought it was five years ago all over again!-"

"Pres-" Kuon tried to interject as he began to get up from the couch.

"I thought I have to see that haunting look on your face all over again! That all we have worked these past six years have been for noth-"

"BOSS!" Kuon shouted at the president to shut up before he totally reveal his secret. "Calm down for a sec. I'm okay now." Kuon slowly stood up and took a step towards the president who also took a few steps towards him and Kyoko as he was shouting in panic and frustration.

Lory looked in surprise at Kuon with an open mouth. Yashiro and Shingai were still rooted at their spot by the door with surprise look still painted on their faces. Lory stared at Kuon for a few moments and then his eyes gazed down to Kyoko who was still on her laying position on the couch and his eyes went back to Kuon again.

"Did-did I just caught you making out with Mogami-kun on the couch?" Lory asked Kuon dumbfounded when his brain finally registered that scene.

Upon hearing her name, Kyoko looked up at the president and scrambled to sit properly on the couch with a blush coloring her cheeks and neck. While Kuon being reminded of what had happened before was excited to continue their... Talk.

"Oh, yeah. You interrupted us. We were in the middle of something important." Kuon realized as he stared at the president and then a bright fake smile slowly appeared on his face. "Would you please give us a moment to continue, please?" Kuon said as he began to gracefully shove Lory out of the door to join Yashiro and Shingai.

"R-ren! Wait!" Kyoko shouted seconds before Ren shut the door in the three men's faces. "Wh-wha-what about the filming? Reiji might still has some other work to do, you know? We already disrupted the filming as it is!" Kyoko continued to ramble on with her worries. But the truth was, she was extremely embarrassed about being caught by the three men making out with Ren. The love scenes she had to perform in front of everyone were already embarrassing enough, how much more if she was caught by the people she respected making out for real. The only solution she came up with was to continue the filming to distract everyone from that really awkward scene and also because of her professionalism.

"That's not important." Kuon stated matter-of-factly as he turned to face Kyoko and walked towards her. He stopped in front of her and held her upper arms with both of his hands.

Kyoko's mouth dropped open in shock. Not important? Work? To the professional Tsuruga Ren?

"What's important...is what you told me." Kuon looked at her intently with very serious eyes. "Do you really mean it? You weren't acting when you said it right?"

Kyoko blushed and looked away after she heard Kuon's questions.

"Kyoko..." Kuon called and tried to make her look at him. "Fine, we're gonna go back to work as soon you answer 'yes' to all my questions, Kyoko."

Kyoko looked down and tried to hide her face as she turned another shade of red.

"It's your choice, Kyoko, or we gonna stand here all night long until you answer me." He told her, impatiently. But Kyoko did not respond nor move.





"Aishiteru yo, Kyoko."

Kyoko gasped and froze. Her heart even stopped for a single microsecond.

"Aishiteru yo..." Kuon repeated again slowly leaning closer to her ear. "Mogami Kyoko, aishiteru yo."

Kyoko has stopped breathing as her ears were serenaded by Kuon's words.

"Aishiteru, aishiteru, aishiteru, aishiteru, aishi-"

"Kuon, stop!" Kyoko put her hands over his mouth to stop him and tried to glare at him but she was too flustered. She felt Kuon's lips turned up into a smile under her palm as his eyes twinkled in amusement too. Kuon slowly pulled her hands off his mouth and revealed his heavenly smile.

"See? It's so simple. Say it and were going back to work right now."

Kyoko pouted very cutely at him with her blushing face for a second and then buried her face on Kuon's chest.

"...aisdew a..."** Kyoko mumbled softly on his chest as his hands went to circle her waist.

"What's that? I can't understand what you're saying, Kyoko." Kuon replied curiously because he was not able to hear it loudly and properly.

Kyoko squirmed in Kuon's arms and then finally turned her face up to whisper in his ear the sweetest words Kuon was dying to hear. "...a..ais..., daisuki..."


There was a moments pause as Kuon held his breath and then sighed as he realized that what he had been hoping to hear was not the words that were uttered.

"I guess that's close enough for now..." He whispered and then his face broke into a million watt of heavenly smile that could power a whole town in Japan. After his heart leaped all the way to outer space, he grabbed her head and kissed her full on the lips. It was a deep and very sweet kiss full of love and happiness.


"Guys! Open this damn door!" Lory shouted angrily.

Kuon stopped kissing Kyoko and pouted cutely for a second before he kissed her briefly again. "I love you so much." Another kiss. "But we have work to do."

Kuon let go of Kyoko to let themselves calm down. He was getting into Ren's skin again. Kyoko was really trying hard to calm down and stop blushing but her body was just not cooperating at the very moment. It was still singing from the happiness and pleasure it just felt.

"Oh, it's payback time!" Ren stated with an evil smirk as he thought of those guys who tormented him all those years with their incessant teasing. He turned to Kyoko once more and his smirk turned to a happy beam. Then, his expression turned very serious and grim as Ren let out a little bit of Kuon's dark side. "Let's get this show going."

The filming finally went smoothly to the very end of the scene. Ren apologized to everyone on set who was inconvenienced by his actions. He bowed really low and begged for their forgiveness and promised not to repeat that kind of actions and problems on set again. Everyone was taken aback by his very sincere and serious apologies that they just nodded or make an 'unh' sound in response. But even when they already forgave him, Ren was still stiff and a bit grim and gloomy. Lory, Yashiro and Shingai was bewildered by his actions and expressions. They couldn't fathom why he was acting like that because they were very sure they saw with their own two eyes Ren and Kyoko making out on the couch before they barged in on them.

They filmed the ending scene again without a hitch and the love scene was excellent. It was passionate and very intense that you could feel the emotions of the scene. It was like you are literally inside or a part of their world and not just on set watching them. Every kiss and touch was full of emotions and they just sucked you into their own little world full of love and happiness.

After the filming Ren and Kyoko went straight to their trailer to change out of their costumes and make up, while everyone cleaned and packed up all the equipments and everything that was set up for the filming and their stay there. Reiji already changed out of his costume and went home with his manager. Thankfully, he didn't have any more work after the current one so Kuon didn't cause trouble for him.

Ren and Kyoko did everything slowly to stretched out the time they have to go out and face the president. But Ren was already laughing inside his trailer/dressing room at the three men who looked really confused and bewildered by his actions. It was worth all the effort of suppressing all the happiness that was bursting inside of him. It was really hard to keep a straight and grim face because at the moment he just really wanted to smile and grin all day and all night. Everything was bright and colorful. Life in Ren's eyes was just wonderful and full of miracles because he finally got the woman who owned his heart from the moment he laid eyes on her... And he was not going to let her go... Ever!

Knock! Knock! The sound came on the door of his trailer.

"Ren, the president is calling for you." Yashiro called to him outside the door.

Can't a guy bask in his happiness for little longer? He thought annoyed as he sighed and transformed his face into a gloomy and grim look again as he got up to go out of the trailer.

Yashiro looked at his expression and was confused again. To Yashiro, it looked like Ren was somehow obviously rejected by Kyoko even though they caught them making out with each other on the couch before.

Was that really just practicing? Yashiro thought doubtfully. Are they still in a fight?

Director Shingai had told them about Ren and Kyoko giving each other a cold shoulder. Yashiro led Ren to the living room where they had caught Ren and Kyoko making out making out earlier. The equipments weren't there anymore and all the signs that they had filmed there. On their way there, he also noticed people already packing and getting on the vehicles that will take them home. Crews and staff thanked him for the hard work and bid him goodbye.

He sat on the sofa were Kyoko and him made out before on set and out, while Lory, Yashiro and Shingai on chairs to the left and right of the sofa. Sebastian stood in the shadows as if he wasn't there. Ren let his annoyance show on his face as he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed in misery. The three men frowned at him.

"Are you annoyed because we caught you like a teenager doing something embarrassing or you're annoyed because we finally found out both your secret?" Lory asked angrily and pouted like a kid afterwards.

Ren's aura darkened a lot more as they waited for his answer. Yashiro and Shingai flinched away from looking at him, afraid of his darkened mood. They heard a "Kyah!" and clinks of cups in the the living room entrance that led to the dining room and kitchen. The three men looked at the blushing Kyoko who stumbled a little when she heard the president's accusation to Ren. Kyoko nervously continue to walk forward and placed the tray of tea on the coffee table and then carefully placed it near the men that gathered around.

With no where to sit except beside Ren on the sofa, she gingerly oblige. Though she sat a bit further from Ren and Ren was obviously not looking at her. He looked the other way and seemed to be sulking. Kyoko was extremely embarrassed to be close to Ren and nervous because of his darkening aura. The three men observe the two with suspicious and curious eyes. They want to understand what was truly going on with the two. The president was the first one who decided he could not take the curiously anymore and began to find out.

"So..." Lory started. "Were you really just practicing before, Mogami-san?" Lory asked Kyoko because he knew that Ren was not going to answer him.

Kyoko's eyes widened as she stared at the president. "I... Ah..." She stuttered. She didn't know what to answer, so she closed her mouth again. The president's eyes continued staring at her with narrowing eyes and she could not help but throw herself on the floor and performed a dogeza. "I AM VERY MUCH SO SORRY, PRESIDENT!" She wailed. "Please, forgive your lowly employee for causing such disturbance and problems on set. Even though director Shingai especially asked for me, I have become so bigheaded as to waste such precious time of filming for personal issues. I am a failure as a professional!"

The three men stared at young lady prostrating before them and they were bewildered even more. The two actors were just not reacting normally to them. Everything was getting crazier and crazier and so out of hand. They could not do or think of anything to let them make sense of everything that was happening before their eyes.

"M-mogami-kun, please get up. You have done nothing wrong." The president tried to stop her from prostrating and talking nonsense.

"I am not worthy of your mercy, ousama. I shall take full responsibilities for my actions." Kyoko continued as she was still doing the dogeza.

"Mogami-kun, please get up." The president stood up and went to her to crouch down and help her up and to put an end to her apologies. He pulled her up and sat her on the sofa and he stood up and sighed heavily. He pressed his thumb and pointer finger on the bridge on his nose as he felt a headache coming. "Can anyone please tell me what happened between you two?"

There was silence. Kyoko and Ren were looking down, who clearly looked like they really did not want to reveal truth to them. "Fine!" Barked the president. "Ren, please give Kyoko a ride home and while your at it, fix your problem because I want to know every detail of what happened tonight bright and early tomorrow morning in my office, understood?"

Kyoko nodded and the president turned to Ren and waited for his response. After a few seconds, he finally nodded. Yashiro and Shingai released the breaths they were unconsciously holding. Ren stood up and Kyoko followed.

"I sincerely apologies for all the trouble I caused this evening. Have a good evening." Ren bowed low to the three men and proceeded to go out without even looking back to look if Kyoko was following him or not.

The three men sighed as they watched the two went out of the house. Kyoko and Ren took their stuff from their dressing room and went inside Ren's car and they finally drove off.

The two people in the car was silent as they finally set out for home... Then, a snort escape from Ren.

"Pffft! Pwahahahahaha..." Ren's laughter filled the car as he slowed down, so they won't get into an accident.

Kyoko was confused and surprise at first but Ren's amusement and happiness was infectious that she started smiling at him. After a while, his laughter slowly faded but he still continued to smile and grin happily.

"Mission accomplished, sweetheart." He said to her as he took hold of her hand and kissed the back of it. "We're finally away from all those annoying pests!" He sent a bright smile her way and chuckled. "Thanks to your acting."

Kyoko blushed at his sweet gesture and tried to take his hand away but he held it tighter. "I wasn't acting, you know. I was really scared."

"Don't worry, it wasn't your fault." He assured her. "Now, let's go home, so I can finally get you all to myself." He whispered to her huskily and he could clearly see her blood rose up to color her neck and face in embarrassment. Kuon looked back onto the road as he chuckled at his adorable little Kyoko.

**"...aishiteru wa..."

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